Chapter #1

(A/N) Well this is my first ever, so it will probably suck a lot. So I guess lets get started? Maybe? I have no fucking clue, yes this story will have lots of cussing and maybe lemons, no promises ;). So I just wanted to say that in this story it goes like Fnaf 1 then Fnaf 2, so don't get confused please. LETS GET INTO THIS STORY! Lawl I make myself laugh way too much XD.

Foxy POV

"I..just...can't stop...thinking...about it...all those years ago...when it happened...what was I thinking?..." I said while siting in the pirate's cove looking up at the ceiling.

"Well...I know what you were thinking my dear foxy...haha" said a creepy disembodied voice, I stood up and started looking around in the cove. I started to get a really bad headache.

"who...who are you? where are you?" I managed to say because I was a little freaked out, I kept holding my head. "me...? me...! I am your very thoughts! I am the very shadow of what you once were...all those years ago...when it happened...taking you over was way too easy my dear fox." The disembodied voice said to me.

"! YOU TOOK ME OVER! YOU MADE me...made me kill that poor lass...why?" I asked the voice." was just too easy! HAHAHA you should have seen the look on your face when it happened." the voice said."you made me do it..." I said."not this time fox, according to the humans YOU DID IT! HAHAHAHAHAHA, who's the monster now bitch?" the voice said to me.

" Remember dear foxy...I am the shadow in you...I am the ghost in you..." the voice said to me. As my headache starts going away, I hear somebody else start talking.

"Ahh! what the fuck is all that goddamn noise! You two better have a good explanation for all this fucking racket!" "Sorry Freddy! But we didn't say or do anything!" "THEN WHO THE FUCK DID BONNIE!?" "I don't know Freddy! But we're sorry for bugging you!" " Freddy, Bonnie..." "WHAT CHICA!? WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" "I was just going to might be foxy..." "Foxy? Now why would that old pirate fuck talk? He knows he is out of order..hehe...well someone needs to go shut him the fuck up right now...or else" "ok Freddy!" " Sorry Freddy!"

Well there ye go...the Freddy FagBear speaks. I really do fucking hate that old bear fuck, and bonnie and chica are just lapdogs to him, and do everything that he tells them to do..."why hello there, Foxy..." "you..." I say.

(A/N)DUN DUN sorry for a cliffhanger. I JUST HAD TO DO IT! Who do you guys think the mysterious voice is? Only time will tell. Ok so I know some of you are saying "WHERE THE FUCK IS MANGLE!" I will explain, so the first couple chapters are going to be based on foxy. And just as a side note, they are in the Fnaf 1 restaurant right now, foxy is in the pirates cove and the others on on stage. And please send me some feedback on this story. It would mean a lot to me. Well seeya guys! I hope you enjoyed!

PS: I might not be able to update this story regularly, because I have a lot of homework to do and stuff, also finals are about nine days away from when I publish this. I think.

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