So, this is the second m-preg Sesshy-Inu story. This one is set more in the Inuyasha universe that we're all used to, probably 2-3 years after Naraku's defeat. Kagome is long gone through the well and Shippo is off training with other foxes so don't expect either one to have more than a passing mention.

This story is based off of forced and violent, nonconsensual sex so if this offends anyone or is sensitive to anyone's personal past history, please be warned and do not read further if this is a potential issue. Although the actual act is not mapped out and detailed, it is referenced frequently with enough specifics that some might find it offensive/disturbing. As with most of my stories where I put Inuyasha through hell, it is his imagined reactions/responses to such pain and trauma that I find interesting. Such tenacity for life is a quality I find fascinating and sorely lacking in myself. Perhaps that is why I find myself repetitively writing about such things. This story is much more angst riddled with some spots of hopeful humor and much emphasis on what it means to be a true friend. As with most (if not all of my stories) this one will eventually have a happy ending :-)

Anywho . . . that is probably more than enough talking on my part. As with all of the stories I post, this one is already complete, so, barring any major catastrophe, it will be finished and posted, but it is lengthy and will take more than a few weeks to do so. I hope you enjoy the journey and come along for the entirety of the ride!

On with the story . . .

Bolting upright, only decades spent sleeping in trees kept Inuyasha from falling from the limb currently cushioning his ass. Brow heavy with sweat, the young InuHanyou's amber eyes were but narrow orbs around dilated pupils blown wide from fear. Taking in heaving gulps of air, Inuyasha's clawed hand gripped the front of his firerat, willing his racing heart to slow as his brain caught up with the fact that he wasn't on his knees, ass up and reeling with pain as the heavy scent of his own blood flooded his nose. Gritting his teeth against the nightmarish memory, the hanyou let out a rare, barely audible whine into the night air.

Berating himself for letting out even the barest of noises, Inuyasha's body slumped back against the heavy tree trunk. With a quick glance at the ground, it was easy to see his friends still remained asleep, leaving only the vegetation witness to his mini-breakdown. Letting his heavy lids fall, the hanyou felt exhaustion sweep his body – an exhaustion created from over two weeks of nights just like this one – nights spent reliving what Sesshomaru had done to him. Two weeks of living with the knowledge that his half-brother had done the unthinkable. Two weeks of trying to deal with the pain and trauma those actions had left him with.

Allowing his tired body to slump further, Inuyasha stared through the canopy of leaves shrouding the night sky from view. Even without being able to see the moon, instinctively the hanyou knew the night of the new moon was a little over a week away, but for once, that wasn't what filled his soul with dread. Shaking his head, Inuyasha tried expelling the memories from his mind. "You've been through worse shit than this," he grumbled while stuffing his hands into the wide sleeves of his firerat. "Way worse shit." And yet, somehow, this hurt worse than almost anything. Inuyasha could take his brother's hateful words. Hell, he could even take Sesshomaru's poisonous claws punching their way through his gut . . . but this . . . how in the hell was he supposed to get over this?

Head bowed, the hanyou let his bangs cover the pain in his eyes. As hurt as he was, Inuyasha still couldn't hate or even really blame his brother for what had happened. In truth, he knew Sesshomaru would never willingly let his dick come into contact with his tainted half-breed body if the bastard had any choice in the matter. Frowning, the hanyou didn't know if that little fact made him feel better or worse.

When he'd come across his brother, Inuyasha had known something was wrong, he could smell it – a poison different from the InuDaiYoukai's normal brew. Of course, he hadn't known that was what it was, only that Sesshomaru smelled funny and was acting even crazier than usual. Golden eyes a bloody red, Sesshomaru looked half feral, as if his body was stuck between transformations and couldn't decide whether or not it wanted to fully give into the maddened youkai or not. Shivering, the hanyou remembered the moment his brother had noticed him – the moment everything had changed.

