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Bella's POV

The next morning when I woke up, I was still so pissed at Edward that it wasn't even funny. I mean how could someone go and almost tell a secret that wasn't even theirs to tell. It's not like Edward had firsthand knowledge of the hell that Jasper went through, he only read the things in Jasper's mind of what happened but I had a feeling that it wasn't even half of what Jasper endured.

Right this minute, I wish that I was a vampire so that I can bet the hell out of Edward without getting hurt because, Edward should be taught a lesson about being an immature brat who's having a tantrum. I let out a huff and decided to go and get a shower before answering Jasper's letter, so I grabbed my towel, bra and panties and then headed in to the bathroom. While I was in the shower, I thought back on to how Jasper transformed into The Major, he seemed like he could be very deadly; I knew without having to be told that, the Major that I met last night was nothing compared to what he could become, but yet, I still was not scared of him.

"He was damn sexy that's for fuck sure" a little part of my brain said. Where in the hell did that thought come from? "Oh admit it girl, you know that you think Jasper is sexy with his southern twang and those tight fitting jeans." that same part of my brain said. No, I don't have those thoughts, I'm with Edward, who yes it being an unbelievable baby right now, but still I am with him. "Oh, Edward Smedward. You can try to pretend all you want that you don't find Jasper a sex god all you want but remember I am your brain so I have firsthand knowledge about what we think about." Oh shut up! Fuck, now I was fighting with myself, what in the hell is wrong with me?

I shook my head and then finished up my shower, upon entering my room, I looked to my window and let out a scream,

"Bells, you alright?" I heard Charlie holler from downstairs.

"I'm fine, just hit my toe on my door frame," I called back.

I heard dad chuckle and then I closed my door and looked to my window again and said, "Sure, just give me a bloody heart attack, I don't mind."

Jasper just chuckled and said, "My apologies ma'am,"

"Damn son, that was sexy as fuck and did you see that little smirk at the end Bells? Mark me down as scared and horny."

Would you shut the fuck up brain, god. Jasper is probably wondering why in the hell I'm throwing lust his way.

"Why don't we show him?"

"Its fine Jasper, you just scared me, that's all." I said in reply to Jasper planning on ignoring my stupid brain.

"Well, I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to come by and tell you how sorry I am for you having to witness The Major coming out." he said with downcast eyes.

Completely forgetting that I was only in a towel, bra and panties, I walked over to Jasper and laid my hand on his cheek and said, "You have nothing to be sorry about, if anything Edward should be the one to apologize to all of us, you most of all. He had no right to try and tell your story when it's yours to tell and not his."

Jasper leaned into my touch and just stayed there for a few minutes and then said, "Thank you Bella for always being this amazing understanding person. I don't know how we got so lucky to have someone like you in our lives."

"I'm the lucky one; I got to meet some amazing friends when I moved here. At first I didn't think that I would like it here but once I met all of you, I knew that I had made the right decision."

Jasper chose that moment to look up into my eyes and I got lost in them. Sure they were golden like Edward's but these eyes were completely different and so easy to get lost in. They held all of his feelings and tell just look so soulful as well as looking like they've seen things that no person should ever have to see.

"If I had my way girl, we would never stop looking into his eyes. Damn, I could stay here forever staring at him."

For this once, I wasn't going to say anything to my brain because if I was being completely honest, my brain was right, I didn't want to stop looking in Jasper's eyes. And it seemed as if Jasper was feeling the same way but sadly, my father had chose that moment to break whatever spell was over Jasper and I, by asking if I was coming down for breakfast. I told him that I was coming and looked back to Jasper, who had a smile on his face.

"Well, I guess I better go. Don't want to keep the Chief waiting any longer than he needs to, plus you need to get dressed."

I looked at him confused and then looked down at myself and let out a little gasp when I realized I had been standing in front of Jasper for I don't know how long in a towel, bra and panties.

"Don't worry Bella, your dignity is still in tack," Jasper said with a laugh.

I laughed with him and then said, "I don't have your letter ready yet, I'll get it to you tomorrow somehow."

"Why don't you drop it in my locker?"

"Ok, that might work." I said with a smile.

"Till tomorrow then," Jasper replied.

"Till tomorrow."

Jasper gave me one last smile and then hopped out of my window. My hand which had been on his cheek all through our staring contest, drop uselessly to my side and I noticed how empty it felt now that it was no longer resting upon Jasper's cheek. I shook my head and then quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

After breakfast, I decided to head to Port Angeles to pick up some things that I was running low on; school supplies wise. I had asked dad if he wanted anything and he asked me if I could pick up some new fishing line for him, I told that it wouldn't be a problem and took off. I got to Port Angeles before noon; I headed to the sporting store first and picked up dad's fishing line. Then from there I went to the stationery shop and picked up some more pens, pencils and paper. I also decided to look for some nicer paper to write my letters to Jasper on, I didn't want anything to girlie and I didn't want plain old paper anymore. So, I looked at all the paper and passed on half a dozen or so and then came to one that I loved and I knew that Jasper would love as well. It was horses running wild, it was great.

I picked up two packages of the paper and then went to pay for my purchases. I then decided to grab a bite, so I went to a cute little bistro and order a salad and sandwich, because it was a nice day, I decided to sit on the patio and enjoy the nice breeze. I wanted to get started on Jasper's letter but I didn't have his with me, so once I finished eating, I went to the bookstore, browsed in there for an hour, picked up a few new books and then went back to my truck and headed home.

