Tsurugi groaned as he opened his tired lids, the apricot orbs stunned into alertness by a sudden harsh glare blinding his vulnerable eyes. In an effort to save his poor sight, the leader placed a worn hand over his eyes, a half strangled moan escaping the now cracked lips, the callused palm providing some relief from the constant burn.

After several minutes of blinking behind the shadow of his fingers, the boy allowed his eyes to see directly into the unknown room, finding the source of his pain to be no more than a small dim lamp across from the rough sheets he'd been sleeping in.

The reality of the situation stunned the boy into action, panic over taking his weary body, flinging the bruised arm forward; attempting to leap out of bed… but instead of freedom, there came a half crippled body slump backward…

When putting all his weight upon his arms, Tsurugi had found himself suddenly falling back down on the bed, pain lancing up his arm like strikes of lightning.

Glancing down at his betraying limb, he finally noticed the perfectly wrapped bandage on his arm, noting the small safety pin securing the bright white linen to the aching flesh.

Flashes of yesterday appeared in his mind. The job, the store, the sign, Ide turning, the bite-

The bite!

Tsurugi finally remembered

I was bitten by a Walker!

He glanced again at the bandage and waited a moment before he began to unwind it.

Then why…

The hardened hunter carefully tugged on the bandage, unrolling it over and under his arm and back again, the discarded cover balling onto the crumpled sheets.

As he continued the boy saw the now padded bandage turn a cracked brown, the smell of musty cloth and iron hitting his nostrils hard, burning the sensitive hairs easily.

Am I still…

Hastening along Tsurugi finally exposed his wound to the elements, finding a bite that had been cleaned and stitched with the same care his bandage had been applied with. But that wasn't what shocked the blue haired hunter the most.

What had him more dumbfounded than anything in this whole foreign scenario was that the gouged out flesh had already healed significantly, the area covered in hardened lines of new pink skin.


"What the fuck…" Tsurugi wondered aloud, staring wide eyed at the stitched up injury. No one in the past had survived a walker bite, let alone live long enough to have some unknown stranger bandage it.

A small wave of nausea suddenly washed over the still very human boy, the feeling causing his arm hair to stick up in response to the irrational fear plaguing his muddled mind.

Was he some kind of experiment? A lab rat? Or worse…

Deciding it was too dangerous to stay around any longer, Tsurugi forced himself up and off the single bed with his still good arm, cradling the other close to his chest, preventing himself from making the same mistake as last time. With the stealth only a hunter could possess, the boy slowly moved around the bed, eyes darting across the walls, searching for a way to freedom.

Spinning around on the spot Tsurugi finally found the door.

He strode forward until he reached the wooden handle, reaching down; he swung the door open, fist at the ready in case of a walker. Much to his surprise there was a smaller brunette boy, clad in white singlet, football shorts and commando boots, half risen from placing a tray of food on the floor.

Seeing Tsurugi in attack mode the boy jumped slightly spilling the tray onto the floor. Before the boy could pick up the fallen food however, he was pinned to the wall by the injured boy, the tray and the food left where it was.

Tsurugi kept him pressed into the plaster with his right hand gripping the boy's shoulder.

"Woah! Woah! Calm down! I was just bringing you some food!" the boy exclaimed trying to get his attacker off him but was unable to.

"Where am I?! Who are you?! How am I still alive?!" Tsurugi shouted applying more pressure on the boy's shoulder.

"Ah!" the boy screamed, "y-you're in an apartment… Um hi? A-and I cured you…"

Then as an afterthought "it's Tenma…Matsukaze Tenma"

"How did you cure me 'Tenma'?" he snarled not believing the brunette, "there is no cure for the bite!"

"T-There is!" Tenma stuttered now shaking under Tsurugi's grip.

"How?! What is it?! A serum?! A pill?! Tell Me!" Tsurugi demanded removing and slamming his good hand on the wall to the left side of Tenma's head causing him to flinch. His face was so close Tenma could feel his hot breath dancing across his skin, those strangely tense piercing eyes staring into his baby blue ones.

"Y-You don't remember?" this question brought Tsurugi back to his previous thought.

"The kiss…." he whispered, staring into Tenma's eyes, the fear forcing the baby blue to stretch as wide as tea plates.

"You…." he choked, "you kissed me….."

Tenma blushed while answering with a soft whisper, "Y-Yes…."

It took a full minute before Tenma's words sunk in – He. Kissed. Him.

This boy kissed him….and he liked it! He actually liked being kissed by a guy! Suddenly Tsurugi's face turned all red and he started feeling warm… Too warm for thinking about a guy this way.

