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June 30, 1997

Albus Dumbledore finished his note to Harry and was sealing it shut before sending it to the 6th year boy. He looked down at his blackened hand. How could he be so foolish to try to wear the ring? He knew what it was. Severus had made him a potion that would stop the spreading of the curse, but not for long.

Albus knew the end was coming. He knew he had to do whatever he could to protect the wizarding world and Harry. There was already one plan in place. However Albus Dumbledore was not called the greatest wizard alive for nothing.

He had spent the last 6 months creating a new spell. One that would change everything if used. He had ingrained it into his phoenix and loyal friend Fawkes.

"My dear friend," he said as he ran his hand over the bird's feathers. "I fear my time is coming to an end."

Fawkes let out a sad cry.

"Oh, never fear friend. It has to be this way. I fear my pride has caused this reaction. I have faith in Harry that this war will end. But, in case of the worst, you know what you must do."

Fawkes flew from his perch and made a sweep around the room before settling at Dumbledore's feet.

"Watch over them all. Make sure they survive. If the worst comes, make sure to give her the notes so that she may fix it all. If Harry falls or the cost too great it will be up to her to save us all from this mess we are in. Harry should be here soon. Soon I will be gone I fear. Remember what you are to do my faithful friend."

Albus pet Fawkes once more when there was a knock on his door. He opened the door to allow the young wizard into his office.

"Professor, have you found one?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I have." Albus answered. He did not know how this night would end. He had to trust that if Harry failed that Fawkes would be able to complete his last mission and save them all from destruction.

December 25, 1998 8:00am

Hermione Granger and Harry Potter were now the last two survivors of the Order of the Phoenix. The previous day they had received word that Charlie Weasley had been killed while trying to apprehend a former Death Eater. He had been trying to save Andromeda and Teddy. However, he failed and was killed before Andromeda. Poor Teddy, not even a year old, was handed over to Greyback. The Aurors who found them said they could not even bear to look at the mangled body of the baby. Over the past few months, the two barely adult witch and wizard had lost everyone near and dear to them. The battle of Hogwarts had taken from them Remus, Tonks, Molly, Arthur, Percy, Fred, and Ginny. Even though Harry killed Voldemort, the Death Eaters were still fighting. They took out the rest of the Weasley family and several professors at the funeral service. Eight months later, it was just Harry and Hermione left. They still had the Aurors, but they had lost their families. Hermione had tried to save her parents before running away to find the horcruxes. However, they were found before they even left England. Hermione did not even know about this until the battle ended.

If there was ever a day that they needed a break it was today. Today was Christmas.

The two friends had been staying in Shell Cottage, the previous home of Bill and Fleur Weasley. Hermione woke up early and decided to make breakfast for them. She knew they would not have gifts this year. They had not been able to leave the house in two months since Kingsley was killed, but she would still make today a better day than the one before.

Hermione finished making the eggs, bacon and toast. She called up the stairs for Harry.

There was no answer.

Hermione waited a few minutes before deciding to try to wake him up again. She made her way to the stairs and climbed them silently to the second floor. She stopped in front of Harry's room.

"Harry? I made us breakfast. Please come down. We need to be together today." She said from the other side of the closed door.

There was no shuffle or sound of movement from inside the room. Hermione placed her hand on the door handle and slowly opened the door.

"HARRY!" She cried when she saw the room.

Harry was sitting in a chair by the window. His arm over the side and his eyes opened. Hermione rushed over to her last friend. He was not breathing.

"HARRY! WAKE UP! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME TOO!" She said as she moved Harry to her lap on the floor and sobbed into his hair.

Hermione was still crying when she noticed a letter in Harry's hand. She pulled it out careful not to rip it.

Dear Moine

I am sorry. I can't do this anymore. It was supposed to end after I killed Voldemort. But it never stops. The nightmares are the worst part. I can't sleep anymore. I keep seeing them all. Remus, Tonks, Sirius, my parents, the Weasleys, the professors, and now even Teddy. I have had a vial of Dragon Poison for a while. Charlie gave it to me in case we needed it for protection. I swore I swore I would never use it. But I have failed Hermione. I failed to keep Teddy safe. I just can't do this anymore. Please forgive me for leaving you. Sometimes I wonder if you would have been better off never knowing me. You are my best friend, I am so sorry for dragging you into this war. PLEASE Hermione get out of England. Go to America or Bulgaria. Just get out of here. Please keep yourself safe. England is no more. I love you my sister. Please forgive me.


Hermione was sobbing again by the time she finished the letter.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way! We won! Why?!" She yelled out, pulling Harry back into her arms.

Just then, there was a flash of light as Fawkes flew in through the window. He flew down and circled Hermione twice before letting out a soft cry.

Another flash of light brightened the room. Hermione pulled her hands to her face to cover her eyes from the onslaught of light.

Then there was darkness.

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