Discoveries of Love
Chapter 11

To answer a question I've gotten, no, Pan and Goten are in no way related. ^-^

~*~ Eight years later...

Bra rolled over and wiped a bead of sweat off of her brow.

"Wow... Goten..." she panted with a faint smile on her face.

"Yeah..." he agreed, also smiling. Bra turned onto her side and propped her head upon her hand.

"We should go check on the kids," she said. He nodded in agreement. They stared into each other's eyes for a few moments before suddenly delving into a passionate kiss and pulling the blankets back over their heads.


Two bright, blue eyes poked around the corner suspiciously. They looked left and right before the child owner darted out into the hallway. She screamed frightfully as two other children jumped out with an "AHA!"

"Aw, you found me!" Princess Rissa exclaimed in a disheartening tone. She rubbed her dark purple hair down onto her head. The other two children giggled.

"It's because you're a bad hider, Rissa," the little Prince, Goan, told her with his hands on his hips. His twin sister smacked him in the arm before glaring at him: a trait she had earned from her mother. Rissa puckered out her lower lip pouted at the insult.

Princess Rissa was Trunks's and Pan's daughter and she was seven. She had shoulder-length, dark purple hair with bright, blue eyes. She also wore a black bandanna, much like the orange one her mother wore in the tournament eight years prior. Prince Goan and Princess Kaiya were Bra's and Goten's twins and were six years old. Goan was the spitting image of his father. Kaiya had long, blue hair and black eyes. All three children were stunning and why wouldn't they be with the parentage they held?

"Oh, my little dears!" Bulma exclaimed as she walked up to the children in the hall. She hugged each one tightly, Goan squirming in her grip from suffocation.

"Woman," Vegeta walked up, "You're suffocating him." Bulma laughed light-heartedly and released her grandson.

"Mother, have you seen Ri-- ah, there you are," Trunks said as he walked up. He kissed his mother on the cheek before bending down in front of his daughter.

"The guards tell me you've been rough-housing them. What have I told you about that?" He scolded her gently. Rissa looked up at her grandfather hopefully and Vegeta winked at her.

"Always hit them right in the gut?" she asked meekly. Vegeta chuckled and looked at his son. Trunks stood up.

"Father, you're a bad influence on her."

Vegeta shrugged carelessly. "The girl's got to fight, right? She's the Saiyajin princess!"

"What about me, grampa?!" Kaiya pouted with her hands on her hips. Vegeta picked her up and propped her on his shoulder.

"Yes, you, too," he told her before bouncing her up and down, gaining a laugh from her. Goan "hmph'd" and stood next to his grandmother. He could get anything he wanted out of Bulma.

"What's the matter, dear?" Bulma asked in concern. He grinned inwardly.

"Gramma, I want a new toy!"

She nodded. "Of course, dear. We'll get a new toy when dinner is through," Bulma said, patting his hand lovingly.

"Mother," Bra said as she and Goten walked up, "Quit spoiling him! He's acting just like father lately." Vegeta scowled at his daughter as he continued to bounce Kaiya on his shoulder.

"The boy is lucky, I guess," Vegeta retorted. Bra smirked at her father and attempted to straighten out her recently-unruly hair. Luckily, no one could tell that Goten's was unruly because it always looked a mess.

Pan was next to walk up. She kissed Trunks then her daughter on the cheek. "Dinner's being served shortly," she told everyone. Goten and Trunks looked at each other and dashed off to the Dining Hall with food on their mind.

"Honestly, they have no manners," Bra tsked before walking at a leisurely pace behind them with Pan, the three children, Bulma and Vegeta.

Life was sweet. 'Complication' and 'pain' had not yet entered the children's vocabulary for they knew not what they were.

They hoped it stayed that way.

The End

I lost the ending chapter to this fic, so I wrote again as best as I could remember. I don't think it's as good as the original, but I do what I can, I suppose. Anyway, that's the end! Thank you so much for reading! ^^ If you want to see what Rissa, Kaiya and Goa look like, I have the links for their pictures below. ^-^

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