Far Cry

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De Leurder van de schaduw- The Shadow Walker

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Chapter 14: Velvet Alley


A silhouette of you and me

Just negative space and time

Just a reference to a simpler history

I'd sacrifice a million nights for a moments peace with you

Reflections to dissect reality

Strung Out-velvet alley

It had been several days since his visit to the MoM and St. Mungos, the first in his many years that he had gone back to the Wizarding World. He couldn't say he like it either, but there wasn't much he could do about it. He had a sister to take care of, a child on the way and a boyfriend who was now the most powerful wizard as far as he was concerned. Everything the he had found out was somewhat frightening, but he had refused to let it show. His Malfoy pride had been rearing its ugly head that day. True, he knew most of everything that Pansy had told him… except the part about his magic.

Sighing, he looked down the hall where his sister slept. She had started to make it a habit of sleeping in his room, not that he minded very much. He just met the girl and he had loved her from the moment she smiled at him. She was his sister and he would do anything for her…

Which is why he was going into London tomorrow. He just hoped that she hadn't developed her mother's love for shopping or he would be broke by the end of the day.

He shook his head as he strummed his acoustic lazily. Of course everything was too perfect to last. Harry had come back from his meeting with his employer, Arthur Weasley, the Minister of Magic, only to be called back to the MoM after he dropped them off at The Kedavra. He had come back later that night in such a rage that Draco had almost been frightened of him.


Draco was hovering in the doorway of his bedroom watching the small child sleep, wrapped safely in his blue comforter. Her small doll clutched tightly to her chest. He didn't know how long he had stood and watched her but it wasn't long before Harry came storming through the door with a grim look on his face. Draco started to worry.

Shutting the bedroom door with a soft click, Draco walked over to the figure still dressed in his Dark Auror clothing. Draco looked at him, his eyes a dangerous poisonous green. He stopped and crossed his arms across his chest, to stop the shivers that raced through him. He hoped that Harry hadn't noticed. "So I guess that the meeting didn't go to well?"

Harry took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He had seen Draco's reaction and he didn't want anyone close to him… especially Draco to be afraid of him. He shook his head, "Its… I don't understand what Arthur is thinking! I mean, I didn't even know that you were going to be involved with my case!" Harry was practically seething with anger, his eyes flashing.

Draco looked at him confused, "Harry your going to have to tell me the whole story. I don't understand why you're so pissed off." Draco walked over and taking his arm, led him to the small balcony. Draco gripped the railing and looked out across London. "Besides if you don't calm down your going to wake Lorelei up."

Harry's shoulders sagged in defeat and he came and stood by Draco his. gloved hands gripping the railing. "I'm not allowed to have any kind of contact with you unless the Minister informs me otherwise."

Draco shivered at the tone of his voice, it was flat… no emotion what so ever.

Harry noticed this out of the corner of his eye and shrugged off his heavy cloak and wrapped it around Draco's shoulder, but his arms did not leave, he wrapped them around Draco's waist and pulled him tightly against himself. Draco slumped against him. Nothing was holding him up except for Harry's strength.

"I don't understand, what does this have to do…what do I have to do with your case."

"Simple, Lucius wants Lorelei and he wants you… not to mention the baby. Everything is in connection with you…" Harry trailed off.

"That's not all is it, it has to do with the Malfoy/Weasley relationship. He doesn't want you around me… your basically like another son to him and he doesn't want you… tainted." Draco spat out venomously. Sounding like the Draco back in school that used to taunt his friends and insult him on a daily basis. " The only good that came out of that lot was Ginny."

Harry was silent through the whole tirade. He couldn't speak out against him because that was one of the things that Arthur had indeed mention. "The contract is infallible, and I can't do anything about it. I agreed to it when he hired me. I can't break contract until Lucius is dead or back in Azkaban. As you are connected in a much larger way then you were before he has laid down his WORD and not even his own son can speak out against him."

Draco started, "He's using me and my family as bait. He wants to lure Lucius to us. He's not trying to protect me Harry! He's trying to make sure that I am out of your life for good and that of my sister and my child will not live through this!" Draco moved away from Harry, and turned so that he was facing him, " He is no better then that bloody imbecile Fudge himself! At least Fudge would have had made sure that I was protected! Harry, can't you see what he is planning! You said that you would never work for someone immoral!"

