Summary: Ever since Bella meet Jasper, she was intrigued by him and wanted to learn all about him because she had a feeling that he wasn't like the other but because of stupid, over protected vampires, they had to find another way to get to know each other, so they started to write letters and hide them in places where the others couldn't find them.

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When I first meet Jasper, there was an air of mystery that surrounded him, something deep down inside of me told me that he was vastly different from the others, he had a more rich background, one that Edward, Alice and everyone else was determined to keep from me because they were afraid that Jasper was going to hurt me but I never got that feeling from him, for some odd reason, I felt as if I could trust him for more than I could trust the others; even Carlisle and Esme who I had great trust for.

Every time I got close to Jasper, someone would always be there to swoop in and save poor innocent and fragile Bella from the mean and nasty vampire; I had to snort at my own thoughts because even though they seem farfetched, they were the absolute truth. I really wanted to get to know Jasper in the worst way possible, so one day when I was alone with him, I said to him, "Jasper, I really want to get to know you but with these overprotected asshole vampires hanging around, they will never let me."

Jasper for silent for a few of my human heartbeats and I feared that he wasn't going to say anything at all but thankfully he replied with, "I would like that very much Miss. Isabella, how about we correspond through letters like I did with my family durin' the war."

"The war, wait you were a soldier?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes ma'am, youngest Major in the Texas Cavalry and yes, I promise to tell you all about it. I won't hide anythin' from you, I will tell you every single last piece of information about myself because I don't believe that you need to be coddled." He responded.

"I don't want the others to know however," I mentioned.

"I don't either," Jasper agreed. "How about we come up with a place to hide our letters from the others."

I nodded thinking of where we could do than and then I came up with the perfect spot and I told Jasper where I thought would be best. He agreed that the place would be perfect as no one ever went near it. The place that we had come up with was the little crack in the first step of the staircase that led to the bedrooms that we were sure Esme had no clue about. And so began our letters to each other and also began a course of action I had no clue we were both on.


I was pleased when Bella suggested that we find a way to get to know each other that the overprotected assholes wouldn't object to or ever found out about. I had wanted to get to know the true Isabella Swan since the first day that I laid eyes on her; I knew that the persona she put on at school and at the house wasn't her true self. So when she was tryin' to think of a way to go about her plan, I suggested writin' letters. I missed the simple act of writin' a letter to a friend, loved one or family member. Today it was all about emailin' people and textin' them; which I didn't mind, mind you but I did miss the simplicity of takin' pen to paper.

I could feel Bella's excitement comin' off her in waves when I mentioned the war, I wonder if she was interested in history or was just she just interested in the fact that I led a more excitin' life than the others did before I was turned. We then figured out a place of where to put the letters so the others wouldn't find them because I had a feelin' that Eddie boy would rip them up if he found out his precious human was in correspondence with me.

I just shook my head at that boy and wondered when he was goin' to take his head outta his ass and realized that Bella wasn't meant for him but meant for someone else. I shrugged; it was his miserable life, not mine. I was interested in the fact that Bella knew of the crack in the stairs, I wondered at how she knew it was there. I thought that it would be a great place to hide the letters and I knew that the others wouldn't even bother to look there so, we were safe.

Bella decided that she was goin' to write the first letter and there was an excitement in me that couldn't wait to get that letter and finally get to know the real Isabella Swan. I also told her that I would tell her every last thing about me, from the wars to the blood to the deaths that I had a hand in and to me brother and sister- in-law; who the Cullens hated I may add but I had a strong feelin' that Bella would loved them, that's just the type of person that she was. She never judged anyone on their past and it was one thing that made me like her better than the others around this house. This was going to be good.

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