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Severus lifted the bottle to his lip and tasted the bitter liquid surge down his throat before Albus started. "Well, The reason I've called you all together today is to warn you of a game many of the students are playing."

Severus shuddered at the thought and Minerva smiled as realization nestled in. "In this mirror we can watch the last game played by the students. I believe we should play as well, to better understand the students, and possibly for a little revenge for Minerva and Severus."

"That's what house points are for." Severus mused, more slurred than silky.

"Severus, How much have you drank?"

Albus chuckled as Severus began counting on his fingers. "Three?"

"Three shots?"

"Three bottles."

Minerva looked suddenly sorry she'd asked. "Surely, Albus, We can not have Severus playing in this condition!"

"Actually," Severus interjected "I'll play better. I've already seen the game, and for this, I believe you should all have a shot before looking through the 'detention'"

Hagrid shrugged and stole the bottle from Severus and emptied the contents. Albus thought momentarily and rose, opening the small liquer cabinet behind Fawkes' perch. Soon everyone had had at least one shot (Severus had grabbed the entire bottle of brandy and began drinking it like water) and Albus walked towards the mirror. He fingered the snakes head at the top of the frame and it slithered into a circle, when the images appeared. Everyone sat and watched in silence, save a few giggles from Minerva and Albus.

At the end of the game, Albus turned off the mirror and turnd to his teaching staff. "If you do not wish to play, please leave now, and do not ask about the game later."

Minerva smiled. "I have to stay! You said I could get revenge!"

"I'm not walking anywhere" Severus slurred to the point that a few people had not understood him.

"Reminds me 'o me own days 'ere at 'ogwarts!" Hagrid boomed, looking exited, and almost lost in reminicing.

"I've nothing better to do. Might as well. May be fun!" Filius Flitwick chimed in.

"That little rodent!" Sibyll Trelawney began."Would be killed by a snack machine indeed! I have to play!"

All other teachers left the room.

Albus looked highly amused at the players. "Severus, truth or dare?"

"Dare. Make it as bad as you want."

For the next week you have to wear all white." Severus looked up from his brandy and staired. "I have to go to Hogsmeade to buy more firewhiskey anyways." Severus gave a nasty glare to Hagrid. "Might as well buy a few whiteoutfits anyway. It'll make it easier to tell what was in Longbottom's potions. Fil?"

Fhilius weas taken aback by Severus' new nickname for him. "Er, truth?"

"What's the most annoying present you've ever recieved?" everyone gave Severus awkwards glances. "That would have been the blow up doll the Weasley twins gave me last year. I had to explain that to my wife!" The entire room became a fit of giggles. "Okay. Minerva?"

"Dare. I think..."

"For the next week you and Albus are a couple. You must act as such."

"right. Hagrid?"

"Dare! This is so exitin'!"

"On Monday we'll have Poppy put bandages around your head and you have to pretend you think you're Severus!" Everyone looked at Severus expecting an outrage but instead they found him with the brandy bottle in his hand that was now over his mouth. He was giggling hysterically.

Hagrid looked slightly frightened as he turned to Sybill. "Oh, Me? Truth?"

Hagrid took this as his chance to really get a kick from theother teachers. "How many o' yer predictions 're true?"

"Don't have a clue. The real ones happen outside of conciousness. I make the others up to scare the kids or for amusement. Nothing in that class really works."

The entire staff staired in shock as Sybill sucked down another shot of Kahlua. "And I only eat organic foods, so don't expect me to begin coming down to the great hall for meals anytime soon." Suddenly they realized she no longer had on her glasses and seemed much less psychotic. The whole idea of Trelawney was an act! The class erupted into hysterical laughter.


"Dare." Sybill thought for a moment before pasing her sentence. "At dinner you must make the sstudent body do the 'Hokey Pokey' before eating." The entire room was stairing at Sybill with shock and admiration.

"Not bad, Sybill. Uh, Minerva?"

