Far Cry
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'...' Thoughts
"..." Someone speaking
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Chapter 1: Meetings

Draco Malfoy, had indeed changed from the boy he once was in school. After the war ended, all thanks to the Golden Boy himself, Lucius Malfoy was found guilty of being a Death eater and being in league with the Dark Lord that he was later sent to Azkaban and soon afterwards given the dementors kiss, much to Draco's happiness. His father had disinherited him for refusing the dark mark (his sixth year), in fact he didn't even graduate from Hogwarts. Right after his downfall with his father he vanished from the wizarding world completely. He doubted that anyone noticed he had vanished, except for maybe one, but he probably praised Merlin for it.

'Only if they could see me now,' Draco thought as he walked the sidewalks of Muggle London. Draco still had his Malfoy blond hair, but it was streaked blue and spiked wildly, going in every direction possible. His clothes he wore were not what was expected of him. He had changed so much since he had left. From the way he dressed to his attitude towards muggles. He looked down at his worn green and white converse tennis shoes and stopped walking and observed himself in a store winder. "Definitely wish they could see me now, they would die of shock,' He smirked, his same Malfoy smirk. 'Well, maybe not everything has changed, but mostly everything.' From his green and white converses to his plaid bondage pants to his hair. He shook his head and kept walking towards his one and only destination, The Kadavra.


"C'mon Harry! It's the best club around, I've heard so much about it, and you can even read about it in the paper. You NEED to get out more often, you know!" Ron exclaimed as he had Harry's arm and dragging him towards The Kadavra. You could hear the music pulsating and see the lights flashing from across the street.

"No! Ron I am not stepping one foot into that place, and one of the reasons.. Have you even bothered to look at the name? The Kadavra? Honestly, it can't just be a coincidence?" Harry exclaimed trying to snatch his arm away from the six-foot Weasley.

"Harry, You-Know-Who has been dead for four years, get over it. You need to stop living in the past like that." Hermione scolded Harry, as they walked across the street... Harry still being dragged my Ron.

"Fine, just stop dragging me! I CAN walk on my own you know." Harry finely snatched his arm away from Ron and straightened out his clothes. He held himself up and walked into the club, leaving his two friends behind. He was instantly amazed when he walked in, people were dancing and the music was so loud. He LOVED it. The lights flashed brightly in on the dance floor as he walked to the bar. He ordered a beer and turned around, his back leaning against the bar searching for his two friends that seemed to have vanished in the crowed of dancers. He was so engulfed in watching the dancers and listening to the music that he didn't notice the person that had slid into the seat next to him.

"Yo! Samuel, how bout a beer over here! Don't want me dieing of thirst and passing out on stage do you? Besides, whose the one that provides your paycheque!" The blond grinned at the bartender as Samuel slid the beer down the bar. "Now that's more like it!" he exclaimed as he grabbed it and turned his back to the bar also, finally noticing the person that was next to him. "So, you new here or what?" the blond asked Harry.

Harry snapped his head around at the sound of the voice, and when he saw who the voice belonged to, he felt a feint blush appear on his cheeks. The man that was standing in front of him was outstandingly beautiful. He shook his head to clear it, before responding with a somewhat shy smile, "Yea, I'm new here. First time and all, quite a place. Never really knew it existed, well I knew but I just never..." Harry trailed off when he noticed that he was rambling and knew that a blush stained his cheeks again.

"Really now, " the blonde said with a friendly smile, "Well I hope you enjoy yourself. Cant have an unsatisfied costumer now can I? So how DID you come to this wonderful club of mine?" He asked as he took another sip of his beer.

"Y-your club? You own this place? Wow, you seem a little young to own your own club and all. My friends brought me here, practically dragged me here, remind me to thank them when I find them again. My names Harry Potter by the way, what's yours?"

The blond almost choked on his beer when he heard the name. 'Figures,' he thought to himself before turning back to Harry. "People round hear call me Dray, guess you could call me that also." He gave Harry a quick look over and noticed that Harry hadn't changed much. His raven hair was still wild and untamed, though he no longer wore glasses. He was taller, but not much taller then Dray himself, as he was topped out at 5'9 and Harry must have been at least 5'7. He was dressed in black form fitting jeans and a long-sleeved red nylon shirt that hugged his upper body and a black over shirt that looked to be held together by safety pens. "So Harry, you gay?" Dray asked bluntly after he had finished looking him over.

Harry looked back at him before answering, "Bi, actually. Why are you asking, Dray?"

"No reason, say Harry, mind a dance after the show?" Dray felt an evil grin slide in place of his friendly smile.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Dance? Perhaps, but what show?"

Dray opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a yell from beside the stage. Harry hadn't noticed that the music had ended. "Frost! How bout getting your ass back where you're supposed to be! I can start the damned show anytime I want to!" Dray sneered at Frost, who just laughed. Frost noticing just what their lead was doing. Dray turned back to Harry, "Sorry bout that, that was just Frost. He's the bassist, pain in the ass he can be. Well, ill see you afterwards, but remember your mine so you better not go anywhere!" With one wicked grin and a wink from his gray eyes, Dray left Harry at the bar to stare as he walked away.

