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Later that day Emma picked Henry up after school and they went home.

"Where were you last night?" He asked as he sat at the dining room table to start his homework.

"I'm not going to lie to you." Emma said, "I went out, got drunk, hit someone and Regina came and hauled me off to jail to sober up."

A smile stretched across Henry's face, "Regina arrested you?"

"Yes in a manner of speaking." She told him as she sat down at the table, "But the getting completely drunk and ending up in jail thing won't happen again."

He gave her a look.

"I promise."

"Okay." He said then opened his math book.

"One more thing." She said and he looked up at her again, "I took your advice and stopped being stupid."


"We finally talked and I asked her to give me another chance." She told him.

"And?" He asked eagerly, "Is she going to?"

"I think she is." Emma told him, "I have a date with her tomorrow night and I'm hoping it goes well."

"I hope it does too." He said, "Because I like her and I like how you are when you're with her."

"And how's that?"

"Happy." He said smiling, "And more fun."

"I got to be honest with you; I like how I am with her too for exactly those two reasons." She said with a smile.

The next day Emma sat with Ruby at the sheriff station. David was out on a call so they had the place to themselves.

"I'm seriously freaking myself out Ruby." Emma told her, "I'm starting to second guess everything. What if this date doesn't go well? What if she realizes that I'm not actually all that great? What if I am just too damn boring?"

Ruby grabbed Emma by the shoulders and shook her lightly, "First of all calm down before I slap you."

She waited for Emma to take a calming breath before letting her go.

"Emma, you already know how she feels about you." Ruby said, "She's proven that by standing up to Mulan and staying in town."

"I know it's hard for you to trust but sometimes you just have to take a leap and put your faith in the other person." Ruby told her, "Have a little faith that if you both want it, things will work out."

"She's giving you a second chance." Ruby said as she leaned forward and took Emma's hand in hers, "You deserved to be loved and cared for."

"You deserve to be happy Emma." She said with a small smile.

Emma squeezed her hand, "Thank you for being such a good friend to me."

"Always." Ruby told her.

"I hate to break up such a lovely moment but I need to speak with you Sheriff."

Both women turned to see Katherine standing by the door.

Ruby looked back at Emma as if to say, 'Who's this bitch?'

Emma stood up and Ruby followed, "It's okay, this is Katherine. She's a friend of Regina's."

Katherine raised her hands, "I assure you, I come in peace."

"I'll see you later Ruby." Emma said to her friend and with a nod Ruby slipped passed Katherine and left.

Emma sat back down in her chair, "What can I do for you?"

Katherine went over to David's desk and sat down in his chair, "I come with a warning."

Emma folded her arms across her chest as she sat back in her chair, "This should be good."

"Regina is my oldest and dearest friend." Katherine said, "I love her like a sister."

"And?" Emma asked.

"And because she's family to me I will do whatever is necessary to protect her." Katherine said, "Even if that means I have to kick a cop's ass."

"Are you seriously threatening me right now?" Emma asked.

"No, Honey, I'm not threatening you." Katherine said standing up, "I'm warning you. You hurt her, I hurt you. It's as simple as that."

"I appreciate your concern." Emma said as she stood up, "But I'm not going to do anything to hurt her."

Katherine smiled, "Well then now that we've come to an understanding, I do wish you and Regina the best."

"Um, thanks." Emma said, "I guess."

Katherine smiled again, "Enjoy the rest of your night Sheriff Swan." She then turned on her heels and headed for the door.

At home Emma was going through her closet, flinging clothes over her shoulder and mumbling to herself.

"Where are you taking her?" Henry asked her.

"On a picnic."

"A picnic?" Henry asked, "Really?"

Emma held up a shirt, examined it then threw it on the bed and went back into the closet, "Yeah it's… we …" She sighed and looked over at him, "I know it's corny but it's the best I could come up with."

He walked over, reached into the closet, grabbed a light blue sweater and handed it to her, "Wear this with your dark blue jeans and brown suede boots."

Emma took the sweater from him and looked at him.

"Just have fun." He told her before leaving her to change.

Emma sat in her car outside Regina's place for a good ten minutes. Her hands were on the wheel and she was staring straight ahead.

