Secret's of the Heart
Chapter 4

Life had gotten much easier since the day Draco had found out about his father and Harry. After that fateful day, Lucius seemed to be harboring a lot of guilt for what he had done and it showed in the way he threw himself into his work day after day. Harry and Draco hardly ever saw him anymore and spent most of their time arguing over one thing or another and sneaking into Lucius' private book collection to read up on Dark magic and magic bonds.
Harry had a feeling Lucius knew about them sneaking into his study but was letting them think they were fooling him so he could throw it in there faces later. He just seemed like the kind of person who would do that.
But today Harry wasn't sneaking into the library. Instead he was standing outside of Lucius' study, trying to work up the courage to knock on the intimidating door which had carvings of snakes winding around the frame.

"Ok, I can do this. Just knock Harry, it's not that big a deal, it's just a door." He said, sounding braver than he felt, raising his hand to knock.
Just as his hand was about to strike the door it swung open, revealing a very annoyed Malfoy. Harry jumped nearly a foot. "What do you want Mr. Potter?" He snarled. "I'm a very busy man."
Harry frown. "That never used to be a problem before Draco found out."
At the mention of his son Lucius gave Harry a calculating glare, sighed in exasperation and motioned for Harry to enter the room. Softly closing the door behind him Lucius turned to face the nervous boy. He noticed Harry was fidgeting more than usual and he couldn't seem to keep his hand's still.
"So, uh, how did you know I was at the door?"
"You're the only one in the house who can speak Parseltongue besides Voldemort, and I highly doubt He would be talking to himself outside of my study."
Harry could feel his face getting hot and he just knew a flaming red blush was making it's way across his cheeks. "Oh, sorry, I didn't even realize. Those snake's were pretty life-like."
Lucius stared at Harry, one pale eyebrow raised. He was fighting a loosing battle to keep a smirk off of his face at the boy's nervousness. "So why are you here? It must be important if you were working up the courage to knock for nearly 20 minutes."
"Y-you knew I was there the entire time?!" He asked incredulously, his nervousness suddenly vanishing.
"Of course I did, I know everything that happens in my own home." Snapped the partly annoyed Malfoy. "Now, what do you want? As I've said before, I'm very busy."
Harry nodded, fixing his eye's on his feet. "W-well, I was…worried about you." Lucius' eye's widened slightly as the boy continued. "I know I really shouldn't be here but it's just that I….."
"You what?" Asked Lucius, rather curious to hear what Harry had to say, even though he had a fairly good idea already.
Harry bit his lip, his green eye's shining in fear as he continued to stare at his feet. "I….w-want you to-"
"To make love to you again?" Lucius asked softly, tilting Harry's head up to meet his eye's. He could see the answer in those frightened orbs.
"I d-don't know why. It's wrong….I shouldn't want this," he whispered pitifully, looking close to tears.
"Don't cry mon petit, it's not your fault, it's the bond that's to blame. Remember, little one, the bond was created by sex so it's only natural that it would enforce the contract by making you desire me, that way it ensures that neither of us breaks the contract." He explained gently, knowing that the bond had indeed began to pressure them ever since that day they 'signed the contract' . He had been feeling it even more so than Harry because, unlike the boy, he really did desire to sleep with him. He wanted nothing more than to rip Harry's clothes of and ravish him right then and there, but the memory of what had happened the last time he did that was still fresh in his mind.
"Please," Harry said softly, fear evident in the way his body had begun trembling and tears had begun to stream down his flushed cheeks, "I-I want to…"
Lucius nodded, gently pushing Harry to the floor and locking the door with a wave of his wand and turned to look at the boy. The second his silvery eye's landed on his bondmate he was filled with an incredible wave of guilt for all the pain he had caused him.
Guilt wasn't something he usually felt, but right now it was like a block of ice in his stomach, making his blood run cold. The child was absolutely terrified, crying silently as his fear fought with the bond for control of his actions. For some reason it didn't fill Lucius with the excitement it used to, instead his heart felt like it was breaking in half. He knew it was the bond that was forcing these emotions to the surface, it was forcing his emotions to turn him into something he wasn't, and it was doing the same thing with Harry. Lucius once again cursed himself for his utter stupidity as he gave into the bond.
Very gently he placed his lips on Harry's, feeling that wonderful heat running through his veins, making the room spin. Slowly his control begin to slip, but he refused to give into his urges this time and forced himself to go slow, slowly creeping his hands down between Harry's thin thighs, feeling the boy trembling at his touch.