"Dare?" Albus chuckled at her nervousness. "You spend the next week dressed as a current 25 year old muggle." Minerva gasped in horror and the rest of the room looked at minerva and was either shaking their heads, or nodding, picturing this in their heads no doubt.


"I think I forgot how to say truth. Dare then." The slurring was totally out of control and Severus seemed to have a smile perminantly eched across his face, wich made him look ten years younger.

"Hermione Granger. The way you treated her was so crude. You should apologise and try to talk her into a candle lit dinner in the astronomy tower. Dark, Secretive, Perfect!"

"And if she accepts?" Severus was trying to look seductive but was failing miserably and grinning like an idiot. "That's enough for me. Albus, tea please?" Minerva shook her head and tried not to laugh.

Severus took a sip of the black tea and looked at Hagrid.


"How good are you at potions?"

"Pre'y good. What're ye thinkin'?"

"While you're thinking you're me, You'll take over my classes. I'll wright down all instructions, of course. I'll take over yours."

Severus seemed totally sober, and hadn't slurred in the least. The teachers looked at him, somewhat awestruck and confused.

"How are you sober?" Fillius asked.

"I'm a quick healer, and only two things keep me in an alergic reaction for more than two minutes after contact. Feathers and latex."

The room fell violently silent, jaw dropped and stairing at Severus.

"Don't ask."

"Fillius?" Hagrid boomed.

"Dare, I guess."

"On Monday, you 'ave ta dress as a chicken."

"How rude! A CHicken indeed! Sibyll"?


"You have to come down and eat with the rest of us for a week." Sibyll looked apauled for a moment, then shrugged it off. "That could have been worse, chicken man. Albus?"

"Dare, Of course."

Sibyll smiled evilly. "If I have to eat at the table you'll provide my entertainment. Karaoke. Moulin Rouge. Come what may."

Most of the teachers looked confused, but Severus burst into laughter. "A muggle movie. Moulin Rouge. Come what may is a song. You have to sing it, at the table in the great hall."

"At dinner on Monday." Sibyll added.

"Just because you're being fun, Severus?"

"Dare, of course."

"As long as you're wearing white, you have to be nice." Severus shuttered. "Damn, Albus!" The room filled with laughter, except Severus, who was turning an odd red.



"You're singing the other half of Albus' duet."

Minerva shrugged and looked at Sybill.

"What about Hagrid? And Fillius??"

"I don't want to ask them quite yet."


"I dare you to predict that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy will fall in love."

Insane snickering erupted from the room.

"I'm done." Sibyll said, looking around the room. The other teachers agreed and they went their separate ways for the weekend.

Monday- Breakfast

Harry nearly sputtered as he saw Hagrid billow into the room, shoot the entire gryffendor table an evil glance, then sit and settle into Snape's usual chair. Dressed in all black, and clean shaved, Hagrid looked quite intimidating. The bandages around his head probibly had him in a bad mood. Harry turned back to his breakfast just in time to see Snape enter the room, dressed in a shimmering white outfit. Harry nearly choked on his toast, and when Ron and Hermione noticed, their eyes were bugged as well.

"What's up with Snape? He's dressed in all white!" Ron spoke, unable to tear his eyes away from him, "Is he smiling?"

"He looks good!" Hermione shot out before she thought. Just before they removed their eyes from the sight, Harry nearly burst at the seams. "Oh My Gods! Look at Flitwick!" then promptly laughed so loud it echoed in the room, then became a chorus of laughter as a rather chipper chicken made his way to the staff table. Trelawney followed closely behind.

A few moments behind, Professor McGonogall came in, her hair fell loosely to her waist and there was a braid down her right temple. She wore a shimmering silverish blue tank top and wore flaired faded blue jeans with patches covering much of the upper leg and seat. "Damn! McGonogall's looking hot!" Ron muttered, and Harry turned to see. Oddly enough, McGonogall looked about thirty in her new atire.


