Chapter 2

He looked down at the map with some concentration that made it seem like it would bring answer that he had been looking for. To most of the men that he was working with, this was not normal, but to his fellow companion, his guardian, Hillary Cromwell, this was his life every day. But she didn't blame him for this. Instead she felt the same itchy way. There was a new discovery that day, and it was too much for them to handle. Mainly because thus was something that they didn't have any power over. Hillary looked to Lucca, and gently touched his shoulder.

Lucca gets away from his trance and looks at her with gentle grey eyes. "I'm sorry, I was just thinking. I mean it is not like me to just, not think things through. I would usually think up a plan at the moment, but not now. Instead I am stuck and I do not know what to do." He looked at his Guardian with sad and confused eyes. "Hillary?"

Taking a deep breath, Hillary closed her eyes to understand just what she should do. "Okay, we need get ourselves there, but not just the two of us. We need a group of our men- maybe about ten of them." Hillary ponders on the matter, but the fact that she at least had something gave Lucca some reassurance that things were going to be okay. He took Hillary's hand and brought it to his lips. With a small peck, he woke Hillary up from her wonder. Hillary turned crimson and snatched her hand out of his. Lucca watched her reaction and laughed. Hillary scowled at him, but still gave a girly shy expression, as she tucked her long blonde strand of hair behind her ear. With this, they began their plan to save someone that will soon save them.

"Now are mission is simple," Lucca stated loudly to be heard from the roars of the plane engine. "We retrieve the hostage and kill the warlock."

In unison everyone shouted, "Yes sir"

Hillary nodded to Lucca as a signal to pull the door open. Lucca nodded back in response. Hillary pulled the plane door open with much force and a powerful wind rushed into their faces that it could suffocate anyone. Lucca looked around at his men and then to his Guardian. Once his conscious was cleared, Lucca raised his hand in the hair and yelp, "Let's go!" and he leaped out of the plane with Hillary holding his hand. Once they passed the first layer of clouds and were near the view of the city, Lucca grabbed Hillary's waist and let his glorious silver wings spread. As they glided around the skyscraping buildings, Hillary looked around for their destination. Luckily it did not take that long for her to spot the large gothic mansion. "There!" Hillary pointed, and Lucca nodded as he soared toward the mansion. "We are coming angel." Lucca whispered.


Ember looked up at the sunset She walked into the back door through the kitchen where the workers were making the dinner for the day. The smells of food being cooked came into her nostrils and it made her stomach go crazy. She looked to see the main cook, Martha over the stove, looking at its contents. Ember smiled softly and walked over to her with a small skip in her step. She was relieved that Martha was in here. She always knew how to cover for her if she was ever late back home. Ember tapped Martha should and then hugged. She was like a mother to Ember. She always watched after; made sure that she had the comforts in the situation that she was in. Ember always knew that if Martha wasn't there she didn't know how she would be in the end.

Martha smiled at her and arched her neck to rest on Embers. A signal that she knew that she was there, also a way of affection. "Hello my little angel." Martha said with a tooth smile. Martha had an accent that Ember soon found out to be Scottish. Martha stated that Brandon, Ember's master, found Martha in her home when she was young and took her in to be in servant. Ember didn't like how Brandon uses Martha and won't admit that he actually cares about her. Even though he did take her as a servant, Martha stated that he did nothing terrible to her, other than order her clean and make him food. But she had a feeling that Brandon was the reason why her family was gone. Ember felt bad for Martha, she was stuff in a complicated love story that she knew that she couldn't get out of.

Ember laid her groceries on the counter and started to take to items out. Martha looked down and made sure that everything that was on the list was taken care of. She gave Ember a smile, "I'm sorry that you have to go off and do all of these errands." Ember shook her head, "Don't be, you know that you cannot really walk outside this place, the police would see you can take you back to Scotland!" Ember exclaimed with sadness deep inside. Martha looked at her with a laugh, "Honey you know it does not work that way. The only way they would know that I am not American is if my identity is needed." She smoothed Embers golden curls. "The only reason I can't go is because that bastard won't let me." She said with ice in her voice, but Ember knew that Martha loved him. She would hate him, but she would never hurt him.

Ember wanted to argue about how she could get away, but Martha interrupted her, "I'm surprised he let you out today."

Ember rolled, "He blew up another maid." Ember remembered the screams earlier this morning. It was a new maid too, she just have done something really bad to have been blown up. The last one was speaking to someone outside the church and that made him suspect the worse. Martha looked down at the floor with a concerned expression. Ember could even see the guilt there even though it wasn't Martha's fault. She wrapped her arms around Martha; Ember knew why.