"Are you sure you want this?" Lucius asked, giving Harry the opportunity to walk away if he was to scared.
Harry gave a small shuddering sigh. "I'm sure." He whispered softly, his fear gradually disappearing as the bond completely took over and he pulled Lucius down for another passionate kiss.
It didn't take them long to get their clothes scattered across the room, both of them focused only on one thing: sex. Harry was laying on the ground, eye's glazed over in a sensation overload as Lucius swiftly entered him, minus preparation or even lubrication, not that it was even needed as the bond had somehow nullified all pain. In the back of his mind Harry wondered why it had never done that before, but all questions left his mind as Lucius began thrusting, his fingernails digging into the soft flesh of Harry's hips and his teeth softly grazing over Harry's exposed throat.
It didn't take long for them to reach their peak, both their eye's, emerald and silver, going wide at the flood of sensations that coursed though their body's.


Draco looked up from the book he was reading as two loud screams echoed through the manor, followed by a wave of magic so strong that all the glass began shattering in the room. With a panicked cry, Draco flung himself to the ground, trying to avoid the glass that was exploding throughout the room but it wasn't enough to stop the sharp shards from tearing through his soft skin as he was thrown against the opposite wall.
He lay there for a moment, blood running from numerous cut's over his body, as he tried to stop the pain his pounding heart was causing. Slowly awareness began to creep into his gunpowder gray eye's (the color they became in the face of pain), with a soft groan he began to inch himself into a sitting position.
What the hell had just happened, he wondered, and where was Lucius and Harry?
That thought kicked his brain into action.

"Oh my god!" He gasped, leaping to his feet and sprinting out of the room toward his fathers study, ignoring the pain that exploded over his body and the fact that the manor seemed to be in shambles.


In the staff room of Hogwarts all of the professors slowly climbed to their feet, wincing slightly at the bruises that were rapidly forming were they had slammed into the wall.

"What on earth was that?" Snape said, more to himself that anyone else, his black eye's slightly glazed in pain.
Dumbledore shook his head, confusion in his eye's. "I have no idea, Severus."


Voldemort's ruby red eye's were widened in shock as he brushed his midnight black hair out of his pale face.

(A/N: In this fic, Voldemort is NOT ugly. His appearance is a pale, attractive man who's age seems to change with his attitude. (I just put that in so I could have a variety of way's to make him look) I know that's not how he is in the book, but come on, this is a fan fiction, it's my right as a fan author to twist people and places to suit the story. Besides, Voldie is one of my favorite characters and I just can't bear to make him ugly. Also, beware of some major OOCness in Voldie.)

Slowly he stood up, still wide eyed as he took in the damage to his home (Riddle Manor). Part of the roof had caved in, leaving a gaping hole so big he could have make out constellations if the stars were out, the logs from the fireplace had rolled onto the floor and was slowly smoldering. The whole place was in disarray and he wasn't doing to great either.

"….What the hell was that?" He whispered to himself, summoning his Death Eaters to him.


"Father! Harry!" Yelled Draco, dropping to his knees beside the two. "Oh my god, what were you doing, you destroyed the manor!!" He screamed, sounding frantic, though more so for the manor than the two people laying on the floor.
Lucius gave a small groan, rolling off of Harry and painfully rising to his knees, gently gathering the unconscious boy in his arms and looking at Draco. "The bond did this…..." He said, silver eye's coming into focus.
"Bond my ass!" Draco snapped in disbelief. "No bonding could have done this, just take a look around, I'll bet every witch and wizard in England felt it!" He screamed, looking very unsettled and shaken. "It was like all my magic just suddenly left me and came back a hundred times more powerful."
Lucius' hooded eye's looked at Draco for a moment, still disoriented from the huge amount of magic that had just passed through his body. "….That sound's familiar." He whispered softly, his nose wrinkling slightly as he noticed the garbage dump his manor had suddenly become. "Merlin, look at this place! Draco, you go to the library and……"
Draco looked slightly confused at his fathers sudden silence. "What is it? Are you feeling sick?"
"….No. Voldemort's calling me." Draco's face paled. "Here, Draco, take Harry and put him in bed, don't leave his side until I get back." Lucius ordered, all signs of shock and weariness leaving him as he began swiftly gathering his clothes, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his son's face had gone bright red as he pulled on his clothes and disapparated away.
"Good luck, father." Draco whispered, gently lifting Harry in his arms with a small hiss of pain and walking out of the room.