Harry watched as Dray disappeared behind the back door, and then he was left to his own thought. 'Oh.. dear... Merlin. I can't believe this is happening. He was... I cant even find the word to describe him.' His heart was pounding at the thought of dancing afterwards.. 'especially the way the clubbers danced, their bodies melded together...' He shook his head and drained the rest of his beer. He definitely had to thank Ron and Hermione for bringing him here, but still.. there was something awfully familiar about the man. The way he had sneered at Frost and that wicked smile that has graced his perfect lips and that glint in those gray eyes. 'Harry! Old boy, snap out of it. This isn't like its love at first sight... or is it?' Harry blinked several times and ignored that last thought as Ron and Hermione bounded towards him.

"Harry! There you are! Where have you been? Mate? We've been looking for you for the past fifteen minutes." Ron exclaimed.

Harry had to laugh, "C'mon Ron, I KNOW that you were most definitely NOT looking for me. You were to busy dancing the dirty with 'Mione." Harry grinned as their faces got red, "Besides, I just met the most ... I cant even describe him. Handsome just doesn't even fit, I haven't felt this way since..." Harry stopped himself before he became depressed again. He had came to terms with his sexuality in his 5th year and Ron and Hermione excepted it and even supported him, but he never told him about Draco.. After he had disappeared, he had broken down and confessed his feeling about Malfoy to his two friends and they just hugged him and comforted him, even though it took them time to get used to it.

Hermione squeezed his hand gently and with understanding while Ron just looked away... "DUDE! YOU SO DID NOT TELL ME FAR CRY WAS PLAYING HERE TONITE!!" Ron practically exclaimed when he saw the band come out on stage. Ron had to have been the loudest and Dray looked over at Harry and grinned at him.

"I didn't know either, I was talking to Dray but I didn't know that he was in band or even playing... or the name until a few minutes ago." Harry smiled back at Dray.

Ron looked at Harry then back at Dray, and back and forth before Harry nodded to Ron, and Ron grinned before taking Hermione's hand and leaving Harry to be on his own. Harry walked up towards the stage as close as he could get, with all the teens yelling and screaming his name.

"How's everyone doing tonight?! Hopefully kicking back, kicking ass and well... lets just NOT go into that. Yo girls, before I continue, FROST is a single and eligible for the taking... well never mind, Frost seems to be taking by that lovely blonde girl in the front jumping up and down. Congrats to you!" Dray laughed and strummed a few cords on his green electric. "Yea, you all like that don't ya?! I suppose you want some more? What? You want me, sorry ladies and gentlemen, I'm taken already!" There were 'awes' from both sexes and a few curses but other then that.. "Well I guess you want me to begin as much as I LOVE talking, I LOVE singing more! So... without further ado...!!"

Haze came in with his guitar while Raye brought in her drums in a maddening rhythm before Dray joined in really getting into his guitar. Leaning towards the mike his voice came out clearly "I thought I found someone
I thought I had something I could trust I still can't believe what happened It's not that you lied to us It's not that our friendship was a front It's just that I can't see the real in you..."

The music was pumping through Harry's veins as he jumped up and down in time with the music...

"Yeah for years I was afraid
Now I can finally say

That I'm afraid that you've become
Everything that you had hated
I'm waiting
For this to blow away

How could I have been so blind
(How could I have ignored so many signs)
Especially when my (friends warned me)
About your (deceptive) side
And that your friendship was a lie

Yeah for years I was betrayed
Now I can finally say

That I'm afraid that you've become
Everything that you had hated
I'm waiting
For this to blow away

I've been working for
Something oh so fake
But it's never too late

To correct the faults
So many others made
I know you don't care about whats right or fair

I heard you say your future is looking so great

I've been working for
Something oh so fake
But I'm not working for you no more"

Harry stopped with the music and couldnt help it, he hadn't had so much fun ages, and they lyrics sounded... good. He couldn't think of them.. but it was familiar. Harry just shrugged and cheered Dray on.

"Oh yeah! See you liked that... and I just KNOW you want some more. Well never fear my friends! More is to come!"

Harry loved the sound of his voice; it was so clear and full of aggression in most parts. He could feel that Dray really loved what he did and would never want anything else in more in the world but to play music. The passion that Harry watched on the stage touched him, odd as it would seem, they way that Dray jumped around on the stage and how it seemed so planned and acted out as they jumped in the air together and landing at the same time STILL playing their instruments. Harry felt like he was falling, and falling hard. Several songs later, he noticed that Dray wasn't even breathing hard and the smile on his face never wavered.

"Yea, here we go, this last song, is for that special someone I met tonight. You know who you are!" Dray looked straight at Harry and winked at him before beginning.

Raye and Dray came in at the same time while Frost and Haze came in just a few second later.

"Yea, this one is for you Harry...

