Chapter 1: Awareness

Summary: What happens when our hero just happens to achieve the impossible and acquire two of the strongest bloodlines? Watch Naruto as he walks the path of power and shakes the foundations of Elemental Nations. Mokuton/Sharingan Naruto. Eventual Rinnegan.

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M Rating for Mature themes, Language and Freedom.

"The dog says woof, the duck says quack" - Human Speech
'But what does the fox say?' - Thoughts
"NARUTO, I'LL KILL YOU!" – Biju Speech
'Cheeky Brat' – Biju Thought
Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) - Jutsu

Quote of the day:
"Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something only humans can do...They're two sides of the same coin...In order to protect something another must be sacrificed"~Uchiha Madara

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Chapter 1: Awareness

October 10th - In Konoha

Konohagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Leaves), supposedly the strongest and greatest of the Five Great Hidden Villages, was a sight to behold. The natural beauty of Hi no Kuni (The Land of Fire) coupled with a few adjustments from man, such as the Hokage Mounument, made for wonderful scenery of lush green forests and dazzling rivers.

The village was not only good in looks though, it has many Shinobi who survived the previous Great Shinobi World Wars, such as the two remaining Densetsu no Sanin (The Legendary Three Ninja) and their teacher, the Professor said to have mastered all the Ninjutsu in Konoha, Sarutobi Hiruzen. That's just the icing on the cake, it produces some of the best Ninja who either end up making a big name for themselves or join the elite force of the Hokage, the Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (Special Assassination and Tactical Squad), Anbu (Dark Side) Black Ops. Among these are Konoha no Shiroi Kiba (The White Fang of the Leaf) Hatake Sakumo, unfortunately deceased, and his son Sharingan no Kakashi (Kakashi of the Sharingan).

However in this peaceful village we can hear a mob of civilians and low ranking ninja shouting and cursing while chasing someone. The cause of their disdain seemed to be a young boy no older than five. He had spiky blond hair and ocean blue eyes. He wore a black shirt with an orange flame pattern on the front and green shorts the reached a little below his knees. The most dominant features however were the whisker marks on his cheeks.

"Die already you demon" said a man amongst the crowd which finally managed to surround him after he reached a dead end in an alley. "Get the Demon Brat put his head on a pike and burn him in fire" said another drunk Chunin. After a series of rather unnerving ideas to execute the boy, someone managed to stab him in the gut with a butcher's knife.

Now Uzumaki Naruto knew he was not normal, after all healing wounds within a few seconds is not a daily occurrence, and having whisker marks which reminded the villagers of the great Kyūbi no Kitsune (Nine Tailed Fox) which attacked the village almost five years ago. But calling him a demon outright did not justify their hatred of his tenant, yes, he knew that the Fox was sealed in him, he was smart for his age, but he decided not to tell the Hokage about his exploits. He figured it would be better that way.

Right now, the Jinchuriki was wondering of a way to get out of the mess with his head on his shoulders. In the end when he felt the knife stab him, he gave up. 'I'm gonna die and I can't do a thing about it...Damn it all' were his thoughts as he felt his consciousness drifting.

Inside Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto opened his eyes and found himself lying on some water on which he was seemingly floating. Getting up, he looked around and saw a multitude of pipes running in every direction.

"What's this? Heaven? I thought it would look more appealing than a sewer" said Naruto.

"Foolish Mortal, you should be cowering before my presence" said a booming voice.

Turning around, Naruto saw a large cage holding back a gigantic fox with nine tails. Eyes widening a little before returning to normal "Hmm, Oh it's just you, Kyūbi. If I'm dead how are you here, weren't you supposed to be immortal" said Naruto calmly.

"From the sound of it you don't sound surprised its me. And to answer your second question, you are still alive though you won't be if you don't do something about it soon" answered Kyūbi.

"So this is my mind then, a sewer. And Kyūbi, how am I supposed to fight, I don't know anything to take out a large group as the one surrounding me, scratch that, I can't even fight; which reminds me, if they are still attacking me so why am I not dead?"

"Time moves quicker in your mind. And to answer the question to how you fight, I did some tampering in your DNA and awakened some bloodlines earlier than they are supposed to. Just go outside to see them."

"I'll see you later, don't miss me."

"As if I'd miss you, I'm just helping you because if you die, I die, and waiting to reform is too dull. And I'm interested in your future Uzumaki Naruto, you're the second human after my father to speak normally with me."

"Oh, is the almighty Kyūbi interested in little ol' me. Wait, you have a father?!" he shouted the last part.

"Another time…or have you forgotten that you're about to die."

"Okay Okay, I'm leaving, don't get your panties in a knot." he said as his presence disappeared.

"Cheeky Brat" Kyūbi muttered under its breath.

Back in Konoha

"Hmm, the brat's not responding, has the demon finally given up" said a civilian, only to find a wooden spear through

his head.

