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Chapter 7: Firs' Years, Follow Me! Firs' Years!

A voice echoed through the train saying: "We'll be reaching Hogsmede in five minutes time. Please leave your luggage for it will be taken to the school separately."

Ron and I were sitting quietly as the train came to a stop five minutes later. With all that's been happening, we didn't really eat a lot of the snacks. So, I stuffed what's left of my Cauldron Cakes, and Every Flavor Bean box, in my deep pockets of my robes and we left our train car, following the crowd of people our age. I immediately spotted the bushy haired Hermione, standing with Neville as we entered the sidewalk and we made our way to them.

As we neared Hermione and Neville, I heard a big voice yelling


I looked up and literally saw a giant holding a huge lamp, waving his huge arms as if directing the traffic of newcomers. In a way, he kind of was as all the students our age went directly over to the giant. With the lamp lighting what you can see of his face, you could see that his face was almost completely hidden by a long, shaggy mane of hair and a wild, tangled beard. And with the help from the light, you could make out his eyes, glinting like black beetles under all the hair.

I smiled as I walked up to the giant known as Rubeus Hagrid. Mum told my sister and me stories about this man, and it was unmistakable that the description she gave, was this here giant standing before us.

"FIRS' YEARS!" he was saying again "FIRS' YEARS THIS WAY!"

"Ron, call me Prongs when we get near him." I said quietly to Ron as we were closing in on Hagrid. I want to see the reaction the giant has when he hears my father's Marauder's name being said to me.

We were a few feet close to him when Ron asked me casually

"Why Prongs?"

The giant stopped talking for a moment, and looked in our direction. I smiled at him as his eyes passed me. He looked back at me, and I could see a tear form in his eye.

"Thats why." I said to Ron "Hiya Hagrid!" I called and waved to him. Though it was really pointless as we were really close to him.

"James?" He said to me. Wow, I really do look like my father. I thought.

I shook my head and said "Guess again, Hagrid."

He looked at me as we came into the light and his eyes widened as he saw the color of my eyes. My mothers eyes that is.

"Harry?" He said happily and I nodded "Harry Potter!" His voice boomed with joy "I can't belie' it!" He said "Youn' Harry has come ter Hogwarts!" I smiled at his joy at seeing me. Hagrid, The Friendly Giant as my mum always said. Yup, definitely fits his description. I thought.

"Good to finally meet you, sir." I said politely to him

"Aw please, call me Hagrid, everyone does yer see?" He said as I heard a few other students saying 'Hello Hagrid' as they passed by. I nodded and smiled.

"My mum told me and my sister a lot about you." I said to him.

"Sister yer say?" He said, and I could see his eyes smiling

"She'll be coming next year." I said as I noticed he was looking for her. "Trust me, you'll notice her when you see her Hagrid. She looks like Mum."

Hagrid nodded and went back to directing the first years, who were slightly confused as to where to go.


Slipping and stumbling, we all followed Hagrid to what seemed to be a steep, narrow path. Other than the light from Hagrid's lantern, it was so dark that I thought we were in a thick forest of trees. Ron and I were talking quietly about the friendly giant, as we followed Hermione and Neville.

"Yeh'll get yer firs' sight o' Hogwarts in a sec," the giant called over his shoulder, "jus' round this bend here."

There was a loud collective of "Oohs" and "Aahs" as we all came around the said bend.

The narrow path we were on suddenly opened up to the edge of a great black lake. In the far distance, was a magnificent, lit up castle perched atop a high mountain. The castle had many towers and turrets in its surroundings, that I thought would be great for flying around between them.

"No more'n four to a boat!" Hagrid called, pointing to a fleet of boats sitting in the water by the shore. The four of us, Hermione, Neville, then Ron and I, all climbed into a boat as other students gathered into theirs by groups of four. "Everyone in?" Hagrid shouted. I looked over to see that Hagrid had a boat to himself. "Right then - FORWARD!" He bellowed and all the boats started to move forward towards the castle by themselves.

The water was so smooth that it looked like we were traveling on glass instead. Everyone was quiet, staring up at the magnificent castle. The castle was towering over us on the cliff it stood upon, as we neared ever closer to it.

"HEADS DOWN!" Yelled Hagrid from the back.

The occupants of the first set of boats all ducked their heads as the boats carried them through a curtain of ivy, that his a wide opening in the cliff face. As the rest of us followed, the boats carried us along a dark tunnel, until we reached some kind of underground harbor where we clambered out onto rocks and pebbles.

The four of us quietly decidedly to stay together as we followed the crowd up a flight of stone steps and crowded around the huge, oak door.

"Everyone here?" Hagrid asked, looking over the group of first years. "Right then."

He raised his gigantic fist and knocked four times on the castle door.


AND THE DOCTOR APPEARS! lol, just kidding. (Dodges a fruit being thrown at)

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