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Chapter 1

Derek Morgan walked into his bedroom one morning and smiled at the sight that greeted him. The figure on the bed was curled up on one side of the bed with Clooney curled up beside her. He couldn't believe how lucky he was; for them to come together the way they did.

She had spent the night last night-actually he had demanded that she stay the night-when she arrived for their movie night and looked about ready to drop. She told him that she had been suffering through a headache all day and had also started feeling nauseous again.

So they moved their movie marathon to his bedroom while he tried to get her to feel better. She had fallen asleep within the first hour so he just let her sleep, hoping that she would feel better by morning.

"Good morning," he announced his presence.

"Mmm," she grumbled as she pulled the covers over her head.

"Good morning, Baby Girl." He pulled the covers back.

"Stop your chattering," she mumbled

"I take it that you still have your headache?" he sat beside her.

"Not as bad," she opened one eye to look at him. "What time is it?"

"Early," he told her. "But I think you need to make a doctor's appointment."

"It's just a headache," she slowly sat up.

"I'm talking about your upset stomach," he looked at her. "It's been bothering you for almost a week now. I don't think Hotch will let you leave early again."

"I hate going to the doctors,"

"I know, but I want to make sure that you're all right. I'll go with you if I have to."

"I'll go," she sighed. "You don't have to come with me."

"You promise you'll go today?"

"Yes," she sighed as her phone started to ring.

She reached for it where it lay on Derek's bedside table. She smiled as she glanced at the Caller ID and clicked it on.

"Hey," Derek saw her smile brightly. "How's it going?"

"Should I be jealous?" he asked her.

"It's Tim," she mouthed and he nodded.

Tim was one of her brothers. A few months back, she decided to try to find her brothers and reconnect with them. She was able to track them down and sent them all emails to let them know what she had been up to since they lost contact. The only one who responded was Tim. He tried to get the other three to call or email their sister, but so far there was no contact from them. She was disappointed, but she gladly reconnected with Tim and his family.

"Tell him hi for me," Derek told her.

"Here," Penelope took her phone away from her ear. "Bro, you're on speaker."

"Hey Tim," Derek greeted him.

"Hey Derek," Tim's voice came out of the phone. "Are you treating my sister ok?"

"If I don't, she has no problem telling me."

"I bet she doesn't."

"I'll let you guys talk while I start to get ready," Derek got off the bed. "I'll drop you off at the doctors' on my way to work."

"Why do you need to go to the doctors?" Tim asked. "Is everything ok?"
"I haven't been feeling well so he's making me go."

"You should. Although I do remember your phobia of hospitals."

"So you can see why I fought him on this."

"Just go to the doctors, sis. I'm making plans for us to come out and see you soon. I want you healthy so you can show me and my girls all the sights of DC."

"Really? You guys are coming out here?"

"If I can work it all out."

"That's great," she smiled as Derek came out of the bathroom in just a towel. "I should go. I'll call you later tonight so that I can tallk to the girls."

"They look forward to your nightly calls. Go to the doctors."

"Talk to you later bro," Penelope smiled as she hung up.

"You heard him," Derek started to get dressed as she got off the bed. "Go get ready so that I can take you to the doctors."

"I'm going, Pushy." She started into the bathroom. "I'm glad I left some clothes here so that you don't have to bother dropping me off at my place and holding us up even longer."

"It would be no bother," he told her as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

They had kept their relationship a secret for over a year until they were accidentally discovered by none other than Reid at the company Christmas party. They were forced to reveal it to the team, and they weren't at all surprised. As long as they kept it out of the office, none of them had a problem with it. They wouldn't have cared if they did have a problem; they would've continued seeing each other no matter who had a problem with them.

Derek arrived at the BAU a little while later and took the elevator up to the bullpen. He had left Penelope at the doctors; he had waited with her until the nurse called her back for her appointment so that he could be sure that she would actually go. She promised to call him after she got done so that he could pick her up.

Derek walked into the bullpen and spotted Hotch coming out of his office and down the stairs towards him. He set his things down as Hotch approached him.

"Where's Garcia?" he asked him.

"I just dropped her off at the doctor's office. I made her get looked at."

"Good. I was going to talk to her today if she was still unwell."

"She's going to call me when I need to pick her up."

"All right," Hotch walked away as Prentiss and JJ came over to Derek.

"So how's it going with Garcia?" JJ asked.

"Fine," he mumbled.

"Come on, give us a little more," Prentiss urged.

"This is exactly why we kept it a secret for over a year," he told them. "Because we didn't want you all butting in so much."