The others looked at the boy only to find him back on his feet. His eyes were red and had one tomoe each in them, a wooden spear connected to his hand, and his injuries long since healed, the only sign of their existence was his torn clothes.

"So, who was gonna die huh?" asked Naruto.

"Quickly get the demon with all you have, he will not leave alive today." said a rookie Chunin.

'I've read books from trash cans; honestly people throw away quite some valuable stuff; about bloodlines and I seem to have the Sharingan of the Uchiha and the Mokuton of the Shodaime Hokage…I'll ask the Kyūbi about this later.'

'Everything is moving so slowly and I can predict their path, good, I have the advantage in this fight.' Suddenly, he was forced to dodge a Kunai thrown by a Chunin. 'I'm lucky those ninja are drunk or I would have been dead a long time ago.'

'Time to finish this' thought Naruto. He tried to control his Mokuton as best he could and somehow managed to make a few hundred wooden spears. "Take this!" shouted Naruto as the spears moved to pierce each and every member of the mob.

'That's it, I can't do anything further' thought Naruto before falling to the ground, if he had been awake for a few more seconds then he would have noticed the Hokage coming to the scene with a squad of Anbu.

"What happened here?" said the Hokage.

"It seems that the Dem-Jinchuriki killed the members of the mob" replied a brown haired Anbu.

"So it seems, Ushi, get him to the hospital and tell them to place him in the Byakurai section" said the Hokage.

"With all due respect sir, surely this, this, murder does not deserve to be in the care of those elite doctors" replied Ushi.

"Are you questioning my orders? And just so you know, us shinobi are all killers" said the Sandaime Hokage with a dark aura around him.

"H-Hai, I will take him there, Hokage-sama." said Ushi hastily in fear of his life and left quickly.

"The rest of you, take care of this mess, we don't want dead bodies to rot in the middle of the street" ordered the Hokage to which the Anbu complied.

In the Konoha Hospital

Naruto was placed on a bed and the Hokage was standing beside him taking the doctor's report. "He is fully healed, Hokage-sama, but he is unconscious due to Chakra Exhaustion."

"Very well, you may leave" replied the Hokage.

Now Sarutobi Hiruzen had seen many things in the course of his long life but this just takes the cake as an unprecedented surprise. After all anyone would be shocked to hear the doctor tell you that a child possess your Sensei's extinct Kekkei Genkai and the bloodline of one of the biggest traitors of your village.

"Forgive me, Naruto-kun, for all the hardships you have faced alone and for not helping you to overcome them. Please be a little more patient and you will have a wonderful future" said Hiruzen to the unconscious boy.

Inside Naruto's Mindscape

"OK Kyūbi, I want answers, how the fuck do I have bloodlines of two of the strongest shinobi of Konoha?" demanded Naruto.

"Watch your tone boy. The answer is simple boy, you are the descendant of those two."

"Lets say I believe you, so tell me, how am I a heir to the Uchiha and the Senju not to mention my name is Uzumaki" said Naruto, disbelief dripping off his voice.

"I don't know the juicy details but I heard about some of the story from what Hashirama told Uzumaki Mito that he had a wife that he loved and had a child with, contrary to popular belief, Hashirama and Mito did not love each other, it was an arranged marriage. Uchiha Madara had a child, I do not know for sure about when but since your Chakra Signature is similar to his I can tell that you're his heir. Back to the point, your mother was born to the Uchiha son and an Uzumaki. Come to think of it Kushina's mother did not talk much about her father, now that I recall it, her Chakra also had a faint trace of Madara's but I ignored it, it must have been sealed. Anyways, your father was born to the Senju daughter and a member of a small clan, the Namikaze, which had the Swift Release Kekkei Genkai. When your mother was about to be made a Jinchuriki she was sent to Konoha where she found Minato, I'll skip the details and tell you that they did the deed and you were born 5 years ago, on 10th October, the day I was unsealed from your mother and forced to attack your pathetic village but was sealed in you by your father."

Tears were flowing down his face when he found out about his family. When he realized that the reason why he was hated was because of his father, he couldn't help but feel a little negative about him. "I see" said Naruto blankly, "Did they love me?" he muttered.

"What did you say brat?"

"Did my parents love me?" he said a little louder with pain clearly visible in his eyes, yes his blood red eyes one had one

tomoe and the other had two.

'That Sharingan, the emotions that are visible, I have to choose my next words carefully or a monster would be unleashed on the world' thought the Kyūbi. "Yes they did, more than I can tell you, especially your mother, even when there was no choice, she tried to stop Minato from sealing me in you. They both jumped in front of my claw when I was about to kill you to prevent myself from being sealed a third time."

"I see" was Naruto's reply, he seemingly calmed down a little. "You said you knew what Hashirama told Mito and what my grandmother told my mother before you were sealed, how?"

