Your Lips on Mine P10

A couple days later Chuck was relaxing in a beach chair when Emma came to sit beside him.

"How are you doing?" she asked as she fished a cold bottle of water out of the cooler.

"We're good," Chuck smiled as he watched Sarah and Molly collecting shells at the water's edge.

"That's not what I asked. How are YOU doing?"

"I have my moments of terror and self-pity, but mostly I am good," Chuck admitted.

"I know this isn't the Sarah you married, but she also isn't the Sarah of 5 years ago that left Molly with me and turned back to the CIA."

"I know that and better yet, she knows that. It is frustrating though, to feel like we are starting almost from scratch," Chuck picked at the label on his water bottle.

"It'll make you stronger," Emma tried.

"I felt perfectly strong before," Chuck grinned.

"I know I don't know you that well and I hope this goes without saying, but don't give up on her."

"Never, Emma, never. Too many people gave up on me, I could never do that to her."

"You were meant to find each other," Emma smiled.

"It is all linked you know, after what she went through to save Molly her next assignment was me. If she hadn't done what she did she might still be in Europe, away from both of us," Chuck explained.

"I'm so happy to have her back."

"Me too," Chuck smiled as Sarah and Molly approached.

"Chuck, we found a sea urchin," Molly squealed.

"Really? Cool, I wanna see," Chuck leaned forward to look in the bucket and Sarah leaned against his shoulder, from his angle in the low chair he turned and placed a soft kiss on her thigh before glancing in the bucket.

Sarah's hand found his hair and played with the mess there Chuck had been swimming earlier and the salt water had wreaked havoc on his curls, Sarah loved the texture though as she raked her nails along his scalp. Chuck finally had to tear his eyes from Molly's bucket of sea treasures to look at his wife.

Sarah laughed at the pleading look on his face.

"Sorry," she said although she didn't really sound sorry, she did move her hand from his head to the back of his neck.

"Sea shell hunting is hungry work, right Molly?" Sarah asked.

"I'm starving," the girl declared.

"Starving?" Emma reacted with mock horror.

"Yes," Molly confirmed.

"Well then, we need sandwiches, stat," Emma hopped up and retrieved lunch from another cooler in the mini city they had created on the beach.

Sarah found a chair and pulled it next to Chuck.

"Having fun?" she asked as she leaned in to kiss him.

"Yes," he smiled into the next kiss.

"You guys kiss way too much," Molly sighed.

"Oh?" Sarah asked with an arched eyebrow.

"It's gross," Molly wrinkled her nose.

"You won't think so in a few years," Sarah teased.

"Sarah!" Emma and Chuck reprimanded at once and Sarah just grinned innocently.

"She won't," Sarah shrugged.

"I like kissing people, but not like that," Molly pointed at the offending couple.

"We'll try to control ourselves," Sarah laughed and Chuck pouted.

"I said try," she kissed him softly and then moved to get a sandwich.

When Molly continued to look repulsed Chuck stuck his tongue out and she broke into a fit of giggles.

"Chicken salad or ham & cheese?" Sarah asked.

"Chicken salad please," he replied and she tossed him a sandwich.

"Chuck and I are taking a little vacation," Sarah mentioned as she passed around chips to go with the sandwiches.

"Oh?" Emma asked.

"We have to take care of some business in DC, so we are going to go to Bermuda for a couple weeks," Chuck mentioned.

"That's quite a vacation," Emma smiled.

"We need a little alone time," Sarah shrugged.

"For kissing?" Molly interjected.

"Yes," Sarah responded.

"Yuck," Molly replied with a complete body shiver.

"Isn't it cold in Bermuda in February?" Emma asked.

"Well it won't be hot, but it should be in the 60's or even 70's if we're lucky," Chuck smiled.

"Less tourists in the off season and we can keep each other warm," Sarah grinned.

"I think it's a great idea," Emma nodded.

"Do they have a beach in Bermuda?" Molly asked.

"Lots of them, Bermuda is an island, do you know what that means?" Chuck asked.

"It has water all around it," Molly was suddenly more interested in this vacation plan.

"You're a smart kid," Chuck poked her with his toe.

"And the sand in Bermuda is pink," Sarah added.

"No way," Molly shook her head.

"It is, I'll bring you back some," Sarah promised.

"Will you be back for my dance recital?" Molly asked and Chuck's eyes shifted quickly to Sarah.

Between the initial reconnecting with Emma & Molly and Quinn's eradicating of her memories they had agreed to go to Molly's dance recital. Chuck was certain Sarah didn't remember that and they were trying to keep Sarah's memory loss from Molly. Luckily Sarah was still a well-trained spy who could not be flummoxed by a 6 year old.

"Chuck?" she asked seemingly about the dates.

"Yes Molly, we will be back before your recital," Chuck promised and Sarah smiled.

"Oh good, I told my friends you were coming," Molly smiled shyly.

Sarah was pretty sure Molly had a little crush on Chuck, but really who could blame her.

When she finished her lunch Molly lay under the umbrella with a book and was soon sound asleep.

"Take a walk with me?" Sarah asked as she held her hand out to Chuck.

"Sure," he allowed her to pull him out of the sand chair.

"We won't be long," Sarah told her mother who waved them off and indicated her own book would keep her occupied.

Sarah put a floppy hat on her head and had Chuck reapply some sunscreen to both of them before they headed down along the water's edge.

"Thanks for covering with Molly on the dance recital thing," Sarah mentioned as a wave lapped over her feet.

"No problem, we will be back for the recital, I just forgot all about it until she said something."

"You've been a little pre-occupied," Sarah swing their joined hands.