Tsurugi hadn't realised Tenma had started talking as a ringing sound replaced the boy's voice. The room began to darken as Tsurugi's eye lids grew heavy over his eyes. Slowly his arms land on Tenma's shoulders, hands curved around the back of his neck. His legs collapsed on him as his face buried into the boy's chest.

"No! No no no no!" Tenma gasped, quickly wrapping his arms around Tsurugi's waist to support the boy but ended up being taken down along with him.

"Ow…" the brunette groaned before realising the awkward position he and Tsurugi were in. Tsurugi was lying, unconscious, head resting into Tenma's collar bone, snuggling in closely…

Tenma could feel every breath on the side of his neck, he felt Tsurugi's chest rising and falling in the same rhythm, they were in perfect sync, like they were the only two who knew the same song of bodies.

He's so cold…Tenma realised after absorbing his body heat that was below the normal level.

He could understand why the navy haired boy's temperature was so low as he lost a lot of blood. Deciding to let the boy sleep, Tenma just laid there as he seemed comfortable. Maybe later after he gave him enough rest then he would dare to move him.


Miyabino sat by the window and watched as their leader made yet another speech about who their true enemies were. It had been 6 days since Ide was killed and Tsurugi was left for death. He still couldn't get over the fact that they just left Tsurugi there to hold off the Walkers while they ran away.

Mitsuyoshi tried to comfort the young boy on the matter by saying that it's what Tsurugi wanted them to do but nothing seemed to work. "The boss will kill him if he doesn't get over it," Isazaki told Mitsuyoshi as they watched Miyabino stare out the window. "I know…but he's just a kid," Mitsuyoshi answered back. "Kid or not…you know the code," Isazaki reminded his friend. "Just give him a little more time…" Isazaki sighed but nodded and looked back at Miyabino before heading to his room. He took one last look at the poor boy as he also made his way to his own room.

Little did they know that they were being heard by a very interested individual. "Hm…so he's worried about the undead hot shot…the boss will want to heard this…" he chuckled, pushing his light hair behind his ear and heading into a separate room.


Tenma watched out the window as more walkers passed by in the street. They were on located the 3rd Floor so the brunette believed they were safe, the walkers never made it up this far anyway. Besides if they did attack, he already had an escape plan ready – open the window that looked towards the ally that he found the blue haired rebel in, run down the fire escape onto the dumpster and hopefully climb over the wall into the car park.

That's if the alarm goes off in time, Tenma had many walker attacks to perfect his traps. Gently rubbing the scar on his left arm as the memories came rushing back. He had to hold back his tears to keep his voice down so the walkers wouldn't hear.

Seeing them walk by, Tenma shut the curtains and headed back to the small kitchen in the apartment. Since he had another living person with him now, he had to cut the food in half. He'd been feeding him soup and all the liquid foods he had for the past 6 days and was happy he was finally awake so he could feed him what solid food he had left.

He smiled sadly at the thought of having another person with him – alive that is. Sure he had a few walkers burst in now and then but never seen another living person for weeks.

Feeling suddenly embarrassed at earlier events, Tenma tried to cover his blush and calm down his rapid beating heart. "No no no no," Tenma told himself, "I can't be thinking like that."

He picked up the tray of a small ration of food and headed back into the bedroom. Quietly opening the door, trying not to wake the injured boy – lucky for him it worked.

Tenma gently sat the tray down on the desk and took a seat next to the bed. He smiled softly, reaching out his hand to the boy's forehead. His fever had gone down which was good and he also wasn't cold at all so his temperature had gone back to normal completely.

What fascinated Tenma were the markings around his eyes. He'd never seen any like them before, were they tattoos or birth marks? Deciding to get a closer look, Tenma scooted forward and leaned in close enough that he could even feel his breath. It's as if they were in perfect sync again.

Before he could sit back he was grabbed by the shoulder and pulled down by a powerful force. Tenma blinked and found himself pinned beneath the blue haired boy, one hand on his shoulder the other pinning his arm above his head. It gave the brunette a clear view of Tsurugi's features, the quickness in his breath, how the bangs framed the beauty of his face – everything about him amazed the brunette how quickly his new roommate had recovered.

"I want answers….now!" the furious boy demanded, tightening his grip on the poor boy's wrist. Tenma winced at the sudden pain, despite having been infected Tsurugi had gained back most of his strength.

"Just… *ack* just wait!"

With a crash the pair startled apart, Tenma flipping the injured boy off of his person, running towards his weapon stash.

"They found me…"