"We're not butting in," Prentiss put in. "We're being protective."

"And I appreciate that, but I won't hurt Garcia."

"We're glad," JJ stated as she walked back up to her office.

"Cause if you did, we'd have to seriously hurt you." Emily stated.

"I understand," he smiled at her as he started on his paperwork.

Penelope walked out of the doctor's office building in total shock. She couldn't believe the news that she had just received. She took her phone out and dialed the number that she had ingrained in her memory.

"Hey Baby Girl, how did your appointment go?" she smiled at his voice.

"Good," she replied.

"So you found out why you've been so sick lately?"

"He said the headaches I've been having lately are stress-related." She told him. "I guess I just need to relax more."

"I could probably help you with that."

"I'm sure you could."

"What'd he say about your upset stomach?"

"That I will tell you about when I get back."

"Sounds serious. Is everything ok?"

"Don't worry so much, Handsome."

"So do you need me to pick you up now?"

"I need to pick up a couple things first."

"So how much longer do you think you're going to be?"

"I just have a couple errands to run."

"I'll let Hotch know," he told her. "Just hurry so I can bring you back, Hotness."

"I'll call you when I'm done." Penelope told him before she hung up the phone.

Then reality suddenly started to set in; she had no idea what Derek's reaction would be when he found out her news. They hadn't talked about this yet. Were they ready for this so soon in their relationship?

She was pulled out of her thoughts as she heard the distinct sound of someone in pain. She turned abruptly and was shocked at the scene she saw in the alley just yards away.

Derek started getting worried when Penelope hadn't called him more than an hour later; but he was downright distraught when it was three hours and he still hadn't heard anything from her. As the hours kept stretching on, he was getting more and more aggitated. Hotch and Rossi were trying to keep him calm as JJ kept asking him the same questions over and over.

"Please stop!" Derek glared at them. "I've told you everything."

"We just want you to stay calm," Hotch told him. "We all want to know if Garcia is all right."

"What did she say to you on that phone call?" JJ asked.

"The doctor said she has stress-induced headaches, and she said that she needed to tell me something in person. She just needed to pick something up first."

"What did she need to pick up?" Rossi asked.

"I assume the doctor gave her prescriptions to fill."

"I'll call every pharmacy within a ten-block radius of her doctor's office." Hotch took out his phone.

Derek looked up as the glass doors opened and Reid and Prentiss rushed into them. They had gone to both Penelope's and Derek's places to see if anything was out of place.

"Well?" Derek looked at them.

"Nothing was out of place." Prentiss told them.

"If Garcia was just going to leave like the police say she did, she wouldn't have left her laptop or her tablet behind." Reid told them.

"They think she just left?" Derek's eyes narrowed.

"That's just one of their theories," Prentiss said. "But we know that she would never just leave like this."

"Where could she be?" Derek demanded.

"We'll find her, Morgan." Rossi assured him as Derek's phone started to ring and he clicked it on.

"This is Morgan,"

"Derek, it's Tim. Is Penelope all right?"

"Why do you ask?"

"She's missed her nightly call with the girls. They are very upset."

"Has she ever missed one before?"

"Not since she found us. It's like clockwork. She calls us at the exact same time every night. What is going on?"

"We're not sure yet. I haven't heard from her for the last several hours."

"Oh god," Derek heard the anguish in Tim's voice. "You're going to find my sister right?"

"We are doing everything we can," Derek assured him as he saw Hotch come back into them. "I have to go now. I will call and keep you updated. I promise."

"Who was that?" JJ asked him as he hung up his phone.

"Tim Garcia, Penelope's brother."

"What? Since when has she been talking to her brothers?"

"She tracked them all down and reached out to them. Tim is the only one who's responded so far. They've been reconnecting for the past month. He's making plans to bring his family out here so they can all meet up in person."

"So why did he call?" Emily asked. "Does he know something?"

"He got worried when she didn't call to talk to his daughters. She calls at the same time every night to talk to his daughters."

"We'll figure out what happened." Rossi told him.

"Did you find anything?" Derek looked at Hotch.

"She hasn't had any prescriptions filled or picked up at any of the pharmacy's surrounding her doctor's office." He told them.

"Where the hell is she?" Derek slammed his fist on his desk. "This isn't like her. Something has happened. She needs our help."

"We're not going to give up until we find her, Morgan." Hotch assured him.

"We'll find her," Rossi stated.

Little did they know, that it would be a long time before they set their eyes on Penelope Garcia again.

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