"He's not… he cant be. No, Arthur is NOT immoral. I've known him since I was thirteen!" Harry turned his back to Draco; he could see his Shadows hovering in the darkness watching him. His eyes narrowed as they signaled to him that The Illuminae were watching him. "He doesn't trust me. After all these years, he doesn't trust me." He whispered.

Draco watched Harry closely.

"He sent his lackeys, The Illuminae, to watch me. Well, I'm just going to have to deal with this in my own special way. It seems that he's pulling out all the stops against me… if he doesn't trust me why the hell doesn't he void my contract?" Harry signaled to Artemis, the Shadow that had warned him.

"Maybe because he doesn't want anyone else to hire you, they could use that power against him…" Draco answered.

Harry's right hand clenched and he looked over his shoulder, "That is highly possible… seems that chaos is back once more and I'm once again at the center. This is starting to get old." He sighed, "I'll be back soon, and I will have my shadows around so nothing will go by unnoticed. You still have my number, call me if you need anything. After I deal with the Illuminae… damn bastards," his voice menacing and dark, "I'll contact you." Harry stood on the railing of the balcony and jumped, disappearing into the shadows of the buildings.

"Guess I know why they call him Shadow Walker," Draco sighed and pulled the cloak around him tighter as he walked back inside, locking the balcony window and making sure every thing else was locked he walked back into his bedroom where he could watch over his sister and wonder who the hell were the Illuminae.

::end flash back::

That had been four days ago, it was now nearing the end of September and he had not heard anything from Harry. Though he could feel The Shadows watching him everywhere he went, which was comforting, but not as comforting as having Harry at his side would have been, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. He had thought about calling Harry asking what in the world The Illuminae were, but he didn't want to catch him at the wrong time, it wasn't that important.

He had ran into Ginny at the club with Haze two days ago and he asked her what had Harry been talking about. She explained as best as she could.

Her father had gathered a group together called the Illuminae, they were fearsome creatures… half human half… she didn't know. She had said that the one time when she had run across one it had made her blood run cold. She hadn't known what her father had been thinking, but lately she added, she didn't think that he was thinking at all.

So it was happening all over again, Lucius trying to make a new Dark Lord from HIS child and now a Minister gone bad. It was like an endless cycle… never ending. He was suddenly glad that he wasn't apart of the Wizarding World, but he figured it didn't matter anymore, for the Wizarding World had come to him… full force.

He wondered why he had never heard of the Illuminae before, but then he thought to himself, I have been absent for five years.

September 29th

Draco was strolling down the London sidewalks as Lorelei looked into the windows of shops looking for the perfect store she wanted to go into. Draco couldn't help but smile as she clung to his hand, dragging him from store to store. Raye and Ginny were with him and laughing at the little girls antics.

"It must be nice to have a relation that is alive and not hell bent on destroying you life, Draco." Ginny said as she watched the honey blonde girl bounce animatedly as they walked into a children's clothing store.

"You have no idea, and to think that I'm also going to be a father… urgh, I don't think I'm ready for this much responsibility." Draco made a face.

"Well, you've got us to help you out with everything, ya know. Not to mention Harry, right?" Raye said as she started picking out clothes for the little girl.

Draco's face darkened. "Not until Lucius is dead and buried, as far as I know. The Minister isn't going to let Harry near me unless it's for business. He's got spies watching Harry and Harry has his Shadows watching them and me. Agh, why did my life just suddenly get so complicated!" Draco raised his hands to the air, shouting "Why?!" really loud drawing a lot of attention to himself.

"I don't understand what the hell my father is doing, honestly… I love the man to death, but I think he's becoming senile in his old age. With all the stress of his office… Draco I wish I could tell you its going to be okay, but its gotten to where he doesn't even listen to his children any more and Ron is the bloody Head Auror!" Ginny flung her braid over her shoulder and started to mutter under her breath as she went and chased after the bundle of energy known as Lorelei.

