Discoveries of Love
Chapter 1

Princess Bra rubbed her fingers on her armor. She had just annihilated a poor, love-stricken boy. She wore blue spandex clothing, like her father, with white and red armor. The red to initiate that she was the Princess. She turned as a figure entered. She had shoulder length black hair with matching black eyes.

"What is it, Pan?", Bra asked. Pan was her best friend and personal bodyguard. She didn't feel she needed one, which she didn't, but her father had insisted.

"Uhh... what did he do?", Pan asked, pointing to the charcoaled Saiya-jin on the floor. She did not refer to Bra as "your majesty" or anything of the sort. Bra had permitted her not to since they were close friends.

"Oh, him?", Bra smirked, "He said he "loved" me. Love doesn't even exist!"

Pan shook her head and sighed. "Well, anyway, your father wishes to speak to you."

Bra nodded and walked out of the garden, ordering a guard to clean up the "mess" as she left. Pan followed next to her. They walked on in a comfortable silence until they reached the Throne Room. Bra knocked once, then entered. She and Pan bowed before King Vegeta and Queen Bulma. (Bulma is still human.)

"Yes, daddy?", Bra asked sweetly. She flashed an innocent smile. Pan rolled her eyes; Bra was a perfect little angel around her father, but when she wasn't around her father.. well.. she was anything but.

Vegeta smiled back. "Princess, in two months, we will be holding a celebration to crown your brother as King. That you know already."

Bra nodded for him to continue.

"Well, at the celebration, we will be holding a tournament. There will be a section for royalty and mated Saiya-jins and a section for those who are not. Some of the nobles have suggested that the tournament be in your honor. Whichever male wins, will be wedded to you-"

"WHAT?! DADDY, NO!", Bra interrupted. Vegeta held his hand out for silence.

"BUT, I know how you feel about such things, so.. whoever wins the tournament, I'll give you the option of whether to wed them or not. That sounds fair, does it not?"

"Fine.", Bra mumbled and stormed out of the Throne Room with Pan following shortly behind.

"Pan! Do you believe this?!", Bra screamed. Pan stepped away and rubbed her sensitive Saiya-jin ears.

"Eh.. yes?"

"I can't get married! I'm only 18!" Bra crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. She was her father's daughter, that much was clear.

"Bra, your father said you had a choice of whether to wed the winner or not. So, you don't have to get married.", Pan said pointedly. Both girls turned their attention to approaching footsteps.

Bra rolled her eyes and Pan bowed. "Your highness."

"Hi, Pan.", Trunks blushed. Pan looked at him confused, then to Bra for an explanation of the strange behavior. Bra smirked.

"How are you today?", he asked, his face returning to it's normal shade. He brushed a few lavender strands out of his face.

"I'm fine. Thank you for asking, sire.", she replied. He nodded, "If you'll excuse me, ladies." And he walked off.

"Bra, what was THAT about?"

Bra fake vomited. "Pan, you have to be blind to not see that my brother is nuts about you. See what "love" does to a warrior? It makes them a blundering idiot! I don't need love! And I am definitely not getting married."

Pan sweatdropped. "I don't think he likes me. He's just polite, that's all."

Bra laughed and shook her head. She started kissing an invisible partner and mocking Trunks, "Oh, Pan-chan! Oh!!"

Pan growled and began walking away. Bra consumed her laughter and caught up with her.

As they were walking around the palace, they were greeted by many men. Most were in love with the Princess, some were in love with her loyal friend, Pan.

"Even if you don't like it, you certainly are loved by all of the men on this planet.", Pan mused. Bra rolled her eyes dejectedly.

"Want to spar?", Bra demanded, more than asked. Pan was quite used to her bossyness and could read her emotions and expressions like an open book. She nodded and turned in the opposite direction.

"So, what do you think about this tournament?", asked Bra. She noticed a wicked smile beginning to form on Pan's face. Oh, boy.

"I think, dear Bra, that I'm going to fight in it.", Pan declared. Bra's mouth dropped open.

"And just how do you plan on passing for a MAN?"

Pan cocked her head to the side in thought. She hadn't thought about that.

"Well, I know already that you will get me into the Royal section of the tournament since you're such a nice friend.", Pan looked pleadingly to Bra. She shook her head "no" firmly.

"Come on, Bra! Besides, when I beat all of their asses, I doubt you'd want to marry me if I was in the "non-mated" section.", she stated sarcastically. Bra sighed in defeat.

"Arigatou, Bra!", Pan squealed and then regained her composure. "Ok, and I can wear male Saiya-jin armor. I'm sure you could get me some. I can just pull up my hair under.. umm.. a cloth and you can tell King Vegeta that it's a "good luck" thing. Alright?"

Bra threw her hands up in the air as her temper flared. "Pan! I am not your slave! I have to do everything for you?!"

"Pleaseeeee, Bra?! I really want to fight!", she begged and pleaded. Bra mumbled under her breath and Pan knew that meant "yes."

As they neared the training facilities, two guards bowed and parted for the Princess and well-known companion to enter. All Saiya-jins currently training left immediately, in fear of the Princess's wrath if she was angered. Bra padded over to the center of the ring, followed by Pan. They crouched down into fighting stances, then charged at each other.

Pan punched out with her left fist while blocking a kick to her mid-section with her right fist. Bra dodged the punch and appeared behind Pan. She elbowed her roughly into the ground. Both females shot into the air and prepared to go at it once again when they heard someone enter the training room. They both directed their attention to the ground and descended down.

Bra growled, obviously annoyed for being interrupted, and walked up to the intruder. Pan looked on with mild interest.

The two guards came running into the room, panting for air.

"Your highness, we told him he couldn't train right now, bu-", the guard who was speaking was cut off as Bra shot a tiny blast through his heart. The other guard was next and both knew only darkness.

"Now, you! Get out! I, royalty, am training and you, not royalty, are not allowed to be in here!", Bra shouted in the male intruder's ears. He was definately a Saiya-jin, his tail and unruly hair proving it. He had obsidian eyes and black matching hair. He was very built and looked to be around 5'11". The Saiya-jin stood unmoving; angering Bra even more. Pan noted that most Saiya-jins in this young man's position would have already been killed. *Hmm.. interesting.*

"Baka, get out before I kill you!", Bra screamed even louder, causing the other two people in the room to wince at the unexpected torture of their ears.

"One: my name is Goten, not baka. Two: I came here to train.", he bowed slightly and brushed passed her. Her ki skyrocketed in anger and she turned and left the room angrily. How dare he speak to royalty like that! Well, she'd see to it that she payed his rudeness back somehow. Pan shook her head and glared at Goten before she, too, left.

Goten smirked while crouching down into a fighting stance, ignoring the bloody mess of the two guards on the floor. *The Princess is lovely indeed.*, he thought to himself before attacking an invisible opponent.

Stupid! Stupid, stupid! Deleting my NC-17 fics... anyways, since I've come across this one being hosted on a website, I'll be reposting it. I will probably post a chapter every other day or so. I am probably going to be rewriting a few things, also, since I know some of it might be bad since it's one of my older pieces. I hope you all enjoy it!