Once, I got home, I gave dad this fishing line and then went up to my room, I threw my purchases on the bed and opened up the paper, got Jasper's letter and sat down to read it and began my letter to Jasper after that, I'll work on my homework.

May 28, 2015

Dear Jasper,

I had a really good time talking to you yesterday and again today and we need to do it again sometime soon. I did thank Em before idiot Edward came home; I had a feeling that was why he left us, so that we can finally get some time to hang out. I know I don't have to do this but I want to tell you how sorry that I am for the way that Edward was acting towards you yesterday, he had no right to do what he did and I'm glad that you were there to stop him otherwise I would have done it and ended up hurting myself; fragile human after all ha-ha.

Yep, I have a great sarcastic sense of humor and sometimes it comes out even when I don't want to be sarcastic ha-ha and yes I am an odd one but that's what makes me special. *winks* I can't wait to see what you can make, maybe you can make something for me one day. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* ha-ha.

Ok, this is going to sound really creepy but the exact way that you described your sister is how I saw her in a dream that I had. I wasn't able to see her face but I did imagine her to have the fair skin and hair that you said she had. She sounds wonderful and I'm sorry that you never got to see her grow into a fine young woman. I also had a feeling that Peter looked like you as well, that is so creepy that I thought about that and then you go and confirm it. How is that possible? You know what; maybe it's just a coincidence and nothing more.

I am eager to hear more about Peter and I know that in time, when you are ready, you will tell me all about the man who I'm assuming you looked up to since you were a young boy. Thank you for giving me the permission to call you Major Whitlock when I want to.

I wonder why someone would want to completely wipe another person from all known records. Obviously Alice had family and I wonder what was so scandalous that made them want to agree to wipe her from memory. I hope that one day you are able to find a thread of information about Alice's life.

Yeah, Renee and Charlie have both have raised me in different ways but I would say in my opinion that they both did a really good job on helping to shape the woman that I am today. I'm glad that I was able to make both of my parents, one with getting to travel which she enjoys and the other having me to come and live with him.

Ok, guess it's time to answer my questions now,

Answer 1) Well, I like to read as well, and I like to watch sports. I also like to listen to music, go for walks. I'm kinda boring actually; I never really found the appeal of going out clubbing every Friday night and drinking till you can't walk. I mean yeah, it's fun to do that once in awhile but not every single week.

Answer 2) My favorite color: blue, my favorite song: well that's a hard one as I love a lot of different music but if I have to pick one, I would say, oh god, this is tough. You know what screw it, I'm going to give you my top five faves, 1) Maroon 5- This Love, 2) 30 Seconds To Mars- The Kill (Bury Me), 3)Adam Lambert- If I had You, 4) Bush- Man on the run, 5) Fall Out Boy- My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up.) My favorite book would be anything Sherlock Holmes. My favorite painter would have to be Van Gogh, and my favorite writer is William Shakespeare... wait, now, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle... no wait, Edgar Allen Poe... no wait, ah hell I can never pick just one.

Okay, on to your questions.

Question 1) I want to know about your randomness, stuff that I just answered.

Question 2) If you never became a vampire, what do you think you would have done when you got back from the war?

Well I think I'm going to sign off for now as I've got some homework to finish. I'll drop this in your locker tomorrow. See you then.


I looked over the letter again to make sure that I had answered all of Jasper's questions and then I folded it and popped it into an envelope and sealed it. After putting Jasper letter to me away, I went to finish my homework and then went to hang out with Charlie for the rest of the night.


The next day once I got to school, I found Jasper's locker pretty easy and made sure that no one was around and then I slipped the letter into his locker and then went off for my first period class.

"Good morning love," Edward said sitting down beside me while putting his arm across my shoulders.

I shrugged him off and said, "I'm still mad at you Edward and I don't want you to touch me or call me love till I tell you that I am no longer mad at you,"

"I don't know how you can still be mad at me Isabella," Edward replied.

"Are you serious Edward? How stupid are you? You did something that you should have and truth be told, I'm surprise that Jasper didn't kill you over how much of a toddler you acted on Saturday." I whispered.

Edward didn't reply but the next thing I knew, he was switching seats with Rosalie.

"You have every right to still be mad at him Bella, in fact all of us are mad at him for the tantrum he threw on Saturday," Rose whispered to me.

I just nodded and we went back to pay attention to what was being taught. Edward was brooding for the rest of the day and I didn't care, at lunch Jasper told me that he got my letter and he would have mine ready for tomorrow. I nodded and went to sit with Angela and Jessica. I could tell that both of the girls wanted to ask why I wasn't sitting with the Cullens but they didn't and I was glad for that.

At the end of the day I said goodbye to everyone except for Edward and headed home, I started dinner and did my homework while it was cooking. When dad got home, he asked me why I wasn't with the Cullens and when I told him that I had a fight with Edward, he was more than a little happy about it. I just shook my head and then went back to finishing off dinner. After dinner, Jake called and asked I wanted to come over and hang with them for awhile and I agreed seeing as how I didn't have anything else to do. Jake asked if dad wanted to come and he said he did, so we headed down to the rez and spent a couple of hours there having fun.

When we got home, I half expected to see Edward sitting in my room whining about how unsafe it was for me to be on the rez but he wasn't and I was glad for that. I was in no mood for another fight with him. I then got ready for bed and read till I was falling asleep.

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