I own nothing of the Harry Potter franchise. All rights are towards that wonderful woman who came up with the story is JK Rowling. This is just my own twist in the story. I'll be adding a few original characters and changing a couple important events, but other than that its mainly my take on the story.

With that out of the way, here is my version!

Prologue - A Dark Winter Solstice

It was nighttime when there was a soft pop! coming from down the street of Godric's Hollow. That sound was an entrance of a certain wizard, appearing out of nowhere, onto the roads. Suddenly, there was thunder surrounding the wizard as if it had followed him. And in some cases, it probably was following this wizard.

At a certain house down the road, another wizard had heard this pop, for his hearing was extraordinary for an average wizard, though, this wizard, was anything but average. The witch and wizard were in the living room, and their eight month-old son was in his nursery upstairs. The wizard warned his wife, a fiery red-headed witch with emerald green eyes, to get their son out of this house and away from here.

"Get Harry and leave." The wizard said to his wife, who was in hysterics

"No James. We stand together." She said, trying not to break down.

"Lily!" James shouted at his wife, still looking out at the window and seeing the cloaked figure slowly walking up towards the house. "We don't have time for this. You need to get the broom and get out of here with Harry. I'll hold him off, while you two get away."

Lily was in tears at this time, and James came over to his wife and comforted her for a quick second, by giving her a kiss on the lips, telling her how much he loved her. He went back to the window, keeping an eye on the cloaked figure. The cloaked figure was about halfway up the street now and James could feel the dark power radiating from the cloaked man.

Lily, crying, made her way upstairs and set a few, very advanced, explosive charms on the door to her son's nursery. Lily was an excellent charms expert and she had set some powerful charms on the door. Probably enough to kill the dark lord that's coming up the street this very moment.

"PROTEGO MAXIMA!" she heard her husband yell, after, she had grabbed the broom and set up the explosive charms.


Lily used an exploding charm on the wall going outside and grabbed her son, and flew out the hole she had created into the night sky. She looked back for a mere second, as she saw a huge flash of green light in the windows and then about minute later, after she had looked away, she heard the explosions she had set and she continued flying with a crying Harry in one arm, and her other hand on the handle, steering the broom.

Auror Sirius Orion Black came to Godric's Hollow a few minutes after the explosion and found the house where his best friends were hiding at, on fire and with huge holes in the building. Sirius gave a wry smile as he recognized Lily-Bean's work. Her time with the Marauders really paid off for her escape. He thought. He stepped inside the not-so safe house now and immediately turned away as he saw Prongs's wide-eyed and opened mouth body, lying in the middle of the stairway. He felt a tear escape his eyes for his best friend and he knew Prongs had fought bravely against the Dark Lord.

Sirius kept his eyes closed as he made his way up the stairs, fearing the worst. He avoided Prongs' body on the stairs and made his way to his godson's nursery at the end of the hall. Once there, he gave a huge smile as he saw, up close, Lily-Bean's work. He looked around for the said Dark Lord that was supposed to be here, but he couldn't find him. Nor could he see any bodies of Lily and his godson. He smiled once more as he saw a hole in the wall, created by an exploding charm.

It was here, where he saw that rat walking nervously down the street. Sirius's face was turned into a look of rage, as he dropped down from his godson's nursery and onto the front yard, sprinting non-stop towards the traitor.

"WORMTAIL! YOU TRAITOROUS BASTARD!" Sirius yelled at the traitor, coming to a stop, twenty feet away from the rat-faced man.

"P-P-Padfoot!" said Wormtail, stuttering nervously "I-I was just c-coming to see Beans and Prongs." He said

Sirius, wand already in hand, sent a hexing curse at the traitorous rat. Wormtail dodged it and in return, sent another hex at Sirius. They fought for about ten minutes, and when they both realized that twelve muggles were standing in their doorways, looking at the wizarding duel going on in the street, Wormtail sent a widespread explosion curse on the street between them and the debris exploded around them, killing Wormtail, leaving only a finger. The twelve muggles that were watching, were all dead and when Sirius came-to, he was laughing hysterically, but mostly it was in relief in that Beans and Prongslet were alright. He didn't even notice the dead muggles around him and the other Aurors and Cornelius Fudge, staring at the crazed man in the middle of a destroyed street, coming to arrest him.

