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Clint stared at the small boy. The boy stared back, contentedly munching on a bag of chips, the bag of popcorn he had going in the microwave seemingly forgotten. Until of course, said microwave went off with a ding, and the boy jumped to grab it. Still Gripping the large glass bowl he had chosen as suitable for his snack, Ron poured the popcorn into the bowl, only burning his fingers slightly, added a decent amount of butter, and snatched up his half eaten chips. Giving the archer a silent nod, the boy walked back through the door he had walked in.

The door that lead to the living/hang out room of Avengers Tower's common floor. Clint, curious, followed.

The boy walked across the room to the couch, his arms full of the popcorn bowl, just barely holding on to his chips with his right pinky finger.

On the couch a young girl, who looked the same age as the boy, sat with a workbook in her lap. It was a math workbook Clint could see now that he was at a better angle.

The red head boy waddled to the couches edge, and pushed the bowl up onto the seat. The boy then threw his upper body across the cushions in an attempt to gain enough leverage to pull the rest of him up, and join the girl.

Clint was still confused. He didn't have anything against kids, sure they were noisy and could give you away in a fight, but there was nothing wrong with them when they were calm, or excited, he had always loved the wonder bound expressions only a child could create. Of course it was still confusing to find one, no two, in Avengers Tower.

Clint actually had a list of things he thought he might find in tied tower, aliens, mutants, and random assassins were all on there, but kids were not.

Unsure of what to do, Clint fell back on his training. If you don't know the unknowns prerogative, follow and watch. So that's what Clint did.

He watched as the boy finally clambered onto the couch, only to realize he had left the television remote on the table, and he had to climb down again.

He watched as the boy, after retrieving the remote, managed to flip the cushion he was climbing up and over his head. His mouth started to tilt into a grin, but he fought it down.

He watched as the boy lay star struck on the ground, the popcorn he worked so hard to make laying littered around him. Blinking Ron sat up, surveyed the mess around him, and glared at the couch cushion as if to say 'this is all your fault'.

Clint tried not to laugh, he really did, but somehow a slightly hysterical giggle slipped from his lips. He clapped his hand to his mouth, but it was too late. The floodgates had opened.

This was the scene Fury, Tony, and Harry walked into. Though to be honest Harry was asleep in Tony's arms, having been tired out by Tony's exuberant tour of his labs.

"How in hell do you think you will be able to raise a child Stark, let alone three. Not to mention you are an Avenger now and" Fury's tirade was cut short by the sight before him. Tony froze mid eye roll, which looked very strange.

Two children were sitting on the couch of the common room, eating popcorn, and watching Clint roll around on the floor, howling with laughter. Well Hermione was only glancing up at Clint in between doing problems in her workbook. She really wanted to finish this problem set.

As if drawn by Fury's presence Steve and Natasha walked into the room, and froze as well.

This was by far the strangest scene they had walked into, even stranger than the time they found Tony sleeping on the couch with a multi colored clown wig glued to his head.

Natasha stared, she hadn't seen Clint laughing like this in a long time. At least a few months before the whole Loki fiasco, it was nice. Not that she showed it or anything, she was a professional.

Steve, on the other hand, did smile, and almost joined Clint on the floor when he saw Fury's dumbstruck expression. He had know that Fury wouldn't agree with Stark's plan, but he had let it happen anyway. He was less strict after his jaunt around the country. He had learned a lot about modern culture, and while he was still old fashioned he wasn't 'a super stick in the mud' as Stark had said. Besides, seeing Clint laughing like that was definitely worth it.

Steve's smile grew.

At first Tony had been shocked. While Clint wasn't as bad as the old Capsicle or Natasha, he had only ever seen the man snicker or hide a smile. Never full blown laughter like this. Then he got a little mad, Clint was laughing at his kids. Tony, being a man often driven by his emotions, was easily distracted by said emotion, so it was understandable that he didn't notice his third groggy child slip from his arms. instead he opened his mouth to snark something at his hysterically laughing teammate only to be interrupted by another, happier voice.

"Tony, there you are. Thank you so much for the help on" Bruce cut himself off, catching the strange atmosphere of the room a little too late.. After his accident with gamma radiation, he was become used to be stared at, but not like this. All the eyes in the room, or at least the ones he could see, were on him.

