Chapter One

            It was raining the day Carpathia docked, the young couple stepped off together hand in hand.

            One felt as though his heart would pop if he thought of Rose any more, the other felt as though she could fly, with Jack beside her the whole time.

            The story had fallen out just as an author writes words in a fairy tale.

            "Rose, what's wrong?" Jack had asked her many times.

            Rose would always smile and say 'finding you' but now her answer was different, "I'm having a baby."

            Jack was overjoyed with the news and found an apartment and a job as fast as he could.

            Rose on the other hand was worried; she was worried something would go wrong with the birth of the baby.

            "Jack, what if the baby dies at birth?" Rose asked him.

            "Rose, don't worry, tonight let's pick out names," Jack answered.

            That night when Jack got home, Rose had out a blank sheet of paper and a pencil on the table for him.

            After dinner, they talked about names for a girl and finally settled on Libby Emma Dawson and for a boy Gregory Peter Dawson.

            After everything was settled that night, Rose curled up beside Jack and finally felt safe in the arms of the one she loved.

            "I love you Jack Dawson," Rose said.

            "I love you too Rose Dawson," Jack replied and then they both fell asleep in each other's arms.