We've got everything to lose--I've got everything to lose. But I've lost it all before, because of Ray. I guess Eddie deserves a chance of his own. And on the plus side, I have more realistic expectations this time. Or at least I like to tell myself I do. The truth is, when he smiles at me with that mischievous light in his eyes, my defenses melt. In my saner moments, like now, I can see that I'm setting myself up for heartbreak all over again.

Think about it. How many people do I know? And how many are happily hooked up, and set to remain that way? My sister and her husband. That's the only permanent couple that comes to mind. It's like a good-relationship lottery: one couple in a million wins. Lasts.

But we keep trying. All of us. Me, Liz, Eddie, even Diane and Ray. Maybe the reason for the new cow phenomenon wasn't that the bull wanted an endless supply of new cows. Maybe what he really wanted was one cow he could stand to wake up with every day for fifty years. Maybe he never found her. Maybe he was too impatient, didn't give the cows a chance. Maybe he got so jaded he just went on out of routine, the dream gone, nothing left but habit.

Maybe I'm overanalyzing. It's been known to happen.