Fire Winds

Chapter 1

Eragon and Arya were wary of their new companion.

Well, he was less of a companion and more of an unwanted tagalong. He refused to quit following them despite both of them asking him too. Not that he really answered them. He would listen to them but never reply. Eragon was starting to think that the man didn't understand them, as if he were from a distant country, which would make since considering the demonic armor that he wore. The man had nearly scared both of them half to death with it when he first appeared out of some bushes in the middle of the night.

The man (Eragon hoped it was a man) was tall for a human, but he didn't tower over others by much. His extra height might have had more to do with his odd armor anyway. His shoulders seemed broad, but much of his actual form was hidden beneath his armor.

Sharp claws adorned the metal plated gloves. Eragon wondered how the man could use his weapons with them, much less pick anything up. The black metal of the entire armor seemed to have a distorted shine to it that bent the light to places where shadows should have been. Even stranger still, was the red glow that emanated from the crevices between the armor plates, though it wasn't apparent during the day, it was rather noticeable at night.

The man had two demonic swords, one on each hip, that where attached to a belt hidden beneath his black armor. One sword shimmered with a greedy reddish orange glow and the other a haunting purple. The swords almost seemed alive and it made Eragon uneasy. They were obviously enchanted. What they did was a mystery to both himself and Arya.

The man also had a matching crossbow slung over his shoulder, with what appeared to be black bolts in a quiver attached to his right hip, above the sword. Everything matched except the bolts. From what Eragon could tell they were made in a different style from the rest of the man's equipment. They were a smoother, more refined design, yet it was made of the same metal as the armor.

Every time Eragon and Arya settled down for the night (to keep up appearances) the armored man would stand at his usual distance away from them, about twenty feet, and never get any closer. He would stand there for most of the night in fact. It left Eragon a bit creeped out. Arya had once tried to offer him food, but the man never came any closer, nor did he seem in the least interested in the food despite the fact that he never seemed to eat.

Then there where the times he would completely vanish. Eragon and Arya where relived when it happened the first time on the road. They had started to run at full speed…and then about an hour or two later, the man reappeared as if he had been conjured up by magic. The stranger would continue this abnormal ritual of disappearing and reappearing almost every single day and even more often at night.

Eragon and Arya had decided to not to try to read his mind. He may very well be an assassin sent by Galbatorix to kill them; he simply hadn't had the opportunity do so yet. Either that or he wasn't sure it was them and if they read his mind he might call for reinforcements and then attack.

Though it seemed the most logical reason for his unusual lingering, Eragon couldn't help but think that the man that followed them was merely lost. That he was following them in an effort to find some recognizable landmark.

Arya, however, had simply answered him by telling Eragon that if the man was lost why he hadn't asked for a map or stayed in one of the villages they passed. That, and the fact that he was slowing their progress, since they had to run like normal humans with him watching. Nausauda was also for Arya's decision, saying that they couldn't waste any more time getting back to the Varden. After an hour or two of arguing, Arya won her point and they decided they had to get rid of him, though Eragon didn't like the idea.

They had started their plan two days prior. The rider and the elf had traveled off the road and into the grassy wilderness. They would get far enough away from prying eyes, and, hopefully, any potential allies that the stranger had.

To Eragon's amazement the man had hesitated before following them. Then a group of refuges had passed him by and he continued his relentless pursuit. Despite the hesitation and his heavy armor and weapons, the stranger had caught back up to them quite easily. It seemed that the weight didn't even affect the stranger in the slightest. Yet, another bizarre thing about the man.

It was on the third day that Eragon and Arya decided to begin their attack.

The sun was high in the sky and a comforting breeze blew through the grass, making the plants appear like waves of water. White, puffy clouds gathered in small clumps overhead and a good ten leagues in front of them a long line of dark storm clouds slowly floated towards them. Because of the storm, the rider and the elf where forced to carry out their plan sooner than they originally intended.

