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Author's Note: This second part is here thanks to sarahjocody, who fed me a plot bunny that decided to grow nice and fat off the goodies in my garden, then perch itself on my head until I wrote this.

The two main OCs in "One Plus One" do make an appearance in this part, but it's brief, and once again, if you're just here for the citrus, you can skip their bit entirely. Just scroll down to the first "break" and read from there. Full versions available on both Eternal Destiny and AO3.

by Misarae

Part Two
Two Weeks Later

Inu Yasha inhaled deeply, letting the stress of his workday melt off him as he took in the delicious scent of pork cutlets frying and rice steaming. It spoke to him of "home", which the Higurashi Shrine was rapidly becoming to him, his apartment turning swiftly into simply the place where he worked. Not that he could ever abandon it completely. He had spent too many decades there, and the last seven years raising his son in that cozy space. But more and more, his soul, for lack of a better term, was coming to roost in his Intended's ancestral home.

He kicked off the sneakers that had confined his feet during the trip between the apartment and the shrine with relief, hanging up his coat and scarf with gestures that were now second nature to him. He slipped into the kitchen, his eyes fastening on his prey. Slowly, he stalked her, slipping up behind her, waiting until she had put the knife in her hand down before wrapping his arms around her waist.

Kagome chuckled and leaned back, her own nostrils flaring as she caught his scent, savoring the way he was always warm, no matter how chilly it was outside.

Inu Yasha leaned down and nibbled her earlobe, before murmuring, "I'm home."

"Welcome back," Kagome said with a delighted sigh.

His head dropped down to her neck, meaning to give her a little love nip, and he froze.

Kagome felt his muscles tense. "Inu Yasha?"

He buried his nose further in the delightful curve between her neck and shoulder, trying to cover up his sudden alarm. He pressed his lips against her skin, suckling on it to taste what his mind could not quite place.

"Is everything okay?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, it's fine. You feeling okay?"

Kagome smiled. "I've been a little tired lately, but it's nothing I can't handle." She turned around in his arms, lifting her face and closing her eyes in a silent request.

Inu Yasha couldn't quite keep the smile off his own face at such a simple gesture, so long denied him. He decided to draw it out, cupping her jaw gently with one hand, as the other came to rest on her hip. She nestled into his touch, and he traced her lips with his thumb, a simple promise of what was to come. Then he very slowly brought his lips to hers, the slightest brush, as soft as the wing of a butterfly.

"Mom, is dinner ready.. oh, hi, Dad."

Inu Yasha sighed, and Kagome giggled before they both turned to face the source of the interruption.

"You have great timing, pup," Inu Yasha muttered, sending his son a glare that held no real heat.

Naoki grinned. "You should know better than to start making out here. There are children present, you know."

"Why you little..!"


Inu Yasha shook his head, leaving Kagome's arms with just a touch of reluctance to approach the staircase leading to the second floor, where Kagome's daughter.. his daughter.. awaited him. As soon as he was in position, Sachiko raced down a few more steps before flinging herself off.

"You're going to break your neck one of these days doing that little stunt," Inu Yasha groused, catching and holding the seven-year-old girl securely in his arms.

Sachiko grinned, then reached up to kiss his cheek. "No I'm not, because my Papa's always there to catch me."

Inu Yasha blushed and set Sachiko down, before giving her a very gentle shove between her shoulder blades. "Go bug your Mom."

Sachiko skipped around to where her mother was, and peered over the counter to watch her chopping up a few vegetables to accompany their meal.

"I saw that," Naoki said slyly.

"We need to get your eyes checked, then," Inu Yasha replied.

"Naoki? Would you mind helping set the table?"

Naoki beamed and rushed to Kagome's side. "Sure, Mom!"

Just hearing those words coming out of his son's mouth, spoken with such enthusiasm and obvious affection, warmed Inu Yasha from head to toe. This was what he had been looking for his entire life. Home. Food. Family. A full pack, not just two rogue males.

Life was definitely good.

Inu Yasha looked around the converted storage room, marveling at how cluttered the space had become. Now that both pups had been bathed and tucked into their futons, it was time for the adults to reconnect. They'd usually spend a few hours down here in their little love nest, before cleaning up and reclaiming the master bedroom futon, which by morning would be further occupied by their pups.

Inu Yasha hoped that he would always feel the rush of love and desire that greeted him when he entered the room. Over time, they'd developed a system that left no room for misunderstandings. Whatever greeted him when he entered the room, that was what was on the agenda for the evening. If the only things visible were pillows, then it was the rare night that Kagome just wanted to cuddle with him, being too tired to do much else. Which was perfectly fine by him, especially considering how rare that actually was. He was still enthralled by his future mate's voracious sexual appetite, one that he was more than happy to fulfill.

He felt the heat in his cheeks as the rest of the blood in his body made its way downward at the sight that greeted him. Kagome wasn't in the room yet, but her presence most certainly was. The economy size box of youkai condoms was out in plain view, along with a bottle of lube. Beside that rested a bowl full of water with several washcloths affectionately embroidered with "his" and "hers" kanji on either side, and a small mountain of towels.

His arousal was complete as he heard the door open and close behind him, Kagome's arms snaking around him from behind and toying with the knot of the belt holding his yukata closed.