Draco sighed, "She certainly got her mothers energy that's for sure." Raye grinned over at him, she had an armload of shirts, pants, jackets, skirts… all the necessities he needed for her.

He gave her a exasperated look as they went to check out, "You know that you are going to have to give up your room don't you?"

Raye scoffed, "No Dray baby, its more like, your going to have to get a bigger apartment or a house to raise these children in."

"Oh… damn, your right." Draco sighed; he would have to go shopping for apartments soon. Draco pulled out his wallet and swiped his credit card as they gathered their purchases. "But for now, lets just get rid of your shit and move it into Frost's apartment. We need to decorate Lors new room and start buying baby stuff. Like strollers, a bassinet, a carrier, clothes, shoes, diapers, formula…" Draco got a glazed look and started to sway as he began adding up the price in his head. "Oy… I changed my mind, you wanna adopt a kid!?" Draco said jokingly.

Raye grabbed the two shopping bags as Ginny came back with the girl in her arms, "They're all yours, I'll just be the babysitter."

"Ah, Draco just realizing what he's going to need to raise two kids, eh?" Ginny chuckled and they walked out of the store.

Draco snorted and took Lorelei out of her arms and held her himself, "What do you say we go and get little something to eat and then go look for some toys!" Lorelei laughed.

"Can I have any toy I want?"

"Sure, but after we get something to eat… and hey! How bout some ice cream too, you'd like that wouldn't you Lores?"

"Ice Cream! Ice Cream!" Lorelei chanted as they made their way to a little café that had outside tables and they all sat waiting for a waiter.

"So Draco, have you thought about any names for the baby yet?" Raye asked.

Draco sighed, "Actually I haven't put much thought into it… I'm more worried about how the kid will handle it… with you know… losing her mum and everything," He whispered quietly so Lorelei couldn't hear.

"Ah… yes, yes of course. I must have forgotten… I was just so excited about being an Aunt I forgot. Poor thing…" Raye sniffled.

Draco looked at her, blinking several times, "What's up with you? Why are you so emotional today?"

Raye glared at him, and was about to retort when Ginny started to order. Draco hadn't noticed the waiter had shown up.

After they had eaten and gotten Lorelei her ice cream they made their way to a toy store and let Lorelei pick out some toys.

"Still, I think you should start thinking about what you're going to name the kid, I mean it could happen anytime right and it is unavoidable. I'm not trying to be a bitch… and I admit that I didn't like the women but I'm not saying that she deserves to die, but I think you should think about the future and what is best for your child and your sister." Raye answered, she hated pointing out the truth when she knew that it was painful for Draco to think about, but she had to get him thinking good thoughts and not about death, but life.

Draco nodded, he knew that she was right, but he couldn't help but think about death. He had always been surrounded by death… Voldemort practically lived at his mansion, his mother was killed because she was trying to protect him by his own fucking father, he had been brutally raped, beat and starved by his own father, seen first hand what the Avada Kedavra can do to a person by his own hand and… it was hard to think of life when you had been surrounded by nothing but death the first 17 years of your pathetic life.

Ginny looked over and noticed that Draco had gone into his own little world, he didn't even notice his sister tugging on his hand calling his name and trying to get his attention. Raye was starring at him and knew that she had hit a nerve, as she was chewing on her bottom lip nervously.

Ginny took Raye to the side and told her to take Lorelei to look at the toys while she talked to Draco. She didn't even protest, but she excitedly took Lorelei and they went over to a section with stuffed animals.

"Draco… are you with me?" Ginny asked. It was something she had always done when they were in school when he went into one of his trances.

Draco blinked, "Pyro?" His voice broke as he spoke and she led him to an empty part of the store.

"You zoned out on me, Draco. What were you thinking about?" Ginny put her arm around his shoulder.

"Death… everything in my life has been death. Surrounded by death… Raye said I was supposed to think of life… but I don't think I can." Draco would not allow his tears to fall, his Malfoy Pride rearing its head once more.