"I think she's talking to herself."

"What? No." Regina said as she nudged her friend out of the way and pried back the curtain to look out the window.

She saw Emma in her car, lips moving and hands clenching the wheel.

Regina let go of the curtain and turned to her friend, "What did you say to her?"

"I told her if she hurt you I'd bury her body in the field where the youth center is being built." Katherine told her.

Regina's mouth fell open and Katherine laughed.

"Oh relax will you?" She said, "It was nothing like that."

Katherine opened the curtain to peek at Emma again, "Go finish getting ready and I'll handle this."

Regina watched as Katherine walked up to Emma's car before she went back into the bathroom and hurried to finish getting ready.

A light rap on the passenger side window startled Emma and she looked over to see Katherine peering into the window with a smile on her face.

Katherine opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat.

"So, whatcha doing?" Katherine asked casually.

"Sitting here contemplating the meaning of life."

"Well once you get that figured out why don't you come on in?" Katherine said to her.

"Yeah sure thing." Emma said.

Katherine reached over and put a hand on Emma's arm, "She's waiting for you, so don't take too long."

Without another word Katherine got out of the car and shut the door.

Emma took in a few deep breathes before finally getting out of the car and walking to Regina's door. She hesitated for a second before knocking.

Katherine opened the door and Emma sighed.

"One of these days I'm going to knock and it's gonna be Regina who opens the door." Emma said to her.

"Oh Regina didn't tell you?" Katherine asked.

Emma raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I'm moving in with her." She said.

"Stop being an ass." Regina said as she came up behind Katherine and shooed her away.

She smiled at Emma, "Hi."

"Hi." Emma said back.

"So you two have a good time." Katherine said then looked at Emma, "I want her home at 11 and not a minute later."

"Shut up." Regina said slapping her friend's shoulder before going out the door.

Emma parked her car by the empty field and they got out.

"Why are we at my build site?" Regina asked as they walked.

"So I know simple probably isn't what you're used to." Emma said, "But this is how I woo."

Regina stopped in her tracks as she saw candles lighting a pathway to a table set up in the middle of the field.

"What did you do?" Regina asked her.

Emma linked her arm through Regina's and led her down the path, "Just a little romantic dinner."

Regina looked at the candles as they walked.

"They're battery powered." Emma told her with a smile, "I couldn't risk real ones blowing out."

The table was set up with a red table cloth, candles and a small vase with a rose. Dinner was already set up out for them.

"I had a little help." Emma said as she pulled out Regina's chair for her.

Regina sat down and Emma pushed her in then sat down across from her.

"It's nothing fancy." Emma said, "Just lasagna and a green salad."

"It looks delicious." Regina said as Emma opened the wine and poured Regina and herself a glass.

Regina picked up her glass and was about to take a sip but Emma stopped her.

"I'd like to propose a toast."

Regina put her glass down.

"I really disliked you when I first met you…" Emma started.

"This is how you woo me?" Regina asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Let me finish." Emma said then cleared her throat.

She looked down at the table before her eyes returned to Regina's.

"You pushed my buttons, pissed me off and called me out on all my shit." Emma said, "You were probably the most frustrating human being I have ever met and I work with David."

They both chuckled.

"You've challenged me, defended me and cared for me." Emma said, "And the time we were apart, when I was too stubborn to see what you really meant to me was very difficult."

"These last few months haven't been easy for us and I can't promise that there won't be times where we won't want to kill each other." Emma said, "But Regina please believe me when I say, I'm sorry for everything and I hope you can forgive me because…."

She paused as she looked deep into Regina's eyes, "I love you Regina, I really do."

Regina's eyes filled with tears. She sniffed and cleared her throat, "I thought you were gonna take your time, butter me up with a few dates. You know, buy me candy and flowers….."

"I could do that if you want." Emma said, "But I don't want to waste any more time. I need you to know how I feel about you right now."

"I need you to know that there's no turning back for me. That I want to be with you and I'm not going anywhere." Emma told her.

"But I also need to know if you want this." She said, "If you want me."

A small grin appeared on Regina's lips. She reached her hand out across the table and waited for Emma to place her hand in hers and when she did Regina gave her hand a little squeeze.

