You can't have peace without a war,

Without a war, without a war.

Miraya Hannett, 35, Capitol Citzen.

The rain doesn't stop.

Since I was a little girl, I always hated the rain. It doesn't give you that warm feeling that everything will be alright like the sun does, instead it makes us wonder if it could get worse. Like my mother always said, it's not a good sign when it rains too much. It means that something truly bad is about happen. Either that, or the universe is just being an idiot.

I can't be nervous for what's about to happen. It would destroy everything that we have been working on the past few months, and our first chance in a few years would go to waste. It's time. We need a hero, though. Someone that will have the strenght to face the Capitol and endure everything that the Capitol will throw at them. For me, the answer is clear like it always was.

We need a Victor. Of course, someone from the Districts would work just fine, but a Victor has the special spark that I need. That we need to finally take down the Capitol once and for all. But who could it be? The past few years had been a disappointment. First, there was Finnick. Young, bold with lion-heart that with the right kind of fire could take the entire Capitol. I managed to talk to him once, before the 70th Hunger Games. Being who I was certantly has privileges.

I was overjoyed when he said yes. But then, the 70th Hunger Games happened. Annie Cresta got out of the arena with barely any sanity left, and Finnick never left her side since then. Of course, I understood. Love made us do crazy things, things that could not seem like the right thing to do in other people's eyes.

I lost my rebel. But still, wasn't going to give up. Over the years, there were other interesting people. Cashmere, Gloss. I can't say that I wasn't suprised when the so famous siblings from District One offered to help us finding that one person. The thing is, and I learned that a few months after, appearances aren't everything. It turns out that the so called "fake" siblings from District One also had people that they cared about, people that they wanted to protect. Cashmere had her childhood boyfriend, the one that she secretly had a crush on, and Gloss had his family. A 2 year old soon, a wife and a newborn daughter.

Human beings might be able to handle everything that's thrown at them but when people mess with the ones we care about, we change completly. We lose our humanity and sometimes, that's the origin of monstrosity.

The sound of my daughter's crying brings me back to reality. She's small but beautiful as I curl her small body against mine. Kissing the small curls of blonde hair on her little head, I let my baby girl do the comforting for the both of us. Sierra always managed to calm me down, even when I though it was impossible. She's the reason I'm doing this. Her and Tobias. My oldest son, whose world is all about video games and which girl he should ask to date him, doesn't deserve this. He deserves to live peacefully, away from that monster that he has to call father every day.

It's my fault. All my fault. I was the one that fell in love with him, and dragged two innocent chidren into this world. I always believed that love was strenght. Only a few years later I realized that it was our most fatal weakness. I loved him more than anything in the world and he loved me. At least, that was what I thought. After we got married, everything was okay. He was the best husband in the world and I was the happiest woman in the universe. After I got pregnant with Tobias, everything changed.

He got the job, and I finally saw who my husband truly was. A monster. One day, when I was about 8 months pregnant, I found his plans. All the traps, all the mutts. All the ways to make innocent children suffer for a crime that they didn't commit. I gave birth to Tobias that day and even if I loved him more than my own life, I regretted bringing him into this world. He was too innocent for this and even if I always tried, I would never be able to protect him from the monster that his father was. With Sierra was the same thing.

I had to pretend that it was the same thing, and that I was still madly in love with him. But as much as I tried to deny it, something died inside me that day. There was something else in there, too, a burning desire for justice. To bring down the Capitol once and for all, and bring down my husband in the process.

After it was done, we would move away from the Capitol. Probably to District Four or One and in there, I could teach my children what real courage looked like. That good people did the right thing, no matter the cost. That in the end, I choosed to give up everything to make sure they grew up in a safe place, always happy. I can imagine that it was suprising when the Head Gamemaker's wife volunteered to help the rebel cause here in the Capitol. There weren't many people in here that I knew of, only me, Plutarch and Cinna, the stylist. In a few minutes, I would get to know all of them. My husband wouldn't return until the end of the day, so we would be safe.

Safe to plan whatever future we wanted. That's all I ever wanted for my chidren. A free world, where they wouldn't have to watch other children die. Everytime that someone dies, I remind myself that it could be Tobias or Sierra in there, fighting to live. Because that's what is so wrong. They have to fight for something that they should take for granted. Because children don't deserve to die.

With another look at my little girl, I put her back in her crib, finally sleeping. It's for her. For Tobias. And even for myself. The door bell rings. I fix my hair, and walk straight to the door.

It was time. Let my first rebel meeting begin.

A/N: Power and Control by Marina and the Diamonds.

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