"When we get back we'll need to start getting back to real life though, work and commitments," Chuck began.

"More taco nights and less evil cabals?" Sarah teased.

"That too," Chuck smiled.

"That's OK."

"You sure?" Chuck still had a fear that this Sarah wasn't quite ready to keep house.

"Yes," she said definitively.

"Of course, Beckman could put a wrench in all of this."

"We don't work for her anymore," Sarah shook her head.

"I still have the Intersect," Chuck tapped his temple.

"Mmmm," Sarah nodded.

"I want to keep it," Chuck admitted.

"For CI?"

"Partly and partly because I seem to be the only human who can really handle it, there has to be a reason for that."

"As long as it doesn't cause you any physical problems," Sarah acquiesced.

"But if I have it and I don't help the government, isn't that selfish? And if I go back to work for the CIA then we are back to constant danger and less taco nights," Chuck sighed.

"Let's wait and hear Beckman out next week and then we can discuss our options during our 2 weeks in paradise," Sarah reasoned.

"Your mom is right, it isn't going to be very warm. Would you rather go somewhere else?"

"No, I like the idea of a less populated resort. Did you see that room we booked?"

"It's bigger than the apartment," Chuck laughed.

"Think of all the places I can kiss you," she teased and Chuck blushed at the perceived double entendre.

"I do have a list," he surprised her with his cheeky response.

"In any particular order?" she leaned up to speak quietly.

In her bare feet Sarah was considerably shorter than Chuck so he met her half way and kissed her soundly.

A high pitched squeal broke them apart and Chuck looked down to see a toddler moving very quickly towards the water, his pregnant mother struggling to catch up.

"Lincoln, stop please," she said loud enough for him to hear but not quite shouting.

Chuck and Sarah were ankle deep in the water, the tide having come in a little during their walk, but even ankle deep is too much for a toddler if he falls face first. Chuck let go of Sarah and scooped Gavin off his feet. The child protested at first, but when he looked at Chuck and Chuck smiled and the kid smiled right back. Disaster averted.

Sarah couldn't explain what was happening, but suddenly she remembered a list of boy names that began with "L".

"Lincoln?" Chuck asked as the woman caught up.

The little boy nodded and giggled.

"Thank you. I turned around for one minute," she tried to explain and push the long strand of hair from her pony tail off her face.

"It's OK, I got him," Chuck hoisted the boy on to his hip while the pregnant woman caught her breath and Sarah lost hers.

"Lincoln, Momma said to wait for Daddy before you went in the water," the woman spoke slowly and ran a hand over the boy's soft hair.

"Sorry," he said and shyly hid his face in Chuck's shoulder.

"It's OK, but back up to the blanket until Daddy is back from the car," she said and she reached for him.

"I can walk him up for you," Chuck offered and the woman smiled.

"Be right back," Chuck smiled at Sarah and kissed her before heading up the beach.

When he returned Sarah was crouched down in the ankle deep water, sifting through the sand as the waves ebbed and flowed.

"Back," he announced so as not to startle her.

He crouched down to her level and luckily had enough balance to keep them upright when she launched herself at him.

"I remember thinking about baby names," she said as she shifted to a kneeling position, the sand prickling at her knees.

"Oh Sarah," he sighed into her salty hair.


"You sure you can hold down the fort?" Chuck asked as he finished a few things at CI.

"Of course I can, who do you think you are talking to?" Morgan asked.

Chuck just looked at him.

"Right, I've had my moments, but I am totally on top of this. We have a client that needs a back ground check done and a couple of potentials that need intro interviews, I can totally handle that and the Buy More hand over," Morgan assured him.

"Good, I need this time with Sarah, but not at the risk of the business," Chuck stressed the importance.

"I also know how to get ahold of Casey if anything really bad goes down, like some shadowy government renegade finds his way into Castle."

"I wish you were kidding, but that has happened a half a dozen times or so," Chuck laughed.

"You just take your gorgeous wife to Ankle Beach or wherever you are going…."

"Elbow beach," Chuck clarified.

"I have it written down somewhere," Morgan promised.

"Thanks, buddy," Chuck clapped him on the shoulder as he stood from the computer and cracked his back.

"Anything for you man, you know that."

"I do," Chuck smiled as the door opened and Sarah made her way down the stairs.

"Hey guys."

"Hey, babe," Chuck smiled, "you all packed?"

"I am. My toothbrush and all my lingerie are in a bag," she teased.

"And which of those lacy pieces are you planning to wear to meet with Beckman tomorrow?" Chuck grinned.

"OK, you caught me, I packed a couple of other things," she shrugged.

"I have to get back up to the Buy More, you two kids have fun," Morgan hugged them both before leaving.

"Everything OK here?" Sarah asked as she circled the conference table.

"It is," Chuck nodded.

"Our bags are in the car, we have a couple hours before we have to be at the airport," Sarah glanced at her watch.

"Want to grab some dinner before the red eye?"

"Probably a good idea, but I was hoping you might want to show me the supply closet…"

"Come here," he held out his hand as his eyes roamed her entire body.

Normally Sarah would find that kind of head to toe observation unsettling at best and repulsive at worst, but not when the observer is Chuck. After just a week of reconnecting with Chuck, emotionally and physically, she is fully convinced that every time he looks at her it is for her pleasure as well as his own.

Instead of showing her to the supply closet though he simply pulled her close and kissed her ever so gently. His lips against hers sealing them together.

The End

A/N: Thank you all so much for such wonderful feedback along the way. I promise you are going to get to see Chuck & Sarah's trip to Bermuda in the sequel to this story entitled Your Hands in Mine starting very soon!