"I know what many think," Martha whispers. "I just know there is good in him as well." Her gray eyes held tears that would escape if she said more. Ember just held her tighter and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. Martha hasn't seen her family since he took her away from them ten years ago. At the time it was since he was going to destroy her village, so she left to protect them. They never went looking for her after that.

Ember was the same. Her family never bothered looking for her after giving away as a child. She never bothered questioning why, she thought that maybe they were just giving her the best chance she had. But then again how was this place her best chance? Ember shook the anger in her head away and just tried to be optimistic. She gave Martha another hug.

"Maybe one day I will see the good," Ember said. Martha patted her hand and wiped her tears away. She walked toward the food.

"Well let me get this ready, you know his highness doesn't like to eat his dinner late." Martha chuckled.

Ember never understood how Martha wasn't afraid of him. Whatever good she saw in him, must have done that. Ember smiled, but then as she left she shook her head again. There was a mystery to them that she will never get to see.

As she walked up to her room, Ember noticed a sound of laughter from a far. As she got closer, she already knew that it was him. Luther was a sorcerer that was completely out of his mind when it came to his spells and potion experiments. He did many tests on Ember, which were the days that she dreaded the most. They were brutal and made her exhausted to death. Every trial she did, Ember felt like she would die at any moment. If it wasn't for Martha's herbal teas that would bring her back to life every time, she wouldn't have lasted this long. With a shiver down her spine, Ember quickly walled away toward her room which was at the top of the church.

She didn't hesitate to shut the door tight. With her back to the door, Ember sighed shakily and slowly slid down to the floor. She brought her legs to her chest and then began to hum a tune herself. It was a lullaby that she remembered her father singing to her when she as a baby. She rubbed her hands on her arms and imagined the warm roughness of his skin on her as he tried to rock her restless self to sleep. For Ember these small memories were all that she had of her parents. She remembered touch and sound more than faces.

After a moment, Ember raised herself from the floor and walked to her bed to lie down. She curled up and closed her eyes. She hummed the song again in hoped that he could hear her. It was about time for him wake up. She used all her mentality to reach him, the voice that was here longer than most.

James, are you there?

There was no answer for a while, and when she was about to give up he came to her the last moment.

Where do you think you're going?

Well you weren't answering!

It takes more than one sound to wake me up love. Try a little harder next time.

Ember smiled, she always wondered what he looked like. He had a British ascent, so she knew he as from the United Kingdom. But she wanted more than that.

Well if you want to see you can try to see me.

Ember blushed; he always reads her private thoughts to tease her.

You know I can't.

What's the big bad guy doing now?
Well I was able to get out for grocery today. I have trials tomorrow.

She heard a growl from him. She knew he was a werewolf, which explained a lot of his personality.

You need to escape! How many times have I said that!
Hey! What did I say about that tone!

She heard another growl again. He didn't like being talked to with authority, but that didn't give him the right. After she gave no response to his growling, he began to whimper. He was a classic puppy.

I'm scared for you Em. I want you to be away from that hell.

Ember bit her lip and had the question that she was scared to ask for while on the tip of her tongue. She can't be scared anymore. She let go of the fear of rejection and just took a chance. She wanted to know just where this was going.

Do you want me there with you?

There was no response for a while and ember began to get numb. Maybe this wasn't the direction any of this was going.

Em. . . I do, but I already told you the complications of our relationship. What if you can't handle my life?

There was a pause, and then he continued with the words she never wanted to hear.

Maybe we should stop.

Ember felt her heart sink and her stomach begin to go sick. She knew she shouldn't have asked. Ember reached out as if she was really trying to physically stop him.

Wait! No, forget I ask. James please, you are all I have in life right now.

She really didn't want him to leave. There was something about their bond that made her feel like there was hope. She had someone and she was not alone. He didn't answer after a few seconds, she knew he was one to overanalyze. James was not one to just jump a bullet and go by his heart.

Ok. But, Em please, don't push things too quickly. We still hardly know each other.

Frustration came to Ember, then why does he care about her? Why does he seem like they should meet and be together? Was there something wrong with her? Ember had so many questions to ask, but she shook them all away. She shouldn't be selfish. Instead she needed to keep what she had. Being selfish was not the way to be.

OK. Can you do me a favor?

Anything for you, love.

Can you sing my father's lullaby? I can't sleep.

OK love I will.

James then began to hum the tune that Ember sang to herself just a while ago. It was very soft, but the way that he sang it brought it more to life than she could. It made her feel safer and made her feel like her father was close by. The song was very short, but being repeated made anyone sleep like they never had before. Her eyes began to droop and darkness overcame her.