Forcing his mind to shut down, Inuyasha pressed those next few hours into the deepest, darkest corner of his mind, skipping the raw emotions associated with the actual act and immediately pulling up an image of Sesshomaru the following morning. Beaten and bleeding, Inuyasha had been unable to move. Or maybe, he'd been unwilling to move. Lying within a mixture of his and his brother's fluids, the hanyou had only been able to stare, eyes blank as the sanity came back into his brother's eyes. And with that sanity came a deep disgust, something that had twisted the knife of pain within Inuyasha's hanyou heart. Although barely conscious, Inuyasha had understood enough of his brother's irritated comments to figure out that Sesshomaru had killed something known as a fury youkai, the day before. And, somehow, in the process, some of this youkai's blood had contaminated him.

Inuyasha had never heard of such a youkai before, not that that really meant much, there were probably a lot of different kind of youkai scattered about the world that he didn't have a clue about. What did matter was that it was one of the few words he'd been able to remember.

All in all, Inuyasha thought he maybe laid there for another day or so. All the while, he could feel Sesshomaru's youkai lurking around the area, although he never visually saw his brother, he had a feeling the bastard had stayed around long enough to make sure Inuyasha had recovered enough from his injuries to be able to move about on his own. The fact that Sesshomaru had at least stuck around to make sure nobody slayed his weakened hanyou ass didn't mean the jackass cared or felt the least bit guilty. In fact, Inuyasha figured Sesshomaru had stuck around out of some type of perceived honor or duty. Whatever the reason, he wasn't about to hang around and ask. As soon as the hanyou had been able to move, he'd hightailed it to the nearest body of water and scrubbed his flesh to the point of drawing fresh blood.

Unconsciously rubbing his hands up and down his arms, Inuyasha still felt dirty. Some days, he thought he could still smell Sesshomaru's heavy scent in places it had absolutely no right to be. In the end, it didn't matter whether his brother had been in his right mind or not, the results were the same – Inuyasha had been forced to rut, forced to endure endless hours of his own brother's cock tearing through his backside.

Closing his eyes against the sting of salty liquid that always seemed to be but a blink away, the hanyou let out a deep sigh. It had taken him almost a week to finally build up the nerve to ask Sango if she knew what the fuck a fury youkai was. At the word, Sango's eyes had gone wide while her skin blanched a few shades whiter. Before he'd been able to utter another sentence, the slayer had demanded to know why he was interested. The fear in her voice had been palpable and Sango had only calmed when Inuyasha assured her that he'd only heard the name and not actually met one.

Once satisfied there wasn't a fury youkai within the immediate area, Sango had told the hanyou that such youkai were some of the worst to ever walk the earth. Worse than the mindless, low-level youkai that seemed to prey upon whoever was convenient, fury youkai were creatures consumed by the most primitive, base instincts. They were wild, insatiable creatures that consumed or destroyed everything within their paths and they did it with frightening determination. According to Sango, fury youkai had been deemed so malicious, that the great youkai lords of old had actively sought them out and destroyed them. But the act of killing the fury youkai was not without risk. Besides being powerful fighters, their blood was a toxic poison to other youkai with only the most powerful surviving coming into contact with it.

However, even the powerful lords were not completely immune to fury youkai blood. If even a drop got into their own bloodstream, they would be consumed with bloodlust. If not properly contained, those infected would rage and destroy all they came into contact with. The fury youkai blood enhanced their own youkai instincts to uncontrollable levels, leaving these powerful lords helpless against their own inner beasts.

In that moment, Inuyasha understood what had happened. Evidently the lords of old hadn't managed to destroy all the fury youkai. How Sesshomaru had come across one, he hadn't a clue, but what was fairly evident was that although his brother had managed to kill it, the jackass hadn't come away unscathed. Unfortunately for Inuyasha, he'd happened to be in the area and, curiosity getting the better of him, had gone in search of the bastard only to find . . . only to find a monster. It seemed curiosity didn't just kill the cat, but got the InuHanyou into trouble as well.