Eragon prepared himself as did Arya. He put together several different spells to use against the man. Arya believed that his armor was most likely enchanted and they didn't want to risk it.

At that moment, Eragon wished that he had a sword. He felt vulnerable without Zar'roc in his hands. Eragon had felt that way since Murtagh had taken the red sword from him. Eragon briefly wondered if the strangers swords where of any use, or were mostly just decoration, like the rest of his armor seemed to be.

They both turned around and approached the stranger. The man stopped. Two empty black holes where his eyes should have been, stared at them as they closed the distance.

When they were about ten feet away Eragon and Arya ran at him with their full speed. They spilt away from each other intending to hit him on two separate fronts. Arya and Eragon believed that his heavy armor wouldn't allow him to react to both of them at once. Eragon curled his hand into a fist as he prepared a spell.

Just as the first syllable fell from his mouth, the stranger looked at both of them, his head turning quickly. Then, suddenly, he knelt down into the grass.

And then he….


Eragon skidded to an abrupt stop. "Wha-?!" He said, somewhat dazed by someone so big suddenly disappearing.

Eragon didn't even hear the man use a spell.

Arya looked around, appearing just as stunned. There was no way the stranger could hide in the grass or anywhere else without a spell, unless of course, he had used his mind. However, that was highly unlikely. Eragon watched the ground carefully for a moment, but saw nothing moving around. No dirt shifting, nor grass moving as a mass walked through it. This couldn't be possible.

Eragon searched with his mind. He didn't care if the man noticed since he already knew of their intensions.

He felt Arya's mind and she quickly let him know that she was searching as well. Eragon skimmed the felid. He touched the mind of various animals and the plants.

Then he found the stranger.

When Eragon first touched his mind to the strangers he was overwhelmed with the amount of information. He had to pull away from the man's mind for a second to prepare himself to find his exact location.

The man's mind had no real defensive barrier around it, or at least, Eragon thought it wasn't a barrier. Whatever it was, it basically layer upon layer of memories of hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals. It was almost like trying to break past Murtagh's mental defensives, except worse.

There where so many memories, emotions, thoughts, and feelings swirling around the stranger's mind that Eragon wasn't sure which ones belonged to the man's, and which ones where just random.

However, this wasn't the worst part. The worst was the one feeling he felt throughout most of the minds was the greed and the need to dominate anything and everything in his path. The emotions overwhelmed him, even as he was horrified by some of the strange and alien memories, though he couldn't remember what the memories where about.

Eragon was, at least satisfied that he knew where the man was as he pulled back into himself. He was about to rush the man when he saw the look on Arya's face. She seemed stunned and confused. Arya, are you alright? He asked her carefully.

She snapped out of whatever she had been doing. Let us just kill this man. She was still a little frazzled.

They were about to rush towards the man again when Eragon heard a loud clank and the swishing of air.

Suddenly a black crossbow bolt stopped in midair right in front of Eragon's face. It had been stopped by his wards and he felt a slight decrease in energy. After a second, Eragon realized that he would've been dead had he not had his protective shielding. The bolt would have gone straight through the space between his eyes.

The bolt then fell to the ground where it bounced a little. Eragon kept his gaze in front of him though, as he saw the stranger materialize a good twenty feet away. The man seemed to let out a sigh as he slung the crossbow to its place on his back.

Arya suddenly sprinted towards him. Eragon followed after her. The man took a step back, and made a fighting stance. It was odd though, it looked as if he intended to simply ram them with his face.

Eragon saw the stranger inhale, the plates of armor moving to accommodate his breathing.

Then, all went quiet for the smallest of seconds, as if the world was waiting to hear something incredible.


The very earth shuddered. The air trembled as it was blasted by an invisible shockwave, like thunder without sound. Time, itself seemed to warp and bend.

Suddenly, the stranger became a blur of motion as he appeared in front of Arya and drew his swords. The man was moving so fast that Eragon could hardly see him. And then, the black blur became a huge mass in front of Eragon and he felt a significant decrease in his strength as the stranger attacked him. Then, he vanished again.

