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I starting my first ever TMNT/Harry Potter crossover, I know, it sounds kind of weird, but hey, I thought why not give it a chance, since I'd only found one story posted for this type of crossover.

This story takes place before the turtles battle Shredder, and at the end of sixth year, and this is a story about Severus Snape finding out that he isn't who he thought he was, he's really the lost child of Master Splinter, and the turtle's long-lost brother, who was given to a witch for protection when Master Splinter was fighting with Shredder.

Hope you all enjoy this first Chapter!

I'm thinking of making a series of this, any ideas?

The Rise of Ichiuou

Chapter One: A Secret, a Promise, and a Discovery


New York:

The Sewers:

As I watch my sons practice, I couldn't help but say to them, "My sons, oh how far you all have come, it only feels like yesterday you all were just beginning your training as Ninjas."

Leonardo, the oldest, said, "Sensei, what do you mean?"

I couldn't help but turn around, and listen into the silence.

Then I heard his voice, the voice of someone who I'd lost so long ago, he said, "Father!"

I fell onto all fours, I closed my eyes, fighting the urge to shout for him, to find him, and I couldn't help but whisper, "My son…"

All four of my sons came over to help me up, but then I heard him shout, "FATHER!"

I couldn't help it, and so I said, "Ichirou, my son…"

And it all ended, I sat there, on the floor, surrounded by my four sons, until Leonardo asked, "Sensei, is something wrong?"

I said, "No, Leonardo, nothing is wrong with me."

Just then April came in, and said, "What happened?"

I said, "Nothing…"

I slowly got up, my sons helping me in the process, when I heard someone in the stillness say, "I shall return to you, Father."

I closed my eyes, and whispered, "Ichirou."

As I made my way to the shelf, I couldn't help but catch my sons looks of confusion, I knew that they all see me as their father, mentor, and master, but I had to hide one of my sons away, the turtles don't know about their long-lost brother, they never knew that I had a son, I couldn't tell them, and not telling them was like not being there for them.

I knew that he was out there somewhere, because on the day Shredder came, I had promised someone who would take good care of him, and so long before Shredder came, I gave my lost son, Ichirou, to someone else for protection, and ever since then, I haven't seen my lost Ichirou.

But I know that he's out there, somewhere, somewhere safe, with others who will do anything to protect him from anyone and anything, I know that the person who had taken him will be happy to know that his real father will be happy to see that his first born son is safe.

Until that day when he finds out the truth, I must wait for him, I must wait for the day when my son returns home.

I must wait for my Ichirou.

But I didn't know that he'd change into something much more different, what I didn't know was that he hated me.


Spinners End:

I knew that I had to keep his promise, but just looking at his son, the child was no longer a child who wanted to know who his real father was, but a child who was taught the Dark Ways of life, he had taken into following someone who's ways are darker than any magic, I couldn't stand it any longer, and so I snapped at him, "Why did you have to get that bloody Mark?"

Ichirou, or so everyone now calls him, Severus looked up from his chores, and said, "What's the matter, Mother?"

I couldn't take it, I snapped, "Who do you think you're talking to, Severus Snape!? I want to know why you had taken that Mark!?"

Ichirou whispered, "Mother, I thought you'd be happy—"

I snapped back, "I was happy before you had gotten that bloody Mark on your arm, boy!"

Ichirou winced, he knew that I was hiding something, and so he said, "Mother, I—"

I cut in sharply, "Your father wouldn't want this to happen to his oldest son, now would he?"

He said, "Mother, you and I both know perfectly well that Father would care less—"

I said, "Your real father wouldn't want this, now would he?"

Ichirou's eyes widened, he said, "No, of course not, Mother. And what would my real father even think, he abandon me! He doesn't care about me, in fact—"

I sneered, "Just so you know, Ichirou—Severus he does want you safe, I had promised him so long ago to protect you, to keep you safe from harm, and this is what you want to be?! A bloody Death Eater!?"