But as horrible as that night had been, Inuyasha couldn't help wondering what would have happened had he not shown up. What if his brother had wandered into a human village while the rage was upon him? Not to mention some other hapless human or lower youkai that just happened to meander across Sesshomaru's path. With a swift shake of his head, Inuyasha was thankful no one else had gotten hurt. He would survive and heal; by now it was what he did best. It would be hard, harder than anything he'd ever been through before, but he'd do it. He'd beat Naraku and survived every other damn thing dished out to him over the years, including his sadistic older brother. What happened might be different, but in the end, it amounted to just another form of pain and Inuyasha wore pain like a second skin.

Amber eyes glinting with determination, Inuyasha shifted his weight as he settled down to try and sleep once more. He could do this. He would do this. He would defeat this new form of pain just like he had all the others. With a whispered, "I'll win, one way or another, I'll beat this," the hanyou closed his eyes and prayed to whatever god was listening that he wouldn't wake to the terror of his brother's powerful body draped over his own, the DaiYoukai's hips pistoning back and forth with unabashed fury and speed, and all the while, Inuyasha's fangs cut deep tracks into his lips while holding back the screams that pushed against the dam of his will.


Keeping his heart beating at a steady, even rhythm, Miroku's breaths came with practiced ease as he feigned sleep. Only when he was sure his hanyou friend had relaxed enough to attempt sleep once more did the monk open a single eye – that singular orb staring up into the canopy partially hiding the tough InuHanyou. For the past few nights, Miroku had awoken to the sound of his friend's pain. And each and every day, he was forced to see the tolls such sleepless nights were taking on Inuyasha. Still, the monk had no idea what was keeping his friend from the bosom of sleep's breast.

Lips pulled down at the edges, Miroku knew the situation could not continue. Whether Inuyasha liked it or not, he needed to share what was haunting his days and nights. They'd been through too much for the monk to allow such hurt to continue unaided.


Golden eyes barely visible within the darkness of the cavern, Lord Sesshomaru stared at the seven stone coffins before him, all but one still safely sealed. Whisper soft, the InuDaiYoukai moved towards a singular box that should also be sealed, but now laid empty of its occupant, an occupant he himself had recently needed to dispatch.

Staring into the black emptiness, the Lord of the West felt his lip curve in a deep snarl of disgust. The fury youkai he'd had to face just a few days prior should still be here, in this prison of stone, sealed for all eternity. Instead, Sesshomaru had been forced to face this raging beast and in so doing, had released his inner youkai into the world. Mindless, directionless and full of rage, the InuDaiYoukai's inner animal had been uncontrollable. Sesshomaru had never felt so out of control in all his life. It was as if he were floating somewhere outside his body, witness to all he did and yet unable to influence his own actions.

The Lord of the West had felt the fury youkai's blood seep through his skin, eating away at the flesh like acid. And once that foreign substance hit his own blood . . . it was as if all sanity fled his mind. Hate, anger, lust - these emotions boiled through his system in uncontrolled fury. Deep within his consciousness, Sesshomaru could remember his body as it destroyed everything in its path, and with that memory came the unmitigated frustration the InuDaiYoukai had felt. Sesshomaru had felt lost to the world. And then, the half-breed had shown up.

Growling low in his throat, Sesshomaru's eyes glowed an eerie red, the pressure of his clawed hand shattering the stone between his fingers as he thought of his father's greatest mistake – Inuyasha.

How the hanyou had found him, Sesshomaru wasn't sure, only that he had come and the instant his wild eyes fell upon his half-brother, the moment the InuHanyou's scent hit his primal senses, everything changed. The Lord of the West felt his youkai's lust for destruction turn into a different kind of lust all together. Truly, the hanyou had never stood a chance.

Eyes calming back into their brilliant shade of gold, Sesshomaru hated that he remembered everything about that night. Every single detail spread before his memory in shades of Technicolor. And not only that night, but also the following morning when the hanyou lay before him on the ground, a mess of torn flesh and fluids.

Magenta lids now closed, Sesshomaru remembered well Inuyasha's questioning protests and profanity, but such had not lasted long. Soon enough, a terrible, deep seeded fear had permeated the air. It was a fear that had thrilled his crazed youkai. And yet, through it all, the half-breed had never screamed. Through all the ripping and tearing, Inuyasha had never begged. Perhaps his brother had known the futility of such actions. Perhaps it was simply because the hanyou was just as stubborn as his pure-breed brother. Perhaps it was due to pride. Whatever the reason, it was Inuyasha's silence that haunted Sesshomaru's dreams. And in that silence, the sounds of flesh slapping and tearing, the harsh grunts of his own mindless rutting, and the scents of sex and blood were magnified a thousand fold.