"I read their memories" was the Kyūbi's simple reply.

"Wait, you said you were forced to attack the village, mind explaining?" asked Naruto.

"A masked man with a Sharingan who claimed to be Madara, controlled me with his eyes. I knew he was a fake but he was strong enough to make me wreck havoc on the village. Remember one thing that masked fool has the ability to pass them solid objects, so when you face him one day, make sure you have a plan" replied Kyūbi.

'So Tou-san was forced to seal the Kyūbi in me' thought Naruto. "Thank you Kyu- uhh, do you have a name? I'm sure you do" asked Naruto.

"Yes I do, but you can only find out when you are worthy enough" replied Kyūbi.

"Anyways, thanks for sharing this knowledge with me, you don't know how much this means to me" said Naruto cheerfully.

"Bwahahahaha, well I'll be damned, this is the first time a human actually thanked me."

"Well you should cheer up, I want to be your friend" said Naruto.

"Hmm, me, a friend, don't make me laugh, I'm an embodiment of hatred, and from when I checked last time, I don't think I can have friends" replied Kyūbi.

"Well that's too bad because, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK" said Naruto.

'Interesting brat' "We'll see about that, back to business, you are currently a weak piece of trash unworthy to be my container so consider yourself lucky that you interest me, I'll give you some guidance on how to go every now and then but you'll have to arrange your training yourself" said the Kyūbi.

"Thanks for the offer but I have a feeling that you're just saying that for the heck of it" replied Naruto.

"And what if I am? Now get out of here, I feel like sleeping" retorted Kyūbi.

"Hehe, lazy ass, I'm going" replied Naruto.

"When I get my hands on that brat…" the Kyūbi muttered under its breath.

In the Konoha Hospital

"Ugh, what just hit me" Naruto said as he looked around, "Jiji, hey where am I."

The Sarutobi sadly at Naruto as he said "The hospital Naruto-kun, and I just remembered, though it isn't the best time to say it, but, Happy Birthday Naruto, what do you want as a present this year?"

"Hey Jiji, can you please tell me about my parents?" asked Naruto, trying to hide his conversation with the Kyūbi.

"Forgive me Naruto, I don't know them" replied Hiruzen. 'I know he's trying to protect me, but he has no right to hide this from me now' thought Naruto.

"Don't lie Jiji, I already found out who my father is so can you please tell me my mother's name?" replied Naruto.

To say Hiruzen was shell-shocked was like saying Gai was not 'youthful.' "S-Sure Naruto, but first tell me your father's name and how you found out." said the Hokage as he discreetly put a silencing seal on the bed to prevent eavesdropping.

"Jiji, how many blonds are there in the village excluding the Yamanakas, other than me and the Yondaime, Namikaze Minato? None right, and he died on October 10th, the day the Kyūbi was 'killed' and I was born. But even more so, I've seen his picture and myself in a mirror, I think it would be rather foolish to ignore the resemblance we share" the way Naruto said 'killed' was starting to worry Hiruzen, not to mention the perfect guess about his father," Yes Jiji, I know that Tou-san sealed the Kyūbi in me, it's not hard to figure out especially when the villagers get most violent on October 10th, the day of the Kyūbi attack."

"I'm sorry for hiding the truth Naruto, it was to protect you from your parents' enemies, and your mother's name was Uzumaki Kushina. Tell me Naruto-kun do you hate your father?" asked the Sarutobi.

"Uzumaki Kushina, Kaa-chan" said Naruto weakly with visible sadness in his eyes, his mother was still a touchy subject for him. Seeing Naruto like this made Hiruzen's heart throb.

Putting on another mask of confidence, Naruto said "Anyways I don't hate my father outright, as I know he couldn't ask another parent to sacrifice their child when he couldn't do so himself, however I do have a right to be slightly angry at him." The Hokage was pleased with Naruto's mature answer.

"Hey Jiji, could you tell me where my parents', rather my house is. I was kicked out of the orphanage" asked Naruto.

"Sure Naruto-kun, please follow me" said Hiruzen as he turned towards the door, as Naruto got out of bed to follow him.

Uzumaki Namikaze Estate

"Here it is Naruto-kun" said Hiruzen to the boy following him. "Well I'll be damned, this place is bigger than the Hokage Mansion" commented Naruto.

True to his word, the estate was a two story, Japanese style mansion, with a large garden which had a lake at the edge. However when they got close Hiruzen was blocked by a blue wall.

"It seems only Minato and Kushina or those with their blood can enter, this is where I take my leave, Farewell Naruto. And if you need anything then please don't hesitate to ask" said the Hokage.

"Ja Ne Jiji" replied Naruto and the Sarutobi left in a Shunshin (Body Flicker).

Naruto turned around to enter the mansion, and so his new life began.

And Cut

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