Everyone sat in the room, Quietly murmuring and waiting for Snape to burst through the door. There was a burst, but no Snape. Instead, Hagrid sat there, and shot nasty looks across the room. Harry was frightened more by the fact that it was Hagrid than by the glares.

After 75 house points and fourteen detentions, most of them given to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco, it was time for Magical Creatures. Harry walked down the hall frightened. At this rate, Ravenclaw would win the house cup at -115 points.

Care of Magical Creatures

Snape stood next to Hagrid's hut, smiling and welcoming the kids to the class. "Good morning all. Thank you for coming. We don't have any here, but today we'll be learning about Chacacabras."

Class went oddly well, Especially concitering Snape was teaching. After class, He asked to speak to Hermione alone.


Harry, Ron and Draco waited for Hermione. When she finally showed up, She was blushing and grinning, which shocked the other three that much more. They diddn't even need to ask.

"Snape apologised for treating me so badly when I told him I was in love with him after our game. He's asked me to dinner tomorrow night in the astronomy tower!" Harry and Ron were turning a sickly shade of green, and Draco was on the end of his seat. "Did you accept?"

"Yeah! Have you seen him today? He's Hot!"


Harry, Ron and Draco sat at a table in the back of the class, while trying to read the future in broken glass orbs.

"OOH!" trelawney nearly shouted from the front of the class. "Mr. Potter! You, Draco and a few friends of yours played a game last week, did you not?"

"Yeah," Harry became slightly frightened. "It was just a game..." Harry was cut off. "Even a game can change the course of a life. You will grow old and fall in love!"

Harry cheered slightly. "With Mr. Malfoy!"

Suddenly Harry fell violently ill and ran from the room.


The entire staff was sitting at the table by the time the students started to arive. Trelawney was sitting with a smug smile, while Dumbledore and McGonogall looked frightened. They stood and walked to the front of the table and pulled microphones from thin air and music seemed to come from the walls.

"Never knew I could feel like this,
Like I've never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I love you more and more.

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing,
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, Winter to spring...
But I love you until the end of time.

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day."

Dumbledore's voice was very strong, and actually really good.
Then McGonogall began to sing.

"Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly the world's in such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
My world revolves around you."

Than they both sang.

"And there's nomountain too high,
No river too wide.
Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather, and stars may collide,
but I'll love you until the end of time.

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day"

They spoke into eachother's ear for a moment, then Dumbledore gave her a kiss on the cheek before she turned to return to her seat.

"Due to lack of excercise, in this school today, we will be doing the Hokey Pokey before dinner will be served!"

Usually all of the students would be struck with mortal fear, but today, after the oddities, No one cared.

Soon dinner was served, and the chattering lasted till lights out.

Dinner- Tuesday- Astronomy tower

Hermione walked up the long staircase to the top of the astronomy tower. Right near the top there was a shimmering staircase that went out the bridge and onto the roof.

Hermione felt the cool air encircle her, concitering the heat of the day, nearly ninety degrees, this was a treat! The roof was lit with shimmering white candles floating in the air in circles around a table with crystal goblets, and white lillies, on a silver tablecloth. Severus looked gorgeous in his white dress robes and his cleaned hair pulled to a tail at the nape of his neck. He sat her at the table and sat himself on the other side of the table. He snapped his fingers and steaks apperated, with peas and onions and stuffing and mashed potatoes, with small saucers of butter and gravy on the side. The water goblets filed with red wine. Hermione looked across the table and nearly passed out. This was too good!

Dinner conversation wasspent talking about potions, and by the end of the meal, they were jabbering on like schoolmates. Finally they were finnished with the food and Hermione went to stand, but was stopped. Severus snapped his fingers, and two ice cream sundays appeared, as well as two bottles of chocolate syrup.

"What, one for each of us?" Hermione giggled into her napkin.

"Not exactly. One for the Ice cream, and one for the other desert."

Severus was fully expecting Hermione to run screaming, but was slightly frightened, and still slightly amused when the evil grin appeared across his lip...

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