"I'm here Emma." She said, "And I'm not going anywhere any time soon."

Regina leaned across the table and Emma met her half way. They shared a kiss before resting back in their chairs.

"That was quite a toast." Regina said.

"Well … yeah." Emma said smiling as she picked up her wine glass.

She was about to take a sip when Regina stopped her.

"I love you too Emma." She said, "From the very moment you slapped the cuffs on me."

The next morning Emma woke with Regina wrapped around her naked body.

She smiled as her eyes caught sight of the handcuffs that were still cuffed to Regina's headboard.

Emma was so thankful that Katherine had gone back to her hotel room and Henry spent the night at Jefferson's.

Regina let out a little snort as she shifted in her sleep.

Emma kissed Regina's forehead as she ran her fingers lightly up and down Regina's arm.

"Ready for round 2?" Regina mumbled.

"Round 2?" Emma asked, "I think we passed round 2 a few times last night."

"Mmmm." Regina said as she lifted her head and kissed Emma before pulling back, "So we did."

"I want to do this every morning." Emma told her.

"Have morning sex?" Regina asked.

Emma snorted, "Wake up with you lying next to me."

"Ah." Regina said, "Yeah that does sound kind of nice."

Emma pushed Regina onto her back then straddled her hips, "So does morning sex."

In the following weeks Emma and Regina relationship grew stronger. They challenged, frustrated and loved each other and they couldn't have been happier.

Regina strolled into the Sheriff station, a smile on her face, "So where's Deputy Dimwit?"

Emma turned in her chair and looked at her, "Do you Google names to call him before you stop by?"

"I do." Regina said then asked, "Are you busy?"

"Does policing a town count as busy?"

"No." Regina said then held out her hand, "Let's go."

"What? Where?" Emma asked.

"Where ever the open road takes us." Regina told her as Emma took her hand.

They went outside and Regina's motorcycle sat waiting for them.

Regina swung her leg over her bike, sat down and waited for her.

Emma got on the bike, "You have to go slow okay? No speeding." Emma put on the extra helmet Regina handed her.

Regina smiled as she put on her helmet, "When you're on my bike, you're not sheriff. You're Emma, my girlfriend."

Regina started up the bike drowning out any protest Emma had.

"Hold on tight!" Regina yelled over the rumble of the bike.

Emma's grip tightened around Regina's waist and with a smile she hit the throttle and took off.

They rested at a stop sign and Emma shout, "I get it now. I see why you love this."

"Wait till we hit open road." Regina said.

"Let's see how fast this baby can go!" Emma challenged.

"You got it." Regina said and she hit the throttle.

Along a stretch of interstate just outside of Storybrooke David sat in his car sipping his coffee and eating a bear claw.

A motorcycle and its two occupants raced by.

David bumbled around, spilling coffee in his lap. He yelped, tossed his bear claw aside then started the car and took off after the motorcycle.

Blue and red lights lit up behind them but Regina never slowed down.

"David to base. I have a motorcycle exceeding the speed limit and I am in pursuit." He said over the radio, "Sheriff please advise."

He raced after the motorcycle and waited for a response, "Sheriff, do you copy?"

The motorcycle finally pulled over and David pulled in behind it. He got out of his car and sauntered up to the bike.

"Do you have any clue how fast you were going?" He asked as he started writing in his ticket book.

"Not fast enough if you managed to catch up to me Deputy Dillhole." Regina said as she took off her helmet.

"Ms. Mills!" David said surprised to see her. He grabbed his radio, "Sheriff Swan's not going to like this one bit."

David almost fainted when Emma took off the helmet, "Sheriff Swan might not like it but Emma loves it."

"But… you…she…" David looked back and forth between the two women.

"Easy David, just breathe." Emma told him.

He took in a deep breath and exhaled. He ripped the ticket out of his book and held it out.

"I'm not taking that." Regina said.

"Oh yes you are." Emma told her as she took the ticket from David, "I'll see you back at the station David."

He gave her a nod then quickly went to his car and headed back to the station.

"So you can pay the fine or…." Emma smiled, "I'll see you in handcuffs."

Regina snatched the ticket from her and smiled as she ripped it up and let the pieces flutter to the ground.