Arya suddenly stumbled as she turned to face the stranger, as did Eragon, except he completely fell to his knees and gasped. He hadn't expected to lose so much energy so fast. He realized that if the stranger continued his attack, both he and Arya would die.

Unless the spells cost killed him first. In fact, Eragon expected the stranger to be barely standing when he turned around. However, he was wrong. Again.

The man was sprinting away as if he wasn't wearing armor in the first place. It seemed as though the speed spell hadn't even affected him. Eragon then wondered if the stranger had some sort of amulet or ring like Aren. That would be the only way he could have still been standing.

Then, Eragon remembered the words that the stranger had said…no, more like shouted. Were they supposed to activate the spell, but what about the effect that it had?

Arya distracted him as she ran after the stranger.

This is going to be a long day, Eragon thought to himself, as he too stood up and sprinted towards the armored man.

This is going to be a long day, Aodhfin thought to himself as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

Why had he trusted the strangers again? Oh, right, because they were the only people who hadn't out right attacked him or look like they were disturbed by his appearance. They had been afraid, at first, but the shock of seeing him had wiped off their faces after a minute of meeting each other. No one else seemed the same way, and something just told him to keep following them.

He had first arrived in this bizarre land about a month ago. He had been minding his business out in the cold, frozen mountains around Winterhold. When, suddenly, he had seen a bright floating sphere of light that had left him unable to move. Next thing he knew, he was falling through the sky and he would have died had he not used his Become Ethereal shout right before hitting the tree line.

At first he had thought he was in another part of Tamriel. Yet when he looked up to see the night sky, he was horrified to see a single, glowing, white moon. Only a fool would think that moon was Nirn's smaller satellite, Secunda, and Aodhfin was no fool. He then began to wonder if this was a daedric plane, but after some walking around and meeting the locals, he didn't think so.

Speaking of locals, they were none too kind. The instant he appeared they would start screaming and grabbing their frightened children. They yelled and cried out in a strange language that he didn't understand. Every time he spoke to them they only became more hysterical and they didn't seem to understand what he was saying. He would try to take off his helmet, but then they would attack him with whatever weapons they could find. Once he disarmed them, they would then abandon their entire town in less than a few minutes.

After that he had taken to walking in the wilderness for a while, thinking of a way to steal the clothes off some random passerby on the main road when he stumbled upon the odd pair of humans. They didn't seem to be Nords, Bretons, or Imperials, but rather, they seemed to be more elven. Though, he couldn't determine what race they were and they seemed more cat-like and more, well...refined.

The woman was the most human. She lacked the trademark elven ears and her eyes were not quite so slanted. She had black hair and she moved with a ridiculous amount of grace. The woman was perfect in her appearance and figure and it made Aodhfin uncomfortable. It seemed wrong that a human could possibly be so beautiful.

The boy on the other hand appeared to be more of a crossbred between human and elf. Not something unheard of in Tamriel, here however, he suspected that it was something inconceivable if the reactions of the townsfolk were any indication. The boy also had a piece of cloth wrapped around his head that just so happened to cover the tips of his ears. He also could hear metal clinking in his hand made backpack; the boy obviously had some sort of armor or weapons in the pack.

He decided to travel with them since they too seemed just as cautious and odd as he was. Their pace however never allowed him to steal a full seat of clothes nor acquire a horse. He went exploring often and used the clairvoyance spell to find them once he wandered the empty grass lands for a good amount of time. At first they hesitantly walked up to him to inform of something, however he couldn't understand their words.

At night he would study them for a while before wandering off again. Often times he burned a rabbit or snake to death and cooked it and ate it there as well as clean every piece of his weapons and armor. He also slept away from the strange humans and surprisingly he always seemed to awaken before them.

A few days ago the boy and women abandoned the road. For a moment he considered continuing without them. However, one frightened look from a passing traveler convinced him to follow them. At first they didn't seem to mind, but now he knew he was wrong.

