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Your Lips on Mine P1

The kiss ended as tentatively as it had started, it was a sweet kiss, but as Chuck opened his eyes he knew it wasn't magic.

"Mint ice cream," Sarah said confused.

"What? I haven't had…." Chuck replied.

"Not now, but once?" Sarah cocked her head, her eyes squinted to look back in time.

"Heh," Chuck smiled, "funny you chose to remember that moment. I'm lucky I remember that moment."

"You were drunk," it wasn't an accusation.


"In your underwear," it was starting to sound like an accusation now.

"I wasn't at my best," he blushed and looked down at his knees.

"But we kissed, and it was sweet and tentative," Sarah pointed out and Chuck realized it was a similar kiss.

"So maybe Morgan was right, maybe the kiss idea will work, we just have to recreate every kiss we ever had," Chuck said excitedly as he leapt to his feet.

Sarah snorted a laugh as Chuck flipped through his memories trying to pick the kisses that would stand out the most.

"Trust me?" he looked down at her and held out his hand.

Sarah didn't answer with words, but she put her hand in his and the next thing she knew he had pulled her to her feet, pulled her close and kissed her deeply. His hands found her face, framed it as his lips worked furiously against hers, coaxing them open and allowing his tongue access.

After his initial surge of bravery, just as it had happened 3 years ago, he slowed down, tensed a bit waiting for her to recoil or, you know, stab him, but she slowly ended the kiss, pulling away and touching her lips.

The look on Sarah's face was similar to that day, slightly surprised and mostly turned on.

"I went to fix my lipstick," she blushed, Sarah Walker blushed.

"We didn't actually buy that excuse," Chuck grinned.

"OK, one more" Sarah smiled, her competitive side coming out.

Chuck bit his lip, shook out his arms and raised his eyebrows in a challenge.

"I'm ready," Sarah promised.

Chuck approached her, looked into her eyes with a smile on his face and kissed her, his hands coming up to cup her jaw. It seemed like any other normal kiss but then he pulled back and dipped her, leaning down he placed a big sloppy wet kiss on her neck before righting her to a standing position. As soon as he looked at her he knew it hadn't worked.

"Two out of three isn't bad," she shrugged and Chuck tried to school his features to hide his disappointment.

He nodded but ended with his head down, his chin tucked into his chest and Sarah could see the defeat in his shoulders.

"That one was important?" she reached over and tilted up his chin.

"Yeah," he said softly not trusting his voice.

"We'll just have to keep trying until I remember," she smirked.

"Do you want to?" he asked.

"Keep kissing you? Absolutely," she grinned.

He smiled.

"I meant, do you want to try?"

She lost her voice then, as if it were sucked right out of her body by the sincerity of the man standing in front of her. So she just nodded and stepped closer to him, wrapped her arms around his torso and rested her head against his heart, felt the beat of it shift under her ear, pick up speed and strength as he cradled her close.

"As much as I would like to trust Morgan's medical expertise gleaned from over a decade of ER episodes and as much as I would like your treatment to be nothing but making out I think we should talk to Ellie."

Chuck felt Sarah stiffen slightly in his arms.

"It's OK, she's fine. She wants to help," Chuck assured her.

"OK," Sarah agreed.



They stood there moments longer, the muted sunlight just about completely masked by clouds and the ocean breeze cooler and damp. Sarah shivered and Chuck pulled her in closer, his long arms covering her back, but unwilling to let her go just yet.


Morgan was in the courtyard when Chuck returned, whether he was back there or still there since Chuck left was uncertain.

"So?" Morgan circled Chuck like a small dog, trying to gauge his friend's mood.

"It kind of worked," Chuck admitted hesitantly.

"Kind of? Magic isn't kind of, it is definitive," Morgan's hands were flying as he tried to figure out what Chuck meant.

"Little things are coming back, but more importantly Sarah seems committed to working on it, here with me, together," Chuck smiled.

Morgan smiled too, but looked around for his friend's gorgeous wife and saw no sign of her.

"Are you sure, Chuck? Because you're alone," he said it slowly in case Chuck had had some sort of mental break.