"Since you're still here, I take it my plans meet with your approval?"

Inu Yasha grinned, even though he knew she couldn't see it. "If your hands were a few centimeters lower, you'd know the answer to that."

"Already? What kind of sex fiend am I turning you into?"

Inu Yasha growled, spinning around and catching Kagome up in his arms. Kagome laughed, until Inu Yasha stole her breath away by suckling on her neck. Kagome cradled the back of his head, shivering under his passionate onslaught.

"A very happy one," Inu Yasha rasped, trailing his lips up her throat and over her chin to capture her mouth with his own.

Kagome slipped her hands between them, savoring every moment as he tasted her, then drew her tongue into his mouth, letting her return the favor. He always tasted absolutely delicious to her, his kisses sheer heaven. She'd never thought reality could ever compare to her fantasies, but time and again, Inu Yasha had been proving her wrong. He was everything she'd ever dreamed of. She slid her hands beneath the fabric of his yukata, enjoying the feel of his smooth skin and hard muscles, humming with satisfaction as she found his nipples already taut and yearning for her attentions. Kagome swallowed his groan as she fondled and pinched them, his lips eventually breaking away from hers.


Kagome decided to up the ante, bringing her mouth to suckle and bite his flat, male nipples, as her hands made their way even lower. She marveled at the way his sensitive stomach flinched beneath her touch, eventually settling as she caressed him. Then one hand came to rest on his hip, the other parting his still cinched yukata to grasp him firmly.

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"You can just wash yourself off, if you want," Kagome said.

Inu Yasha grinned, convinced that if at all possible, her words would have brought him to attention for a third time. As it was, he washed himself off in record time, just for the opportunity to snuggle up with her on the futon, his flaccid length positioned very carefully between them to try and avoid any mishaps.

Not washing her off meant he could savor the perfume of their lovemaking for that much longer, and that was an opportunity he could never bring himself to pass up.

It was shortly after midnight when Kagome stirred, bringing a sleepy Inu Yasha back to consciousness with her. She turned in his arms, and brushed her lips over his, before slowly rising to her feet, the hitch in her gait making Inu Yasha want to howl in triumph.

"I'll go wash up and meet you in the master bedroom."

Inu Yasha nodded, letting her know that he had heard her. Then the door opened and closed, leaving him alone.

They'd learned the hard way that their relationship was still new enough that bathing together, just the two of them, meant that they'd need at least two showers before they were scent-free enough for their quarter-youkai son's sensitive nose.

Inu Yasha buried his face in Kagome's pillow, breathing in her heady scent. As it filtered through his brain, it finally latched on to what his instincts had been trying to tell him, and he stiffened. NOT in a good way.

He hadn't been able to place it because Kagome smelled so incredible on a regular basis, the extra added layer had only heightened his normal response. The one time that Kikyou had smelled anywhere near so good to him had been on one fateful day, with an announcement that had both saved and destroyed him all in one breath.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck," he hissed, rolling onto his back and shielding his eyes with his forearm.

Kagome was pregnant.

His mind raced. They were always so careful. Where had he fucked up?

Then he remembered that one afternoon in the alleyway behind the "Happy Hunting Ground". Kagome had reassured him it was safe, but they had switched back to using condoms that night just in case. Apparently, Kagome's body had decided to fuck them both over and shorten her cycle, releasing an egg in time for his seed to still be viable, and actively seeking somewhere to call home.

A bucket of icy, deep-seated fear doused him, turning his thoughts down a much darker path, remembering how Kikyou's pregnancy had played out. Then he forced it out of his mind. Kagome was NOT Kikyou. She would never, ever hurt any pup of theirs, no matter how he or she came into the world.

The wilder, more passionate side of him, a voice he vaguely recognized as belonging to his youkai side, rose up, urging him to complete their mating.

Where once he'd been in total agreement, his human heart quailed, visions of Naoki's birth swimming in his mind.

But he had to do something. Preferably before Kagome found out on her own. He had to take responsibility, even if.. though he hated to think that way.. she decided not to keep the pup.

They would cross that bridge when they came to it.

He knew he wanted her in his life, now and always.

Then something caught his attention. He squinted, trying to make out what it was. Then he realized it was the corner of one of the human condom packets that stuck up slightly from their habitual drawer. The light caught it, making it shine a brilliant ruby red.

Inspiration came to him in a flood, filling him with determination.

He just couldn't complete the mating. Not yet. But he could go the traditional way and at least marry her before the pup arrived.

Hopefully he'd be able to find his mother's ring in the mess of his apartment. The sooner he broke the news to Kagome, the better, and maybe she wouldn't be quite so inclined to kill him if he reassured her of his commitment to her and ALL of their pups before he did.

The sound of Kagome's footsteps leaving the bathing room reached his ears, and he slowly rose from the futon. He was a hanyou on a mission, now. Surely she'd say yes. Hopefully, she'd say yes.

All he could do was ask, and pray to every kami he knew that he wouldn't lose either of his heads in the process.

Author's Note: And this is where we get a little glimpse into what changed to make Inu Yasha propose instead of just mating Kagome in Chapter 24 of "One Plus One", and a hint of a minor plotline in "Two Plus Two" (A setup? Why yes. Yes this is.) Thank you so much for reading!