Lily flew for a few hours in the cold winter air, and her son eventually calmed down against the cold wind on their faces. However, Lily was still silently crying for the loss of her husband. Then she thought of Sirius and wished she could have been there for James's best friend. They were supposed to meet up tonight and leave Godric's Hollow and head back to Potter Manor where it was more heavily defended. Then she thought better of it and continued flying to her destination.

Her destination? The one person she thought she would never see again in her life. Her sister would be most angry at her for disturbing her at this late hour. But she needed a place to stay and the Leaky Cauldron wasn't the safest place right now. Neither was Potter Manor, for if the Dark Lord did somehow survive her explosive charms, that was where he would go to next. The only safe place was at her sister's home at Surrey, on Privet Drive, house Number 4.

They had been in contact a few months ago and her sister, Petunia, had said she'd never help her in this life-time, or any other. However, Lily knew this was a lie, as her husband, Vernon Dudley Dursley, was there with her at the time and Lily could see the sadness in Petunia's eyes when she had said that. Lily had hoped then, that Petunia would do whatever it was in her power, to help her in a time of need. Lily figured this was one of those times.

About a few hours later of flying on her Nimbus 1990, she figured it was safe enough to go to her sister's house now. Lily was barely awake by the time she landed, albeit a little roughly on the grass in the front yard, and was knocking on her sister's door frantically and repeatedly and rapidly ringing the doorbell. After a minute or so of doing this, her older sister opened the door and had answered with a screaming "WHAT?!" directly in Lily's face.

"Help…" was all Lily could say when she passed out in front of a tired, wide-eyed Petunia.

Lily fell unconscious, onto her older-sister, still carrying the sleeping, young Harry in her arms. Petunia gave a startled yelp at seeing her sister again and passing out in front of her.

"Lil?" Said Petunia, using an old nickname from their childhood years before Lily had found out she was a witch.

When Petunia's sister didn't answer, Petunia helped carried her unconscious sister into the sitting room and onto a couch. By this time, she noticed a sleeping baby in the arms of her younger sister. She was about to smile at seeing her nephew again, when Vernon came down and her smile turned into a scowl. Not to her sister nor her nephew, but to her husband, who loathed magic. Petunia did as well, but after seeing the look on her sister's face tonight, her mind was immediately changed about the wizarding world.

"What's with all that racket earlier?" Vernon asked grudgingly

Petunia noticed that her husband hadn't yet to notice a fiery red-headed witch with her baby, unconscious on the living room couch and Petunia simply answered

"Nothing dear. Just some horrible pranksters pulling a joke." She lied. She put a smile on her face to conceal the story she had told him. "Go back to bed darling, I'll be up in a while."

Vernon nodded and headed back upstairs to their bedroom.

Petunia went to the kitchen and made some tea for her and her sister. By the time Petunia was finished making the tea, her sister woke up with a start and little Harry started to wail again. Lily looked around at her strange surroundings and remembered that she was at her sister's home and not at the one in Godric's Hollow. When Lily had realized her surroundings, her older sister came into the living room with tea and Lily was rocking her child in her arms, trying to calm him.

Eventually, Harry did calm down after a little while and was resting in her arms as Petunia served her younger sister some tea.
"Thank." Lily said hoarsely

Petunia nodded and smiled at her younger sister. She was studying her, actually. Seeing how protective she was of her son, and was looking out the windows every few seconds as if someone was watching her from the outside. Petunia went towards the windows and closed the curtains on all of them. This seemed to do the trick, as Petunia saw her younger sister relax visibly.

"What's wrong?" Petunia asked, her voice sounding worried for her sister for the first time in her life, in a very long time.

"James is dead…" Lily whispered. And that was all she said, for she broke down in tears at that statement.

Petunia went over to her sister and sat next to her on the sofa and comforted her. Petunia put an arm around her younger sister's shoulder and let her cry on her chest. Petunia said soothing things and rubbing her back in small circles to calm her sister down and eventually she did.

"You're safe now." said Petunia "Nothing's going to get you, nor your child."

Lily shook her head as she looked into her older sister's eyes with fear in them.