"Yeah buddy, Sarah went to the hotel to check out and get her stuff," Chuck assured him.

"Oh, great, good then," Morgan patted Chuck's back but continued to be skeptical.

"I'm going to take a quick shower," Chuck hooked his thumb over his shoulder towards his apartment and Morgan just nodded.

Chuck disappeared into the apartment and Morgan took his seat on the fountain to make sure Sarah actually showed up. He wasn't keen on spying on his friends, but Chuck needed someone watching his back if things went south. Morgan would be there. He knew that if Sarah left it would be worse than a no shaving, View watching, cheese ball binge this time.

Chuck made his way to the bathroom and started up a hot shower. The chill of the beach had seeped through his clothes and he had sand in unpleasant places. He also needed a place to hide. Once safely ensconced in the shower he leaned his forehead against the tile and sobbed, let go of all the anguish he had been trying to conceal.

Sure he had let a few tears fall in front of Sarah as he told her their story on the beach, but he tried so hard to hold himself together for her, to be the strength she always was for him. The fact she didn't remember their wedding gutted him though and he used the shower to purge all the pain before she arrived.

Chuck felt much better after the shower and as he slipped on a clean pair of jeans he heard Morgan greet Sarah in the courtyard.

"Sarah!" Morgan said equal parts relieved and surprised.

"Hi Morgan," she replied tentatively.

"I'm just really glad to see you," he sighed and ran a hand over his beard.

"Isn't Chuck back yet? Didn't he tell you I was coming?"

"He did, he is, back I mean. I'm just glad nothing detained you."

"Worried I would change my mind?"

"Something like that," Morgan shrugged.

"Well I am here and I am planning to stay here. I know how important you are to Chuck, Morgan, and I imagine you were important to me too…" Sarah began.

"Eventually," he nodded.

"Good, so we should get together soon and talk. After I talk to Ellie?" Sarah said her sister-in-law's name with trepidation.

"Any time, Sarah. Really, anything you need, ever," Morgan replied with such conviction, the same kind of sincerity she felt from Chuck.

Sarah might not remember these people around her, but she was a spy and she knew how to read people and now with her head clear of Quinn's lies she could see that what she had here in California might actually be real.

"Right now, I need Chuck," she smiled.

"He needs you too," Morgan patted her arm and returned to his apartment.

Sarah stood in the courtyard for a minute, the sky darkening to night and the low hum of the nocturnal insects surrounding her. She put her bag down and crossed her arms in front of her, closed her eyes. Chuck finally grew impatient of anticipating her knock and opened the door.

"Hi," she said, her eyes still closed.

"Hi," he replied his voice closer than she expected.

His long legs had brought him within arm's length.

"Have we ever danced out here?" she asked.

"A couple times actually. Ellie and Awesome's wedding reception was here, Casey planned it and it is both an awful and an amazing story. We had a couple parties here too," he trailed off leaving the engagement party and rehearsal dinner details off.

"Mmmmm," she nodded, "I like it here."

"In the courtyard?"

"In California," she smiled. "I never really had a home…"

She began and Chuck didn't dare interrupt her. She moved back to the fountain and took a seat and he joined her.

"My parents, well, my childhood wasn't traditional," she laughed and he nodded.

"You know this?" she asked and he nodded again.

"I told you?"

"Reluctantly," he smiled, "I crashed a dinner with your dad once thinking it was a date."

"You've met Jack?" she smirked.

"And Emma," he ventured.

The smirk was replaced with terror.

"It's OK, she's safe now," he placed a large warm hand on her knee, "Molly too."

"Wow," was all she could muster before a shiver wracked her body.

"Come inside. I took a shower already, there are clean towels and all your stuff is still in the bathroom if you want to warm up. I can make some food," he offered.

"Thanks," she stood and Chuck followed.

"I'll call Ellie while you're in the shower and make a plan, it is getting late in Chicago," he looked at his watch and did the math.

"OK," she nodded and crossed the threshold back into the apartment.

"Welcome home, Sarah,"