"Did you love me? I loved you. I loved you so much."

So much.

"Riku, I... I... No. Well, not in the way you mean! I love you like a friend, like a brother. Not like... That."

Sora looked to his friend, half-afraid, half-confused. What was going on? Riku... Loved him? He could see the want pouring from those seagreen orbs, calling him closer, pulling him in.

"It's ok... If you don't love me, I guess. But..." The older boy looked at him imploringly. "Could you do something for me? Only once, and never again... Unless you want to, of course." He grinned slyly.

"W-What?" Sora felt cornered on the bent trunk of the Paopu. Riku could have such a dominating presence when he wanted to.

"Kiss me." He stated plainly. "I'll start it off, but we can go as far as you want. I won't force you to do anything you don't want to." He looked down as he placed his hand tenderly upon the younger boy's. "All you have to do is just...

"Kiss me back."

"Kiss... Kiss you back? But... Why?" Sora blinked. Wouldn't that torture him more?

"Because I think it's better to know. Just one kiss, and I'll never have to wonder what it would be like again. I promise you, Sora," he squeezed the boy's hand, "I promise that nothing will change between us. Just... Do this for me, and everything can go back to the way it was before."

The two locked eyes, Sora blushing profusely as Riku gazed at him with an earnest the other had never seen before. He lifted his hand to caress the other's cheek, eyes begging. Slowly, Sora nodded his head. "Ok, if it will make you happy."

Riku smiled and leaned into his companion, sealing their lips together in a light, chaste kiss.


His lips on mine felt strange at first, and suddenly I felt compelled to pull away. I didn't though, and the longer I held it, the better it felt. I leaned into him, not quite sure what my body was doing and why my brain had seemed to lose all control over it. Something about that warmth drew me to him. I wanted more of it, so afraid to lose that precious heat.

His warmth.

He said that we could move at my pace. I suppose he'd expected me to pull away when I first had those feelings of doubt, but I felt him relax a bit when I hadn't. Was I giving him the wrong impression by holding this kiss for so long? More importantly, was I deluding myself with these feelings? I just couldn't pull myself away. I wanted him. I didn't know why, but I did. I wanted him and that sweet warmth all for myself.

His hand stroked my cheek and moved back into my hair, tangling in the thick strands. This was bliss. I needed more. With a great deal of nervousness, I parted my lips slowly, trailing my tongue across his lower lip. When his tongue met my own, however, I broke the passionate contact.

"I'm sorry, I-I can't..." I panted, avoiding his eyes. "I should go."

I could almost hear him nod as I jumped off the tree and ran down the stairs of the Seaside Shack. On the other side of the island, I found a palm tree to lean against so as to gather my thoughts.


Dammit. I think I was falling in love with him then. I tried to think of the implications of what we had just done, but... They kept drifting back to how soft his lips were, how smooth his hair was, how he just radiated warmth. I felt myself getting hard at the mere thought of touching him again.

Was this wrong? I didn't seem to care.

So... What about everything? What about Kairi? Well, it wasn't like she'd care if I dated someone else. We kissed one about a month before and both agreed it just wasn't right. I had an overpowering feeling that I was meant to be with someone else. She didn't mind. She told me it didn't feel right to her either. We were friends, not lovers. I was happy she understood and felt the same. But with Riku...

It didn't feel that way.

It felt good. That was why I couldn't pull away. Something deep inside me seemed to wake up when his lips met mine; some strange, new yet familiar feeling tugged at my heart now, making me want him. Want to feel him. Want to feel him from the inside.

It was dark now, and my erection was almost painful. I looked around slowly to make sure no one was there. There wasn't, so I unzipped my pants, sitting on my heels and rocking back and forth gently to the beating of the waves.


That warmth was intoxicating. I needed it back, but... I didn't want things to change. I hated change; I still do, even if I never really showed it. Yes, I became accustomed to being the Keyblade Master very quickly, but that was different. That was an emergency. To tell the truth, I never wanted to leave the island. Riku's raft plan scared me to death, though I tried not to let anyone know. Hell, I even helped them. But that didn't mean I wanted to go. I was afraid of how our relationships would change. Though I did want a deeper involvement between Kairi and I (and though I wouldn't have admitted it then, Riku), I didn't want to leave the other behind. I wanted things to be the way they were. That's why Riku's promise a little while ago meant so much. He told me things wouldn't change.

But they would.

My motions became faster and more intense and I fell to my knees, thinking only of him. I wanted him, needed him. I wanted to feel him inside and out. If only I could act with my heart instead of my head sometimes. I came and stifled a scream that echoed my feelings at the moment. I was trapped, in a way, between love and rationality. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed, trying to catch my breath. What should I do? Should Itell him? No, I need to think. But how could I think if everytime I was near him I'd want to rip his clothes off? I needed to avoid him. That would be my plan for a while. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

"Good plan." I muttered sarcastically and fell asleep in the sand.


That was Sora's POV incase you're really slow. ^_^ Damn, this has been in my head for four fucking days. Heh, Sora's a naughty boy, ne? XD Well, work permitting, I'll continue soon. I've got a lot of it planned out so far.