A hand grasped the back of one of the stylishly comfortable arm chairs the common room offered, and Clint hauled himself to his knees so he could see what they were all staring at. when he did see Bruce he emitted a noise somewhere between a pig squeal and a donkeys bray, and promptly fell back to the floor laughing harder than before.

"What is it" Bruce turned to look over his shoulder but saw nothing.

"Guys?" his excitement from earlier long since vanished. In it's place was his usual anxiety and a rapidly growing sense of foreboding.

"Don't worry too much Dr. Banner, I simply needed to do something as retribution. It is quite rude to assume one person's work as another's, in fact I believe it is illegal in some places." A quite young voice said from just behind Bruce.

Walking purposefully to the couch, Harry placed his newest read on the cushions before clambering up, much like Ron had earlier.

"Besides all you had to do was apply the EPR paradox and your equations would have sorted themselves out, I just helped you along." Turning to his siblings Harry added "EPR stands for Einstein Poldolsky Rosen, that was how quantum entanglement was discovered."

Hermione briefly looked up from her book making an 'O' with her mouth, Ron just blinked at him and went back to eating popcorn and watching Clint.

"Huh" was all Tony was able to mutter before, lips still open with unspoken quips, Fury hauled him unceremoniously from the room, dragging the man-child by his ear.

All that was heard from as the door slammed behind the pair was a muffled "Explanation now!"

Clint was still laughing.

Harry found this all to be greatly amusing. He couldn't think of a day were he had more fun.

He had been adopted along with his two best friends, now siblings, and his new father then proceeded to show him a wonderland of new exploration. Up until now he only knew the sciences of the world through elementary school experiments, both in casework and snuck in after the doors were closed, and in the books he borrowed twice a week from the library one point two five miles from his home.

The orphanage didn't have internet, or computers, without which the internet would have been useless anyway. I wonder if Tony, father an excited part of his mind supplied or maybe he would prefer dad, the was American after all, would be willing to send some to the orphanage. It might help cure the horrible ignorance suffered by the inhabitants.


He had a father now. Maybe even a mother. Tony had been unsure if the woman to be his mother would agree, though he assured them he was quite persuasive when trying to get his way. Hopefully this was true.

Vaguely, as if he had been told in a dream, or at least when he was tired enough for him to be dreaming, Harry remembered being told of his real father. His birth father. A voice he couldn't place spoke with a face just on the tip of his tongue, it said he looked just like his father, and another replied, but the eyes look at his eyes just as green as his mothers.

He had dreamed this scene often enough in his sleep to be able to daydream it while awake, and he still didn't know who spoke. They said his father was brave, the stag of his herd, who gave up his crown to save his doe and fawn. Not that it had worked, but it was the sentiment that counts. His mother was a living flame with a flowered pasture for eyes. She too had given her life for him, but her sacrifice didn't count for much at the end. He was still alone, the voices still spoke demurely, and he still had a new father.

Ugh, he should have listened to Ron. Just listen to the way he spoke, well thought. He read way too much Peter Pan

Ron was pleased.

Not only had he been right, again, but he had found them a family. A good family if you looked at the besotted faces of his siblings. though that might just be the books. No, he had done a good job.

Now, as the oldest, it was his job to look out for his new siblings. For that's what he was, the oldest, or that's what the orphanage records had said. He wasn't actually sure. None of them were.

Harry was the only one who remembered anything before the day they had walked out of the woods, but the doctors had told them that Ron seemed eldest and Hermione said to trust you doctor and Harry hadn't cared one way or another so he was eldest and he would watch out for his siblings.

A grin, not unlike the one Tony had adorned when he was planning a spectacularly vicious prank, bloomed on Ron face.

Now he had an excuse to call Harry squirt.

His grin only grew.

The common room, as Avengers Tower's new additions called it, was empty of all its previous occupants except Ron, who was still grinning madly.

Spread around him were Hermione's finished workbooks, and two of Harry's so called 'light reading'. Popcorn still littered parts of the carpet, but all in all it was a peaceful enough scene.

At least until a specific red head blew into the room, consequently knocking Ron off his perch.



Just to clear up some confusion, this is a post Hogwarts fic.

This might be confusing, but all will be explained.