He said, "Yes, I don't care about my real—"

I sneered, "You don't care about your real father? Oh then I guess he'll be happy to know that I had lead you into danger! He cares for you, he wanted you safe from harsh times you were born into, and now he doesn't even know that you've chosen a different path, one that proves you're not his son… Unless…"

He looked away, I knew that I had hit a nerve, he knew some parts of the truth, he knew that his real father wanted him safe, he knew that his father wanted no harm done onto him, and he also knew that his father had done what was the right thing for him.

He finally looked up at me, I couldn't help but notice a few tears in his eyes, and he said, "No, Mother. Of course he wouldn't want me to turn against him."

I knew that Tobias wanted both of us working, but I couldn't stand seeing the child cry, and so I said, "Come here, child."

He came over to where I was standing, I pulled him into a hug, silent tears ran down his cheeks, I knew that he knew that he didn't belong in this world, he knew that he was different, but what his father said made it clear that he must stay safe and when the time's right, he, Ichirou, shall return to him.

And after some time, he let go, and he continued his chores the Muggle way, just like Tobias wanted us to live like. But I couldn't help but feel sorry about what I had told him about his real father, and I couldn't help but whisper, "Don't worry, Ichirou, you shell have a much more better home then this, you shell return to your real father. Until the time's right, child, be strong and make me and your real father proud."


Hogwarts Castle:

I couldn't take it any longer, I knew that I didn't belong here, but something told me to stay, and so I stayed, but for how long though?

All my life, Mother had always been there for me, and sometimes, when she made sure that I wasn't looking, I heard her say, "Ichirou has changed. I can no longer lead him down the right path, he's chosen his own path to walk down, but I must keep the promise, I must try harder to prevent Ichirou from ever continuing down that path, I must make him see that this is not what his father wanted for him."

But then again, I didn't know that she was talking about me.

And so here I am, walking down to my quarters, when I hear a soft voice whisper in my ear, "Ichirou."

I froze, I thought I had heard that voice from somewhere, but I can't remember, and so I whispered, "What?"

He said, "Ichirou, you mustn't be afraid, for you remember me."

I thought hard, I thought until I had reached my quarters, but as I touched the handle, I felt someone staring at me, I turned, and I saw a man.

The man looked strangely familiar, but I can't recall where I'd seen him, I heard his voice again in my ear, "Look upon me, and you shall remember who I am, my son."

But I had rushed into my quarters, I couldn't face him again, it had been a long time since he'd spoken to me, and now he has returned to haunt me once again.

When I had woken up, I found that I had tear stains on the pillow, I knew that I was way too old to be crying at night, but something hit me last night.

As I made my way up to the Great Hall, I heard the man's voice say, "Ichirou, you must return to me."

I sneered, "Who are you?"

The voice said, "My son, you mustn't be angry at me, for I have sent you away for protection from those whose names I shall keep hidden within the family that you've been born into."

I froze, he said something that brought back a thought that Mother had said, "Your real father wouldn't want his oldest son to be turned against him, now would he? Knowing full well what kind of family you were born into. I'd say, he did it for protection."

I whispered, "What do you want with me?"

He whispered, "My son, all I want is for you to return home."

I said, "Return home?"

I was expecting him to start shouting at me, but instead I felt his smile in his next sentence, "Yes, Ichirou, the time has come for you to return home."

I had made it to the surface, and was now making my way to the Great Hall, but I couldn't help but whisper, "Are you my real… f-fa-fa-father?"

I felt his next words embrace me, "Yes, Ichirou, it was wrong of me to send you away, but you mustn't be angry with something that someone had done for a good cause. All your life here, you've grown fearful of knowing who your real father is, you've grown scared to find out who your real father is, and you've grown lost because you don't belong here. But don't worry, Ichirou, we shall reunite once and for all."

I said, "If you're my real father, then answer one question. What happened that night?"

He said, "My son, oh now is not the time to speak of such harsh times that you were born into, but since you insist that I tell you. Back then when your mother and I were together—"

I whispered, "So she's the lady who I now see in my dreams."