Pressing his claws deep within the palms of his hands, the Lord of the West's poison wafted through the stale air. Shame filled the DaiYoukai's being to the brim. Shame that he had been unable to control his own youkai. Shame that he had touched the half-breed in such a way. And perhaps the greatest shame was that on some deep and primitive level, he had enjoyed it.

Forcing another to rut was so far beneath a being of his status that he found the idea absurd, and yet, his inner youkai was violent by nature and it was this violence that had finally soothed the beast. The cold hard truth was that, in his own way, Inuyasha had saved Sesshomaru from doing something far worse. Had the hanyou not come along, the Lord of the West was quite sure the poison littering his own blood would not have been purged within a single night's time. Instead, Sesshomaru would have raged through the countryside, destroying his own lands and making an utter fool out of himself.

Opening his eyes once more, Sesshomaru felt a cold and rare fear creep up his spine – the fear of what would have happened had it been Rin who'd found him. What if, in his unrestrained rage, he'd managed to make it to the village she now lived in? What if it had been Rin he'd forced himself upon? The child would have died in one of the worst ways imaginable. In truth, Inuyasha had most likely been one of the only creatures, pure or otherwise, that could have survived the abuse he put the hanyou's body through.

Of course, Inuyasha had been given no options in this matter, but still, Sesshomaru felt on some level that he now owed his half-breed brother something. And, owing the filthy little hanyou anything ate at the Lord of the West's pride even further.

The scent of his own blood drew Sesshomaru's thoughts back to the present. Without looking, the InuDiaYoukai knew the source was of his own making, with small crimson drops falling from his lethal claws. Freshly annoyed for having been so distracted once more, Sesshomaru forced his attention back on the almost pitch black room he stood within. Lifting his head ever so slightly, the Lord of the West scented the air but was unable to detect anything beyond himself. Eyes cast back towards the empty coffin; Sesshomaru concentrated on the stone slab covering that should be holding the fury youkai within its confines. Narrowing his gaze, he could easily see the seals binding the structure had been broken.

Smoothly moving around the room, Sesshomaru inspected the other stone boxes, all of them intact and sealed, their runes and enchantments all different and safely in place. Taking a moment to appreciate the intricacy of the work, the Lord of the West couldn't help but be impressed once more by the cunning of the lords of old. Although it was common belief that all the fury youkai had been killed, the truth was far different.

During their battles with the fury youkai, too many powerful lords became infected and the damage they inflicted upon the lands and to each other was staggering. And so, the lords of old had formed an alliance with the strongest of the magical and spiritual beings of the day. Together, they sealed the remaining fury youkai within this room – each within their own stone coffin with their own, individual binding spells placed upon them. In this way, should anyone ever learn how to release one of the youkai sealed within, they could not do the same with the others.

And here, deep within the bowels of the earth, the fury youkai had remained. For untold centuries, the land had been free of their pointless destruction. But now that peace had been broken, and the sons of the great Inu no Taisho had been the ones to pay the price. It was a price Sesshomaru was determined to never pay again.

Finding nothing else to aid him in finding out just who had managed to release the fury youkai, Sesshomaru quietly turned on his heel, mokomoko twitching irritably behind him as the Lord of the West quietly walked from the dank chamber. Mind determined, Sesshomaru would track down whoever had done this and make them scream for mercy – scream in ways his half-breed brother had refused to do as Sesshomaru had ripped into his body time and time again.

I'm hoping to update this story on Tuesdays, but we'll have to wait and see how that one goes. Things will get better for Inuyasha, but I'm afraid this story will be fairly "angsty". As always, in the end, our favorite hanyou will have a happy ending. Also as always, reviews are appreciated. I may not respond directly to them, but I enjoy reading what you think.

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