Fifteen-forty-five. This is Sengoku Jidai: the Age of the Country at War.

For 200 years the Ashikaga shoguns have ruled from Kyoto. Great splendor and power were theirs. Now the over-mighty clans no longer obey. The time has come for a new warlord to become shogun.

But who will be victorious?

Uesugi lands have always provided for our people. Our enemies are many and envious. They threaten our borders, and look for any weakness.

Faith is our strength, our wellspring. Let others be corrupted. We have the guidance of heaven!

Our monks pray, but they also fight: and fight well!

But weapons alone do not win wars. Our merchants are cunning. Wealth buys many victories!

Bishamonten, the war god, has awoken! Now is the time to defeat out enemies!

All will bow to the Uesugi clan. We wait no longer.

Destiny calls!