He chuckled, he said, "I'd say, Ichirou, you've had these dreams all your life, haven't you?"

As I came up to the side door that lead into the Great Hall, I whispered, "Yes, I've had these dreams ever since I was little. Why, does it mean something?"

He said, "What it means, my son, is that you're discovering who your real parents are. Yes, your Mother and I had chosen to keep you safe and out of someone else's hands."

I stopped dead in my tracks, I suddenly felt tears in my eyes, and I whispered, "You mean, I-I ha-have another M-M-Mother?"

He said, "Don't cry my son, I know that it's hard to believe, but yes it is true, but sadly she's passed on the night we both had sent you away. But don't you worry, Ichirou, now we shall be together once again."

I felt smaller than before, I couldn't help but feel like what he'd said made a little sense, and so I whispered, "This all can't be true. I don't believe you."

To my surprise, he said in a gentle tone, "When you sleep tonight, I shall send you a sign that proves that I'm your real father. Do you think you could handle that?"

I didn't know what to say, but then I just said, "If you say that all this is true, then yes I believe you, but for now, I must eat something, and I'll think about what you've said, and then I'll let you know."

He said, "Wise of you to say that, my son, but you must remember, not everything is as it seems to you, and now you shall see what has now become of you. Be safe, Ichirou, and remember, that if you make one mistake, it may lead to something good or something bad."

And so with that said, I slowly went inside, I sat down in my spot at the end of the table, I did get some food, but for the first time ever since I was only seventeen, I didn't eat it.

All I could think about was what the mysterious man had said, "Wise of you to say that, my son, but you must remember, not everything is as it seems to you, and now you shall see what has now become of you."

And I also couldn't help but feel like I was sensing something, something that will prove me wrong about my real father.

That night:

As soon as I had drifted off into sleep, I fell into a dream.

I was in some sort of lair, I saw one room that was off to the side, one side of the lair, I saw a television set, in front of that, I saw a couch, but then I saw at least four turtles approaching the big room that was on the other side of the room, and so I decided to follow them.

One of the turtles, I guess the leader of the small group, and who had a blue bandana on, said, "Alright, guys. We should practice our moves, unless we want Shredder to kill us without breaking a sweat."

But then there came a voice, "Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, I have news."

All four turtles straightened, it seemed to me like they were loyal to the man, but when the man came out from the shadows, I almost died in my own dream, this was my father, there was my real father, and he was a rat?

As if he heard my thoughts, the rat turned to me, his eyes widened, and he said, "Do you now see why we had to keep you away?"

I couldn't speak, if at any case, I couldn't even move, I just stared at him, how could this be?

Just then one of the turtles, who had a red bandana on, said, "Hey! Who invited you here?"

The man shot him a stern look, and said, "Raphael!"

The turtle name Raphael looked down, the man turned back to me, and said, "Do you see why you're different from those who you've grown up with?"

I just said, "Are you all real?"

The leader of the four turtles, whose name was I think Leonardo, spoke up, "Master Splinter, who is he?"

The man said to me, "Come, and join us."

All I could do was listen to him, he lead me over to where the four turtles where seated on the floor, I froze when I was standing beside the youngest, whose name I think was Michelangelo, he had on an orange bandana, when he saw that I wasn't sitting down, he said, "Would you like to sit somewhere else, Ichirou?"

Raphael snorted, he said, "Sensei, whose Ichirou? Because I'm sure it's not him."

I couldn't help but sneer, "Yes, I would like to sit somewhere far away from them, if you don't mind."

As I walked away, I couldn't help but hear Leonardo say to Raphael, "You really done it this time Ralph."

Michelangelo says, "Yeah Ralph, what's your problem?"

Ralph snaps, "What's my problem? My problem is why Sensei didn't inform us of that… that… kid!?"

I rounded the corner, all I could do was to not cry, I had learned to cry silently, and that's what I did.

Until I felt a hand on my shoulder, and someone say, "Is all of this troubling you, Ichirou?"