When they first came running at him, he ducked down, quickly using a invisibility spell. His armor was enchanted to decrease its sound and an amulet he was wearing allowed him to walk straight though small thin objects with disturbing them. His skill as a thief and assassin would help too. However, his invisibility would only last so long, and he made a mad dash to get as far away as he could.

He was about to shoot the boy with a bolt when an odd ache started in his. It disappeared and then reappeared several times, and the women and the boy suddenly looked in his direction as if they knew where he was. That slightly unnerved Aodhfin, but he shot the bolt from his crossbow the instant that it stopped. Only to have the bolt stopped by a ward. It irritated him that he had wasted a perfectly good bolt.

Then they rushed him again.

He had just used the Slow Time shout, and it had failed to be of any use to him, again. Now, it would take a whole five minutes for him to use another shout again. He could feel his soul slowly fill back up with power again, the distant whispers of dragons echoing in his ears.

The humans where running at him faster than any normal human, even an elf from his world couldn't run as fast them. Magic seemed to be his only asset now and he couldn't use the invisibility spell since they would just find him again.

Aodhfin sheathed his swords; he had already found out that they would be of no use in this fight. He then prepared a flame spell in one hand and an ice shard spell in the other. He would only be able to get at least three shards out with his level of magic training. The rest he would use in a burst of flame to set the grass on fire.

Aodhfin skidded to a stop and swinging his arm back he formed an ice shard in his right hand and then launched it at the women.

The women seemed startled by the attack; however, she easily avoided it. Aodhfin threw another spike at the boy and he too, dodged it. Aodhfin hissed in frustration, letting his draconic side show for a second. Then, he aimed his left hand at the ground and let out burst of fire. The grass easily caught fire and he waved his hand in a half circle to cut the two off. Then, he continued his retreat.

For a moment he thought he was free of the pair. Then he heard the rapid crutching of grass to his right. He looked over his shoulder to see the brown haired boy swiftly approaching at an impossible speed. The woman was nowhere to be seen.

Then the boy shouted a word that sounded nothing like the dragon language. "Letta!" the brown haired, totally not an elf, boy cried out.

Several things happened that Aodhfin didn't quite understand. First, he felt like he had run into a wall. Then, his movements became slow for a second. After that, he tried to move, but was meet with some unknown resistance. His armor seemed to creak and groan with stress he wasn't sure it should have been able to handle. The enchantment on his armor to ward against magic started to glow a strange green color in ribbons of light like the ones he saw in the skies of Skyrim, and blue symbols began to float on him.

Suddenly, the blue symbols shattered. The boy scoffed in disbelief and Aodhfin turned to face him.

He was certain that the boy had cast a spell of some sort. Almost like a pathetic version of a dragon shout, though he doubted that was what it was supposed to be.

They had both stopped to stare at each the other. The boy seemed to be getting more frantic as he faced his opponent.

Aodhfin sighed, he hated having to kill people as young as the boy, but circumstances had put him in this position. He slid out his flame enchanted sword.

Then, the boy seemed to lose all sense of reason and ran at Aodhfin, his hands curled into fists.

The boy would have hit him too, had Aodhfin not dodged just in time. He let the boy rush past him.

He was about to turn and face him, when suddenly, there was a foot in his face. The whole world started ringing and shaking and the next thing he knew he was on the ground.

Then everything descended into darkness.

Hi, I'm InfiniyArk and I hope that you have enjoyed the first chapter of this story. I want people to understand that this is sort of my take on what would happen if the Dovahkiin did indeed appear in Alageasia. Aodhfin himself is not at all weak, as you'll find out later in the story, but I must admit elves in Alageasia are quiet powerful compared to Elder Scrolls elves. I've tried to figure out what would really happen if this did happen and I hope it becomes something you'll find very interesting. From here on out, most of the story will be in Aodhfin's point of view, so don't expect much oohing and ahhing from Eragon and the other characters, I only want to use their views when I really need to.

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