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Harry Potter/ Almighty Johnsons

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Chapter 6: Enter the Johnsons

Tyrone 'Ty' Johnson grasped the railing as he looked out over the bay. He blended in easily with the locals who all stared in amazement at the sea, here in Auckland it wasn't as if the Sea itself was special it was more like the fact the Sea was actually red.

"Anders, Mike and Olaf need to know." He pulled his iPhone out of his pocket, he fumbled and it slipped out of his hand.

"Damn it."

"You nearly dropped this." A voice said, he spun around and in front of him was a tall pale young man possibly not much older than twenty but the way he carried himself.

"I'm..." Ty began.

"Tyrone 'Ty' Johnson son Johan Johnson, Njoror God of the Seas and you my frosty friend are Hod. I'm Harry, Harry Potter and currently host to Ullr."

Ty stared at him "You can't be...I mean you need to be twenty one..."

Harry chuckled "It differs on the region. Sometimes it is twentyone and somewhere else is seventeen. Heck there's a place in the Amazon rainforest where they ascend when they turn ten...But then again the Mayans were a dodgy bunch. Never go to Mexico, the Aztecs kicked the shit out of us few centuries back starting the French Revolution...The Icelandic Volcano that erupted? That was the Odin getting his head cut off."

Ty stared at him "You going to need to see Mike...He's Tyr."

Harry groaned "Oh boy this is going to be fun and games considering my dad was the previous Tyr...The guy who inducted me is infected with the Curse of Fenris which is REAL by the way. He was expecting me to be Thor or Odin."

Ty grinned "You seem relatively at ease with all this."

"Considering I'm a down to Midgard hands up sorceror, wand and all I find it hard to be surprised anymore aside from how expensive alcohol is."

"You'd get along wonderfully with my little brother Axl."

Harry nodded and the pair began walking "Whose Mike?"

"My brother, I've got three. Two elder and one younger. Or in our family's case one brother's more like a dad to me than an actual brother. My other Brother Anders well he's Braggi."

Harry groaned "This is my luck Hod...I can call you that right?" Ty nodded "Well Hod; you, Braggi and Tyr were not the three gods I wanted to meet first. No offence intended in anyway, just thought I'd meet some of the others."

Ty nodded as his phone rang "Yeah...On my way."

Harry followed at loping pace he had found his animagus form which happened to be a Dire Wolf. He followed and soon enough a moderately sized house appeared and piling out the house were two men "Tyr and Braggi...Mike and Anders my elder brothers. We're trying to track down our grandather."

"Not your...Oh wait. Yeah makes sense..." Harry said with a thin grin "...Whose he anyway?"

"Baldr, new beginnings and things. Oh an the Family Oracle."

Harry grinned and groaned getting the attention of the three Johnson brothers "Last family oracle I met she tried to kill me with a spoon...Anyways nice to meet the three of you."

"Olaf...Our grandfather mentioned something about Ullr and the upcoming events." Explained Mike.

"Oh we're picking up Axl...The youngest of us." Mike said as Harry jumped into the front seat.

"Hey..." Anders began as he infused his voice with the skill of Braggi.

"Gobby Johnson, please shut up." Harry growled stopping the mental manipulation that Braggi hosts were known to possess.

"How did you?" Asked Mike, no-one had been able to resist his brother's manipulations before.

"Extreme force of will. Now we're going to meet the youngest of you lot?"

The elder Johnsons nodded, little did Harry know that his life would get exceptionally complicated.