This is an BTVS/ The Immortal crossover. For those of you who haven't seen the Immortal series its about a man who pledged his life to fight demons. He and his squire were turned immortal and began to fight the forces of darkness. you can rent the pilot at blockbuster. Anyway on with the fic.

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Timeline: Early-to mid season 4. I hope you enjoy the fic. Daywalker is on hiatus for a little while. At least until my muse decides to help out with the work.

Chapter 1

The touring bus pulled up to a stop in front of the Sunnydale Lodge. Two men walked out of the bus a few minutes later. One a tall man with long black hair that looked to be in his thirties. The other a young man that looked no older than 19. However looks can be decieving. Both were hundreds of years old.

Goodwin: You sure about this Raphe?

Raphael looked at his young squire and smiled.

Raphael: Just trust me Goodwin.

Goodwin's face immediatly went neutral.

Goodwin: Everytime you tell me that I end up being captured or worse.

Raphael: Shut up Goodwin.

Goodwin shrugged his shoulders.

Goodwin: Fine don't listen to me. I should have stayed with Sara.

Raphael just chuckled as the two walked from the bus.

Goodwin: I can't believe you want to visit the hellmouth. Last time we were here we almost got beheaded.

Raphael looked at Goodwin.

Raphael: Do you only remember the bad times?

Goodwin looked at him dryly

Goodwin: There were good times?

Raphael only shook his head.

Raphael: I guess not. And we didn't come to the hellmouth on vacation Goodwin. I need to find the other.

Goodwin sighed and rolled his eyes.

Goodwin: Who would be crazy enough to do this job. Except us that is.

Raphael again chuckled.

Raphael: I can't wait till Sara gets here. Your depressing.

Goodwin smiled.

Goodwin: I'm a 400 year old stuck in a teenagers body. You'd be depressing to.

Raphael sighed goodnaturedly.

Raphael: Not this again.

Goodwin took a deep breath.

Goodwin: Fine you don't want to hear about my problems. See who takes the bullet out of you next time.

Raphael couldn't help but laugh as they walked further into Sunnydale.

Goodwin: Do we even know where to start looking?

Raphael shook his head.

Raphael: Nope. But i can sense that he's close. We'll find him soon.

Goodwin snorted.

Goodwin: Hopefully before Mallos does.

Raphael only nodded silently while thinking of his enemy. The one that started it all. Raphael was in this life because of Mallos. He would get revenge for his wifes death. And he would rescue his daughter Kiyomi. If it took him forever he would achieve his mission. Then his wife Mikkiko and his daughter kiyomi's souls could rest. And he could join them. Raphael Caine could finally rest. But he wasn't neive enough to believe it would be soon. No he had a feeling he would walk the earth for a few more centuries. But he would never lose sight of his goal. To send every demon on earth screaming back to hell. And that was definatly a cause he could commit to.


Xander felt the presence the second it reached the hellmouth. An overwhelming sense of good. He smiled. The other was in town. Yashiro said this would happen. Xander looked up from his book at the magic box.

Xander: Who wants donuts?

Buffy looked up from her book.

Buffy: Its 2 p.m. Xand.

Xander shrugged.

Xander: Pizza then.

Buffy and the rest of the scoobs shrugged there shoulders.

Buffy: Sounds good. Whose turn is it to buy?

Xander was in a hurry. He had to stop the other immortal from coming here and letting something slip.

Xander: I'll buy. Be back soon.

Xander quickly stood up and walked out the front door. He felt the other immortal drawing closer. Xander always believed in better safe than sorry. He had to work out a plan to meet with the other immortal. You can never be to careful. Xander turned left and headed for the pizza parlor.

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