Some of you may have read this already. Bleeding Writer and I (Xaphrin) have been writing this back and forth on Tumblr for a few months now, but we decided it would be nice to archive it all into one location. If you have read it, GREAT! I'm glad you're enjoying it. If this is the first time you've read it, please be prepared for... a lot of things to happen. Thank you for joining us!

The Blue Dress

She was torturing him. She had to be.

She was wearing that dress again. That navy blue one with the buttons down the middle that hugged and highlighted her curves in such a tantalizing and thought provocative way.

The one he dreamed about ripping the buttons off of.

He watched as she shifted in the burgundy arm chair across from him, looking down at her papers in her lap and biting at the end of her pen. She crossed her legs making the skirt of her dress ride up higher on her leg.

Seeing the edges of her stockings, he clenched his jaw and looked back down at his paper work and tried to read the line of words over again. He had work to do and he wasn't going to let some bloody buttons and some stockings distract him. Clearing his throat and pulling at his tie, he sighed as he fought the scratching just beneath his skin.

He got to the second line when he saw movement from the corner of his eye. Looking up, he watched her with his eyes to see her head over to the small mini-fridge he had in his office. He swallowed hard when she opened it, bending over to peer inside - her face down and her ass up.

Dangerous thoughts of what he would do to that perfectly round and plump ass danced in his mind, making him clench his fist in restraint. He shifted in his seat and crossed his legs, pushing down the growing erection beneath his trousers but he didn't take his eyes off of her until she turned around with cherries and a cup of yogurt in hand.

He flicked his eyes back and forth from the forms in his lap to her, noting her placing the bag of cherries delicately on the arm of her chair. He saw her pick a cherry from the bag and dip it into the light pink yogurt before popping the tip of it into her soft-looking mouth. The sweet, wet sounds of her lips licking and sucking at the juices from the small fruit filled his ears and he was willing to swear off the last bits of insanity for a chance to be that cherry.

His torso tightened when he saw a small dab of yogurt fall right at the top of her breasts. She jerked a little at the cold splat, making it fall further into her cleavage. She dipped her index finger into the crease, scooping up the pink substance from her chest and sucking it off her finger.

And that was when he couldn't take it anymore.

Launching himself from the armchair, he strode past her with long strides, casting a quick "excuse me" to her on his way out. He practically ran to the bathroom and found a cubicle, locking himself in. With haste, he unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants before plunging his hands into his underwear and pulling out the strained muscle that lied underneath. Wrapping his hand around it, he stroked himself to all of the raunchy images of her.

In that chair.

On that desk.

On that floor.

Against the window.

Watching her suck him off like she did with her finger.

And hearing those godforsaken buttons tap along the floor when he ripped that fucking dress apart while he fucked her until she screamed his name so loud that it echoed through time itself.

He shuddered when he came, sighing in relief as he did. But the relief was very soon replaced with that regretful and pathetic feeling that often came after a really good jerk off as he looked down at the mess he made. He frowned as he grabbed the toilet paper and began to wipe everything down, thanking whatever deities that he didn't get it on his Armani suit.

Damn Raven and her stupid cherries… And her yogurt…And that navy dress…

And those fucking buttons!

He swore he would destroy them. Even if it was the last thing he did.