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21 May, Friday, 2330 BST

Her eyes fluttered open. The smell of the dank cell filtered through her nostrils. She coughed uncontrollably for a moment. Her eyes grew large as she saw the blood splatter onto her palm.

She tried to stand. Her knees buckled as she leaned against the bars. She heard the screams and wails of the witches that the rogue Death Eaters chose to go before her. They knew who she was, obviously. One commented that they wanted to save the best for last.

She heard the footfalls on the cement pavement that led to her cell. She reared back. She saw the hooded figure open the door to her cell. Her vision clouded for a moment. Then everything went black.


She felt the softness under her. She ran her palms over the silk sheets. She opened her eyes; blinking at the soft white light. She turned her head to the side. She reared backwards into the headboard; her eyes like saucers. The silk sheet covering her upper torso slid down her body.

She saw him smirk at her. She looked down and instinctively pulled her forearm over herself.

"You don't have to cover up, Granger," he drawled as she felt his weight on the bed. He ran the tip of his wand over her arm and laid it to rest under her chin. She shivered. He pushed her chin up.

"Get it over with," she said looking into his grey eyes, a tear slipped down her cheek.

"Get what over with?" he asked, running his wand down the side of her face.

She took in a sharp breath. She backhanded him across the face. She held her breath as she watched him check his nose for blood. He turned to face her, his grey eyes turned stormy.

He grabbed a hold of her wrists and pushed them into the mattress. He smirked at her. "What would you have me do, huh?" he spoke harshly.

He grabbed his wand and waved it. She took a deep breath. His clothes disappeared. He was naked above her. Her eyes fluttered.

"What is it that you expect me to do?" he whispered into her ear as he palmed her breast. She struggled under him for a moment. His lips kissed her cheek. She took in a quick breath. His lips moved down to her neck.

He let go of her arms and his lips caressed her shoulder. "You can tell me to stop whenever you want me to, Hermione," he whispered into her ear. A cold sweat washed over her. She couldn't recall him ever calling her by her first name before.

"Don't stop, Draco," she said to his surprise. He looked at her. She averted his eyesight, concentrating instead on the silver rope chain dangling from his neck.

He ran his fingertips down the middle of her chest. She arched her back and let out a soft moan. He leaned down to kiss her lips and to his slight surprise, she kissed him back.

He ran his hand down the length of her chest to her stomach. He kissed her lips again. "We don't have to do this, Granger."

She just closed her eyes and breathed in. He grunted in anticipation. He was over her.

He pushed himself into her eliciting a groan. Her eyes met his as they grew large. Her breath hitched in her throat as tear ran down her cheek.

Her former classmate paused. He smirked at her. She was a virgin. The thought of him being the one to deflower the Gryffindor lioness put him over the top. She went rigid for a moment. He thrust into her as he kissed her lips, swallowing her groans of pain. She fought him slightly.

But the sensations that he filled her with overtook all her sensibilities. Her skin felt hot as their bodies touched. She gave in to him before she realized it. He pumped into her feverishly until he finally climaxed, spilling his seed into her. Her breath caught again. He looked into her eyes as he slowly lay on her. She struggled to breathe turning her head away from him. He pulled out of her and then lay next to her.

Her senses finally came back to her, suddenly realizing what they had done. She turned away from him as a stream of tears flowed down her cheeks. He noticed her back shaking. He knew she was crying. The blonde Slytherin shut his eyes. He took a gulp.

"You can kill the Mudblood now," she said softly. "You've had your fun."

He turned her onto her back. She struggled again. He looked into her face; his usual pallid skin flushed. He narrowed his eyes again at her. "I think I'll just keep you alive for myself. Maybe chain you to the bed, hmm?"

She looked into his eyes. She stopped struggling. Her eyes fluttered again. "It doesn't matter," she gulped. "The cancer will take its course."

Draco's eyes grew larger. He squeezed her chin, "Don't shut your eyes on me."

She looked up at him. "Go to hell."

"Cancer?" he said.

"It's a disease common in the Muggle world," she said shutting her eyes again. "If you paid attention in Muggle Studies, you would know."

He squeezed her chin again. "I know what cancer is."

She looked up at him again. "Don't worry," she said. "It's not contagious. I can't give it to you, Malfoy, no matter how many times you rape me."

"Raped you?" he asked incredulously. "If my memory serves right, you made quite an overture of inviting me in."

She shut her eyes for a moment, turning red. She looked back up at him.

Draco narrowed his eyes at her. "Are you taking medication for your affliction?"

Her eyes shut again. "Crucio," the blonde wizard said pointing his wand at her. She writhed in pain. He held the spell for a while as he watched her body tremble. He finally broke it. "Answer me."

"Yes," she said softly.

He stood up. He shut his eyes concentrating. He held his palm out. "Accio medication."

Moments later, a canister flew in from the open balcony window. He looked at the label as he turned to face her. He read it aloud as he opened the pill canister. "Take one pill every twelve hours."

He looked at her. He sat next to her. He made her look at him again. "When was the last time you took one? Answer me, Granger," he squeezed her chin again.

"Seven p.m." she said softly.

He looked at his watch. "Good. That was only five hours ago."

She smirked at him. He was taken aback. "Seven p.m. May 7th."

His eyes grew large again, "That was two weeks ago."

She let out a small whimper. She looked up into his eyes and gave him a smirk.

'You stupid witch,' he screamed in his mind. Usually sure handed, his fingers worked clumsily removing one pill from the canister and conjuring a glass of water. He pulled on her hair and forced her up to a sitting position. He pulled her head back, forcing her chin to point up into the air. She labored in her breathing.

"Open your mouth," he commanded.

She gulped. She kept her mouth shut.

"Do not make me have to use the Imperius, Mudblood," he said pulling harder on her hair.

She did as she was told. He placed the green pill onto her tongue and forced her mouth shut. He pinched her nose, as he looked straight into her eyes. She had no choice but to swallow. She whimpered again, defeated. He put the glass of water to her lips. She took several sips from the glass.

He looked at her again. She flushed. He placed the glass of water on his nightstand. He breathed in placing his palm against her cheek. She couldn't keep her eyes open.

She could feel him reposition her on his bed. Was he going to take her again? She felt the soft silk sheet placed over her body. She felt a hand push a strand of hair off her cheek. She drifted off into sleep, but not before noticing how gently he was handling her.