There's a thing called the Wednesday 100, where there are (so far) 131 people with livejournals who participate in a fic challenge every Wednesday. Someone puts up a theme late Tuesday night, and then people post little 100-word long pieces of Smallville fanfiction. I just lurk and read it, because I'm like that, but today's theme is "in, under, above, entering or exiting Metropolis," and I thought of Dawn and Lex heading back home in the jet, and it came out exactly 100 words first crack off the bat! The Wednesday 100 is at

I just look at them all and marvel.


The Learjet is comfortable and well-appointed. Dawn refuses to feel out of place in her T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. After all, Lex is the only one here with her, and they've Scoobed together twice now.

Coming into Metropolis International is nothing like coming in to LAX. There's no ocean, for one thing, and the buildings of Metropolis are tall and black compared to everything in Southern California. Flying in the jet isn't like flying in Clark's arms, either.

"Hope he made it home before curfew," she says.

"He did," Lex answers, and points.

A blue-and-red figure outside the window waves.