"Draco, everything is in the past… What Pansy did was of her own choosing. I have a feeling she knew the consequences, but the bastard that took your innocence, your happiness away from you, blinded her. You know what… screw Lucius! You must be strong so that You and Harry can be together… Harry wont let anything happen to you, hell I wont let anything happen to you. If I have to go up against my father I will, I am his little girl and he will listen to me if I have to kick his arse all the way back to the Burrow, where I believe Mother will kick him all the way back to the Ministry. Chin up Draco, you are surrounded by people who love you." Ginny gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek. "No more death non-sense."

Draco couldn't do anything but nod, she was right… His head shot up as he heard Lorelei shout his name with delight.

"Draco… Draco! Look what I found!" Lorelei had a stuffed white wolf his her arms, it had gray eyes and a wolfish grin on its face.

Draco smiled at the girl and her excitement. "Why do you like that wolf so much, Lores?" Draco had a feeling he knew why.

"Beeeccaaauuussee… it reminds me of my brother Draco!" She giggled.

"Is that so little one, and why does that stuffed animal remind you of me?" Draco looked right in her eyes searching for something.

"Because you are wolf, aren't you brother. I can feel it…" She whispered as she hugged the wolf tighter to her.

Ginny looked sharply over at Draco while Raye stared on in confusion. "Not anymore," Draco whispered.

Draco gathered Lorelei in his arms after they had gotten everything they needed, and they started on their way back home.

September 29th

(that night)

Harry was leaning against Draco's balcony, looking in through the glass doors. It was as close as he dared be for the time being, he had always liked watching… observing people. He sighed as he watched Draco amble around the apartment with Lorelei clinging to his leg giggling, Draco had an annoyed look on his face, but he could tell that he enjoyed the attention of his sister.

The wheels in his head began turning as he thought over the last couple of days. His second talk with Arthur had left him confused, and he feared the worst. He thought back to the night that he had stormed back into Draco's apartment furious that Arthur had told him to stay away from Draco. He thought back on the events that had transpired the moment he had launched himself off of Draco's balcony.


Harry looked around the empty street as he was free falling from the 4th story balcony of Draco's apartment. It wasn't an everyday thing to do… jumping off balconies, but at the moment his frustration was so… high, that he didn't give a damn about showing his strengths to the bastards called the Illuminae.

Harry grabbed the edges of his trench coat, which he wore under his cloak, and braced himself for the landing. Now he didn't like to flaunt how powerful he was or the fact that he hides what power he does have, but at the moment he was pissed. Extremely. It seemed to him that anger was the only emotion that he has felt for the past three weeks… was it three weeks, since he had found Draco.

His feet met pavement as he landed without so much as a jolt of pain, thanks to his spelled boots… have to be prepared for anything and everything. Reaching back, he pulled the deep hood over his head and nothing of his appearance could be seen except his green eyes, which glowed when he was angry. Artemis was the first of his Shadows to come to him and stand at his left shoulder, "It seems that the minister doesn't trust me anymore, Artemis… as he sent his bitches to spy on us."

Artemis just glared at the offending wastes of space, since they had been revealed they had come out of their hiding spots in numbers… ten of them in all. They dressed in grey cloaks that held on them the crest of the MoM on the left side. Harry sneered in disgust as they closed around him and Artemis.

Whispers of De Leurder van de schaduw echoed around the two Shadows.

Artemis cracked a grim sort of smile as they formed a circle around them. "You know, it's been a while since I had any REAL action, if you know what I mean. Can we please just dispense of them NOW instead of later?"

Harry rested a hand on Artemis's shoulder and squeezed it in reassurance, "Rest easy my friend, the time will come when they receive what they have coming to them. Regrettably it is not this night." Harry turned his attention back to the leader of the Illuminae; "I want you away from this apartment." His voice was emotionless… cold and dead. Artemis took a step back from his leader and shuddered, as did the other four shadows that were hidden. "And if I EVER find you near Him or His family… or His Friends, then I will rank you right up there with my personal vendetta with that of Lucius Malfoy."

The leader hissed and stepped back, its claws twitching. Harry couldn't believe that Arthur could employ such creatures to work under him.