I heard the message
then I rang it off the hook
i didn't get you till 1 am
who was wrong and who was right
and this distance caused a fight
now i'm ready to give in

{(mellowed out)}
i'd give anything
to be with you
right now

{(Comes back up)}
this town is full of dumb reminders
having a good time can't you tell
hang up the phone and then i come back down
miss you i hope you're doing well

i'm used to waiting
what's a voice without a face
i think i'm dying without you here
so i drink myself to sleep
and then i hide beneath the sheet
and i try to disappear

{(Mellows out)}
i get up
every single time
cuz you keep me

{(Comes back up)}
this town is full of dumb reminders
how far ahead from you in miles
if i could get one time as take it down
maybe then i could see you

this town is full of dumb reminders
having a good time can't you tell
hang up the phone and then i come back down
miss you i hope you're doing
miss you i hope you're doing
miss you i hope you're doing

The music fades and everyone is screaming happily and applauding. Dray props his guitar on his stand and jumps off the stage and walks over to where Harry had been standing. "You like?" Dray raised an inquisitive brow while grabbing Harry's hips and pulling them to meet his own. A small gasp escapes his lips as he looks into Dray's eyes.

"Not liked, loved! You were amazing.. You are amazing. You remind of someone back in school, you know. Blond hair and the eyes and the way you look sometimes..." Harry shrugged and smiled at Dray. "Your lovely..." Harry whispered as his hand reached up slowly to stroke his wildly spiked hair. He saw Dray smile and lean into his petting. Harry chuckled quietly, and let his hand slide down Dray's cheek to his shoulder and down to rest on his slim waist.

"You not so bad looking yourself pretty boy, now how bout that dance you promised me!" Dray said as he took Harry's hand and dragged him to the dance floor where the music has started again. He turned Harry around and had him pressed against his body, hips to hips, his hands resting on Harry's hips as Dray started to sway his lower body trying not to move to fast for Harry. The music started to pick up, and they started dancing.

Harry's pulse was quick and he was having so much fun... but his feelings were confusing him even more. What if this was just another flop, that Dray would just use him for his body then drop him like he was yesterdays trash. Harry looked up at Dray and knew that he had thought wrong, from the way that Dray was looking at him. Harry blinked and the music started to slow. "So you dance slow?" Harry asked Dray, though his voice was hardly above a whisper.

"Yea, with you I do..." Dray wrapped his arms fully around Harry's waist and dragged him closer if that was possible. Harry wrapped his arms around his shoulders as he buried his face in the curve of Dray's neck, breathing in his scent. One of Harry's hand went back to Dray's hair and started to stroke his wild spikes again. He heard Dray sigh contently and lean into him

'How I wish I could stay like this... even though I just met him, if feels like I've known him forever. He smells so good...' Harry was almost on the verge of tears, though he didn't understand why. All he knew was that he felt warm and safe in those arms and he never wanted to leave and her prayed to any gods listening for this not to be a one-time thing.

Dray could feel a wetness on his neck and this confused him, 'Why would he cry?' Dray tightened his hold on Harry. 'I never really hated you Harry, I've always loved you, you know... please don't cry.' Dray thought to himself.

Harry felt Dray tighten his hold on him and heard him whispering while gently swaying Harry in time with the music. Almost to the point of rocking him like a child..."And I want to get free Talk to me I can feel you falling And I wanted to be
All you need Somehow here is gone And I dont need the fallout Of all the past that's in between us And I'm not holding on..."

"C'mon Harry, don't tear up on me now. What's wrong?" Dray said in a gentle voice, while gently stroking Harry's raven hair.

Harry shook his head against Dray, "I just feel safe... I've never had this feeling before. I don't want to leave, I wish it could last..." Harry whispered, but Dray heard him and smiled softly.

"Oh Harry, c'mon love, no need for those kinds of tears. Besides I never said that this would be the last time that I would see you, like I would let you slip through my fingers. Come now, dry those tears up and lets find you friend tell them that IM giving you a ride home!" Dray poked Harry in the side gently and slipped his arm around Harry's waist and took him off the dance floor and to the bar where he saw Ron and Hermione. "Hullo there!"

Ron stuttered as he came face to face with the lead singer of Far Cry. "Hullo," Hermione said, "I'm Hermione Weasley and this is Ron, my husband."

"Nice to meet you both. My names Dray... well that's what everyone calls me anyway. I've just brought Harry over here to say that I'm giving him a ride home tonight so no need to worry and all. It was nice to meet you both, Bye!" and before they could say anything else, Dray had left taking Harry with him and out of the back and into an alley. Leaning against the wall, he brought Harry up to him, "I hope you don't mind what I'm bout to do Harry..." Dray brought his lips to Harry's and Harry responded feverently.

Breaking apart, Dray stroked the side of Harry's face with the back of his hand gently, "Guess its time to get you home, ay? Hope you don't mind walking, I'm rather fond of it myself."

"Its alright with me Dray, I'm rather fond of walking myself. I don't live to far from here anyway. Thank you for everything." Harry said quietly, before kissing Dray. Pulling back, he smiled. Sliding his arm around Dray's waist, Harry rested his head on Dray's shoulder as they began the slow trek towards Harry's apartment.

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Become what you Hate:: Midtown

Dumb Reminders:: No Use For a Name

Here Is Gone:: Goo Goo Dolls


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