Authors Note: What's next for our beloved Potions master Severus Snape? I've begun work on the sequel to this story, entitled "Starring Severus Snape 2: Reality Bites Snape" and I want to tell you a little bit about it.

At the beginning of SSS2 Snape is still enjoying the normalcy that returned at the start of SSS1, although he is surprised at the various reactions to his Muggle movie "William The Wizard." Rumour has it that Mr. Hampton is anxious to make "William The Wizard 2", wanting to capitalize on the blockbuster success of the movie which is already tipped to earn the award winning director, and owner of "Hampton Productions" a few awards come awards season. Snape has heard the rumours but he chooses to ignore them since he has absolutely no intention of ever stepping in front of a camera again, nor of working with Muggles any more than he might have to as dictated by his work in Potions. Unfortunately the best laid plans are usually the ones to not work….

Snape is pressured into joining a man named Mr. Mathers who owns a big television company which has invested millions into the so-called Muggle reality television phenomenon. Snape wants to say no but the request comes from the top- the Minister for Magic himself who says that Muggle-Wizard relations are vital right then (which Snape takes as a concession to the constant claims by people like Dumbledore that Lord Voldemort is back, although he guesses Fudge is not about to admit it out loud, nor for the time being, admit it publicly and let the wizarding world know that vigilance is of the essence now) and Snape needs to do this thing. So Snape, reluctantly, goes back to London and speaks to Mr. Mathers who tells him his plans for Snape to star in three reality television shows. Snape hates the idea of course but Fudge had made things clear: Snape had absolutely no choice whatsoever in the say of this!

You can only imagine the way Snape goes about becoming a reality star and, once again, dealing with the Muggles on a daily basis… And, if you can't imagine, then I suggest you jump over to "Starring Severus Snape 2" and find out…

Also, "Starring Severus Snape 4: Severus Snape Simulates", and "Starring Severus Snape 5: Snape Through the Ages" will follow SSS2.

I hope you enjoy SSS2 as much as you enjoyed SSS1.