There was movement in the dark alleys as the other shadows emerged from their hiding places, like ghosts and walked behind Harry, flanking him with their full support. "Just let me make this clear to you…" Harry reached inside his jacket and produced the sword of Godric Gryffindor. The blade had mutated with Harry's growth in magic, and now that he had it unsheathed, the blade grew several inches longer. His leather gloves creaked on the hilt as he used it to point to the Leader of the Illuminae, " When this is over, rest assured that I will seek you out… every one of you that go against my orders, I will seek you out and I will kill you."

The leader, known as Slayte growled deep in its throat, "You think you scare us Walker, but it is you that is mistaken. Your incompetence with this assignment has not gone unnoticed and will be reported to the Master. I will make sure that you are the one to pay for tonight's actions against us!"

"Slayte, you are the one that will pay for your impudence! I will have you at the end of my sword before this is over with!" Harry's voice boomed loudly, causing some of the Illuminae to jump slightly. "You think that I don't know what your intentions are, Arthur may be blind but I can see right through you and your scheming!" He tapped his head "I know things… I've been onto you for a while now." Harry smirked, the knowledge from Tom Riddle was more then helpful, oh yes, and he knew exactly what they were.

Slayte hissed in rage, " You know nothing Walker! NOTHING!" before the others could blink a ball of green energy was hurled at the Shadows. They quickly moved out of the way before it struck and when they brought out their chosen weapons the Illuminae were gone.

The Shadows looked down and saw that where the energy had hit, left a gaping whole, the pavement dripping with acidic like liquid. "I don't understand why you won't let us go ahead and get rid of those nuisances! They can't be that powerful."

"There's more going on here then we have been given privilege to know, Brayden. I don't think its just Lucius and his followers that we have to worry about anymore. We have a family to protect and a mystery to solve… and we start with the Minister of Magic. I believe that what we are looking for is right under our noses this whole entire time." Harry stood and sheathed his sword. "I'm just going to have a talk with the 'Minister', I want at least three Shadows with Draco at all times." Harry took out a piece of parchment that had several names written on it, "Don't let anyone get near him that isn't on this list. I know you think this may see a little elementary, but I am dead serious. This isn't only for the safety of him and his family but perhaps the whole of England."

"We read you loud and clear, Brayden and Aaron, along with myself will take station for now. I'll inform you on who's watching him while you are not around him." Artemis informed his leader.

"I trust you Artemis, and everyone. Keep safe and I will contact you and the rest as soon as I learn something." Harry gave them all a nod of farewell and apparated.

::end flashback::

The strange thing was the fact that Arthur denied any involvement with sending the Illuminae that night. In fact, he said that he had been home that entire day… which was odd, because he had contacted Molly who also said that her husband had been home. He had just had an argument about him staying away from Draco and then he goes back and Arthur tells him that he never said anything of the sort. He was Draco's main source of protection and that of the girls and the child's. He wasn't that stupid.

So what the hell was Slayte doing outside of Draco's apartment?

"What the fuck!" Harry exclaimed. He didn't understand how he had slipped through the defenses of the MoM and how in the hell he had gotten past Ron, but Lucius Malfoy under the guise of Arthur Weasley had been the one he had argued with that night. He figured that Harry listened to Arthur… the Illuminae were employed by Lucius Malfoy and Arthur figured that the Illuminae were something that came along with being Minister. The Illuminae had been there to take Draco and the girl. He was going to have to start sticking by Draco 24/7 now, (not that he minded one bit).

"I do know SOMETHING Slayte, I know more then you think I know…" Harry sneered. It may have taken him a while to figure out what the hell was going on in the Ministry, but he did know that the Creatures of the Illuminae were creations of Dark Magic. Even though he had this knowledge he wasn't sure what kind of hold Arthur had over the creatures. True, they were made to serve the Minister… Fudge to be exact for his 'loyalties' to the Dark Lord. The knowledge only revealed it self when something triggered his memories… or Riddle's memories. He just hoped that nothing would trigger the memories of all the suffering that had gone on under Riddle's descent into darkness.

Harry shuddered.

With one last look into the apartment, Harry left. He had to have a meeting with all branches of the DA and a long talk with Hermione and Ron. He just hoped that the child could hold off being born for a little while longer.


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