By the time Lucius arrived nearly all of the other Death Eaters were already kneeling in front of their Lord, heads bowed so their faces were hidden.
From what he could see Voldemort had only summoned the inner circle, he recognized Avery, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, and Snape, all the others had their faces masked by their hair, the same as him. Most of them had long hair and found it comforting to shield their faces in the presence of Voldemort, only a few people would dare to look at Him directly, one of those few was, of course, Snape. Cold and seemingly emotionless he was the favorite of Voldemort, though most couldn't see why.
Lucius snapped out of his thinking when Voldemort began to speak.

"…I assume you all felt that surge of power." He said in that soft hypnotizing voice. "Find out who or what caused it. Go now, Severus, you stay."
Lucius blinked. That was it? Something was definitely wrong, he thought as he disappeared, Voldemort never dismissed them that quickly, and without torturing at least one of them. He suddenly felt a surge of pity for Snape as he landed safely within his manor.



I gulped slightly as the others disappeared. I knew Voldemort favored me, sometimes more than is natural, but it does help me gather information that could be used against him. Right now , however, I was praying to all the gods in heaven and hell to get me out of here. I didn't trust that look in Voldemort's eye's any more than I would trust a starving vampire not to suck my blood.

"Well, Sssseveruss." He said softly, hissing gently on the S's in that seductive way that made chills run up my spine. "Your skilled in the dark art's, possibly more so than even I," He said, looking deceptively harmless in that strage way of his. He could change his appearance without changing his body, so he could look anywhere from 10 to 100 if he desired. "Tell me, do you recognize that spell?"
Snape shook his head, his hair tickling his face. "No. But I can tell you that the spell, or whatever it was, was not Dark Magic, nor was it light. I honestly have no idea what it was, I've never felt anything that powerful before."
Voldemort nodded, looking almost dreamily up at the sky for a moment before rising gracefully to his feet and gesturing for me to follow.
As we walked I once more found myself entranced by the creature in front of me. He had 'shed his skin' ,as I like to call it. The snakelike appearance melting away to reveal the 'form' he had 'chosen' for the moment. A cute little 11 year old with pale skin and huge, innocent red eye's.
I inwardly smiled. Voldemort had been like this as long as I could remember. He had the strange ability to change from 'Voldemort' to 'Tom Riddle' without so much as a change in his heart rate. But that wasn't what really fascinated me. What drew me to him was how he could change his age. I'm not even sure if he is even aware most of the time that he does this, but I find it incredibly stunning to see Voldemort as an 11 year old child, walking as if he owned the world. It's enough to make me smile sometimes.
Nobody else knows about this, save for me and Voldemort himself. I've never even told Dumbledore, it makes me think that sometimes I'm not completely loyal to him, but at the same time I know that I would never willingly tell anyone else about this.
Not because of some selfish reason, but because it proves that he can't be all bad.

"Ssssev," Tom said softly, looking at him with wide red eye's, "Something it troubling you. Your brooding again."
"It's nothing, I'm just trying to figure out what form of magic we just felt. I know I've heard of something like it but I can't seem to remember what it was."
"Mmm. Don't try to hard, you'll give yourself a headache." He said softly as they entered the manor.


Lucius quietly entered the bedroom, smiling for a moment as he saw Draco curled up with Harry's head on his lap, gently stroking his hair, looking half asleep himself.

"Draco." He whispered.
"Hmm?" Draco mumbled softly, gray eye's fluttering open and widening in surprise. "Father, your back! What happened, are you ok?"
Lucius smiled. "I'm fine. Voldemort wants us to find out what caused the explosion of magic, that's all."
The pale boy gave a sigh of relief and sank back into the pillows. "…….Well. Do you know what caused it?" He asked curiously.
"No, I'm afraid not. But I will find out." He vowed, walking over to the bed and patting Draco on the head as he climbed into the bed.
"Uhm, father, could I stay with you and Harry tonight?"
"Of course." Lucius said, yawning slightly as both him and Draco burrowed under the blankets, snuggling up against Harry's small body. Both pondering the mystery of what had just happened as sleep overtook them. "Goodnight Draco." He murmured softly.
"G'night daddy."

Both slept soundly that night, curled up in the large, warm bed against the unconscious boy, both unaware of what would face them tomorrow. Blissfully oblivious to the fact that at that moment Narcissa Malfoy was making her way home.

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