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Harry Potter and the Death Note

Epilogue - Happily Ever After

Draco was kind enough not to protest when Harry got a small television and put it in a small, unused room once they had a house of their own. He likely didn't quite understand why Harry wanted it, but he didn't complain about the choice. He didn't even complain when Harry had to pay an exorbitant amount to have it enchanted so that it would work without electricity.

He didn't seem to mind watching it, though, which was wonderful because Harry had decided to make a habit out of keeping up with the evening news. It wasn't that he cared much at all about what was happening in the Muggle world, it was just that he hoped that he'd figure out what Ryuk was up to by watching it.

It took a long time for any sign of another Death Note being used to show. Harry wasn't surprised, given that years wouldn't matter much for a Shinigami like Ryuk. They still mattered to Harry and Draco, but only because they could watch their children, who were born of a wizarding woman who was willing to carry them for Harry and Draco as long as they sired a child for her and her own wife, growing as the years passed.

Harry and Draco's oldest child, the first of two, had just turned four in the year of 2003 when Harry heard news of what could only be Ryuk's Death Note at play. Somebody was killing Muggle criminals via heart attacks, of all things. "How uncreative," Harry said with a sigh. Whoever it was, they were bound to be caught soon enough if they couldn't even use the Note to do anything more creative than that.

"Did you say something?" Draco asked, entering the room with two cups of tea. He handed one to Harry, then settled down with him on the couch, leaning against him.

"I think Ryuk's finally given out the other Note," Harry said, and took a sip of his tea. "It looks like whoever has it isn't the brightest. I'm sure he'll be caught soon enough."

Draco let out a small hum. "That's bound to disappoint Ryuk," he said, and then leaned up for a kiss.

Harry obliged him, then returned his attention to the television set.

It would seem, however, that Harry was wrong about the new owner being caught soon. In fact, the case stretched out for years, long past Harry's interest in it lasting. Ryuk had to be having fun, given that he didn't show up to harass them during the entirety of this "Kira's" reign.

Harry was certain that he and Draco never would have known that it had ended, given that eventually the Muggle news moved on to other things. When it stopped being interesting, when the Kira case stopped being covered, Harry stopped watching. He moved on with his life, and continued benevolently restructuring the Wizengamot whenever needed in order to bring a better life to the wizards under its rule.

Seven years after the coverage of Kira had begun, during Harry's oldest son's first year of Hogwarts, Ryuk returned to Harry's home. Harry didn't even realize the Shinigami was there at first, as he was focusing on fixing dinner for his youngest, who would be starting Hogwarts two years from now.

"Got any apples?"

Harry jerked around, his eyes wide. Ryuk was floating just behind him, cackling madly. "What happened with your Kira?" Harry asked, even as he tossed the Shinigami an apple. He and Draco never had gotten out of the habit of stocking the Shinigami's favored fruit.

"Oh, stuff and things," the Shinigami said vaguely. "I knew it wouldn't last forever, but man was it a fun ride!" He cackled as he bit down on his apple. "I figured I'd stop by here and vacation a bit."

"Just as long as you don't kill my children," Harry said mildly.

Ryuk pointed at him. "Keep feeding me apples and I won't kill your children."

Harry just sighed and threw him another apple. Back to buying things with apples, even if he was the Master of Death. Still, he supposed it could have been worse. And things had been awfully quiet around here lately…

Maybe it was time to dust off the Note. See what trouble he could cause. Harry discarded the notion. Immortal or not, Harry had the feeling that Draco would kill him if he almost got caught again. And a bit of boredom was no reason to start killing, anyway, even if his decision was bound to disappoint Ryuk.

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