I slowly looked up, and I saw that it was… oh, alright, my father, he was standing before me, with a frown on his face, I looked down, and whispered, "Yes, now I believe you. But what about your other sons? Especially that one who wears a red bandana, what's his name again? Raphael. What about them?"

He said, "Leave them to me, I shall have a long talk with them soon, but for right now, my son, sleep, and you must remember, no matter what happens from here on out, you are born to learn the ways of a true Master ninja."

And that's when I blacked out.

I boiled up right, I noticed a note on my lap, I shook my head, I had a weird dream last night, I'm not quite sure if it was real or not, but I do know one thing, my father's alive.

I just picked up the note, and read:

Remember, my son, you are born to learn the ways of a true Master ninja.

And that's when I knew who Mother was talking about, she was calling me by my birth name.


The Next Day:

The Sewers:

I heard Casey say, "Master Splinter, is something bothering you?"

I sighed, I knew that ever since that day, everyone's been asking me questions, I knew that I had to tell them, but what was I going to say?

Finally I said, "Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and April, please sit in front of me, I must share something with you all."

Once everyone was seated, I said, "Now, I know that you've all been worrying about me these past few days, but I will reassure all of you that what happened that day was… the happiest day of my life. You see, long before you all knew me, back when I was a human, me and my love had a child. Now Raphael, before you start shouting, I would like for you to think about what you're going to say, and if it's a bad thing, then don't even think about saying it. Am I clear?"

Raphael said, "Yes, Sensei."

And so I began, "Back when the world was young, my love and I had a child, and his name was Ichirou. But then after some time with him, Shredder came to finish what he and I both had started long ago, he knew that I had a child, and he plan to kill Ichirou first, but it was already too late. I came across someone who told me that they would take care of Ichirou, at first, I didn't know if I could give away Ichirou, but then they'd proven to me that they could keep my only son safe, and out of harm's way, for as long as I shall live. And so I gave them Ichirou, and as Shredder came to finish me off, I knew that what I had done for Ichirou, was a good thing. For someday, he shall return home."

April asked, "How old was Ichirou, Master Splinter?"

I said, "He was only a few months old when I had gave him up."

Casey said, "Master Splinter, why would you give him up?"

I said, "Because, Casey, Ichirou was born in such harsh times. And so that is why I had chosen to keep him safe, and out of Shredder's hands. And Ichirou was after all born into the world of a true Master ninja."

Donatello asked, "Master Splinter, uh… when… is he… uh… returning here?"

I sighed, and said, "Donatello, he will be returning home when I feel the time's right for him to return."

Leonardo said, "Master Splinter, how do we even know if he's alive or not?"

I said, "Leonardo, I know because I hear his voice within the stillness and the silence, and so he hears my voice too within the silence and stillness. With this great gift, we are able to speak to each other through whispers, and so I shall let him know when the time's right to return home."

Michelangelo asked, "Master Splinter, is he… uh… a human?"

I knew that question would soon be coming, and so I said, "Yes, he is a human. But he's still family, even if he's different."

Just then Raphael slowly said, "Master Splinter, is he… uh… I mean, does he have any of our talents?"

I said, "Raphael, remember, my son, just because he's a human, doesn't mean that you could be angry at him. He has a right to know all of you personally, and you all must prepare him for battle, if you all agree to not let anything happen to him, and be nice to him?"

Leonardo said, "Yes, Master Splinter."

April said, "Yes, Master Splinter."

Casey said, "Yes, Master Splinter."

Donatello said, "Yes, Master Splinter."

Michelangelo said, "Yes, Master Splinter."

There was silence coming from Raphael, I knew that he had thought that it was just the four of them, I knew how he felt, he sat there, head bowed, eyes closed, and shoulders slumped.

I said to him, "Raphael, I shall leave you alone on this one. You need to think about this, and think hard. I know that this is hard for you, but remember, when the time comes, you must chose what's right."

And with that said, I left them all there to think about what I've just revealed to them all.

And especially to Raphael.

So what do you all think?

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