Chapter Two ~ The Lost Snitch


Severus Snape left for Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and wizardly. His mind was set on revenge. He tried to keep his mind off of Lockhart and The Dark Arts position, but nothing could stop him from thinking about it.

When arriving at the school, Severus wandered about, hoping to clear his head. He seemed lost. As if he was new to Hogwarts. He kept his arms crossed for warmth. There was a small breeze that hit him in the face, though he hardly noticed.

Then something happened -- a loud sound -- a human sound came from the sky -- while in the courtyard Severus stopped walking and glanced up.

What he saw was unbelievable -- up in the sky, flying high and mightly on a Nimbus 2000 broomstick was Harry Potter.

"POTTER!" he bellowed, uncrossing his arms, still glancing up. Harry didn't hear him. Instead he flew away from him near where the forest was. "What is that boy up to now," mumbled Severus.

He followed Harry, watching him fly down to the ground and walking over to where Hagrid's small hut was. He looked as if he was searching for something.

"Potter -- what do you think you're doing this late at night and on a broomstick? -- you've once again broken the Hogwart rules..."

Harry looked up at Severus, startled by his presence. "Sir-- I was looking for the Golden Snitch - Oliver had it out earlier and I couldn't find it -- "

"Yes, I bet Potter," Snape said not beliving him. "50 points from Gryffindor, you know the rules. Flying outside at NIGHT is forbidden...go to your common room...NOW!"

Harry gave a weak sigh. "Yes, Sir," he said beginning to walk off. Snape stopped him and grabbed his broom.

"You'll get this back lucky I didn't give you detention..otherwise you would have missed the first Quidditch game..."

Harry nodded walking off. Severus shook his head. How he hated that boy. Nothing but trouble. His lips curled back, showing his grim and white teeth. His nose hung over, like a long, pointed knife. His eyes grew small watching Harry walk up the steps to the hallways.

With a snap of his finger the broom disappeared. He began his walk again, now heading off to the lake. He decided to wait for Lucius...