"It's not safe anymore," Lily said, lips quivering "No where is safe. Not even the Manor." she sobbed

"It's safe here," Petunia said, holding her sister's free hand in comfort "And I'll guarantee it." she said and Lily smiled

"Thanks Patty," Lily said as she sighed tiredly, then she said "I appreciate that a lot."

"Anything for you, Lil," Petunia said with a smile on her face. Then her smile turned into a frown as she thought of what she had said to her younger sister just a few months ago. "I'm sorry for what I said a few months ago." she apologized

Lily was slightly confused for a second, until she remembered what her older sister was apologizing for. "I know you didn't mean any of that," Lily said quickly "I could tell in your eyes that you loved me for who and what I am. I knew you were just jealous that I had magic and you didn't. And I'm sorry for that. But believe me, I wish that I didn't have magic right now for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is... or was, probably," she corrected herself "Out there killing us."

"Was?" Petunia asked, slightly confused

"I think I might of caught him off-guard." Lily said to herself.

"Who are you talking about?" Petunia asked

"You've heard the rumors haven't you?" Lily asked "People disappearing and stuff. Even Muggles are disappearing."

"It's been on the news lately," Petunia said, a worried little "But I've never gave it thought that-"

"That it was the Wizarding World attacking?" her younger sister interrupted and Petunia nodded "He's been recruiting for a while now. Trying to turn Wizards, Witches and Muggles alike into his side. He tried getting James and I onto his side three times. And three times we both refused, as we were already with the Order of the Phoenix. An organization that protects the Wizarding and Muggle world alike." Lily paused for a bit, as she collected her thoughts. "That's when we heard of the Prophecy from a school teacher at Hogwarts: The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches..." Lily recited and looked at her sleeping son in her arms. She continued saying the prophecy she had heard, whilst looking at her son. "Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live, while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..." she was in tears now as she finished and her older sister was staring at the younger, with wide, shocked eyes.

Petunia brought herself to comfort her sister again as Lily was shaking uncontrollably. A half hour later, Lily calmed down enough and realized that she had left her Nimbus outside.

"I better get the Nimbus before someone discovers it." Lily said after they finished hugging.

"Uh-uh," Petunia said pushing her sister back down on the couch by the shoulders, shaking her head "I'll go get it."

Lily smiled at her older sister as she went outside. Lily checked her holster to see if she still had her wand in it. She sighed in relief as she realized she did, and when her sister came back into the living room holding the sleek-looking broomstick that was hovering outside the front lawn.

"Well," said Petunia, looking at the Nimbus 1990 in her hands "I guess you won't need to worry about gas payment." she joked and Lily laughed at it.

Petunia thought it was a good sound to hear until the soft popping and clicking sounds of the air conditioner came on and Lily had summoned her wand seemingly out of nowhere, already tensed, ready for any intruder that came for her and her son.

When Lily had realized that no one was popping out of nowhere in the house and attacking, she put her wand away and softly laughed a little, apologizing to her older sister for startling her like that.

"Sorry," she was saying "I guess its just the nerves. That sound sounded like someone apparating in." she said quietly.

"Its just the air conditioner," Petunia said, coming back around to sit on the couch, resting a hand on her sister's leg. "Horrible timing, I know right?" Lily just smiled at her older sister and relaxed once more.

For about a half hour, they were quiet. Lily was rocking her son in her arms lovingly, and quietly humming a lullaby. About four-thirty in the morning, they both heard the cry of a werewolf. Lily immediately shot from the couch and ran towards the windows. She saw for the first time that it was a full moon tonight.

Moony... thought Lily, with a deep sadness in her heart for the man. He must have seen the house and thought the worst. She thought As did Padfoot...

Petunia stepped up beside her younger sister and watched the full moon lower itself behind the horizon, and the sun rising. Seeing the look on her younger sister's face, she again held her close in a sisterly, side-long hug. Lily buried her face in her older sister's chest and cried.


Just so you know, there actually was a full moon on December 21st 1980 (Winter Solstice). The Potters already had an early Christmas in this story for fear of Voldemort attacking them. Also on another note, the Nimbus 1990 was a gift from Lily to James. And Lily is six weeks pregnant with another child, however, James never knew.