The Immortals. Last Chapter.

Xander and Raphael walked into the magic box to see everyone staring at Mallos and Vashista.

Mallos: Immortals! I was wondering when you two would get here. How's life treating you?

Xander and Raphael simply glared at the demons.

Vashista: The new boy is powerful. This is going to be fun.

Mallos kissed Vashista passionatly before smiling at Xander.

Mallos: So newbie. Ready for the challenge?

Xander snorted.

Xander: And if I wasn't?

Mallos smiled.

Mallos: I'd kill you and your friends anyway.

Xander shook his head chuckling.

Xander: I guess I'm ready. When and where?

Mallos and Vashista walked toward the door.

Mallos: Tonight. Wherever I find you.

Mallos and Vashista walk out the door laughing. Xander sighed and turned to his friends.

Xander: I'm doing this alone.

Without waiting for the answer that would undoubtedly piss him off he walked into the training room. Leaving the rooms occupants to worry.

Buffy: Why won't he let us help him?

Raphael shrugged.

Raphael: Why wouldn't you let him help you?

Raphael took a seat beside a sleeping Goodwin. Buffy looked at him.

Raphael: From what I heard you pushed him away from the fight because you thought he couldn't handle it. Well Xander's doing the same thing to you.

Buffy and the others only nodded.

Raphael: Besides he's right.

Everyone looked at Raphael in shock.

Raphael: All of you are staying here.

Raphael raised his hand to silence any protest.

:Raphael: No discussion. Xander and I will handle this.

The scoobies sat silently at the table. The day dragged on and finally night had fallen over the small town. Xander walked out of the training room. He nodded to his friends once before walking out the door. Soon followed by Raphael. The immortal duo began to walk. Knowing Mallos would find them soon.


Xander sat under the lamp post. The playground behind him almost hidden in the shadows as Raphe sat down beside him.

Raphael: Your friends are worried.

Xander nodded. His eyes cold. The eyes of a warrior.

Raphael: Maybe they could have helped.

Xander just sat there. He looked to his left to see Mallos and Vashista walk from the darkness. A broadsword in Mallos's hand.

Mallos: I'm going to enjoy this.

Xander stood pulling his katana and shrugging off his duster.

Xander: Good for you. Lets get this over with.

Mallos smiled evilly and raised his sword in a salute. Xander just put his sword in a defensive position.

Mallos: I didn't think you'd mind if I brought a few friends.

Xander watched calmly as ten vampires walked out of the darkness.

Xander: Think you can handle the vamps Raphe?

Raphael pulled his sword and threw off his duster.

Raphael: I can try.

Just as Raphe was going to engage the fight a vamp turned to dust. The group turns to see Giles lower a crossbow. Buffy and Angel on either side of him with Willow and Oz behind them. Xander shook his head.

Xander: Wanna dust the vamps for me?

Another vamp dusted and Spike stood behind it.

Spike: I'm hanging with Harris from now on. He just attracts violence.

Spike smiled as he jumped into the fight. Xander stared at a shocked Mallos and a frightened Vashista.

Xander: Nah. I don't mind at all.

Xander smiles as he jumps toward Mallos there swords clashing as they moved back and forth. Xander jumped back kicking at the same time hitting Mallos in the chest. Mallos fell back a step but quickly recovered and advanced on the young immortal.

Mallos: Your pretty strong.

Xander smiled and dropped into a sweep kick knocking Mallos off balance. Xander completed the spin by standing up and backhanding the demon across the jaw his Hyena strength at its fullest. Xander smiled as Mallos flew back a few feet landing on his feet and standing on wobbly legs.

Mallos: How the hell?

Xander chuckled.

Xander: You don't wanna know.

Xander walked forward purposfully.

Mallos: If you kill me the immortal will never find his daughter.

Xander stopped in mid-stride.

Xander: If I eversee you again I'll finish this. I promise.

Mallos smirked and walked backward.

Mallos: Trust me. You will see me again. And next time. You won't be so lucky.

Mallos dissapppeared into the darkness as the fight died around him. His friends all looked at with questions in there eyes.

Xander: Lets go.

The tight group walked back to the Magic Box. Both relieved and worried for what had happened and for what was to come.


The scoobies and the fang gang stood beside the touring bus. The sadness apparent on all of there faces. Xander watched as Raphael and Goodwin boarded the bus then he turned to his friends.

Willow: Your actually leaving?

Xander nodded slowly.

Xander: Yeah Will. I have a lot to learn and Raphe can teach me.

The group nodded hesitantly.

Buffy: But what if we need you?

Xander held up a cell phone and smiled.

Xander: I'm only a phone call away.

Giles walked up and hugged the young man he thought of as a son.

Giles: I'm proud of you Xander.

Xander only smiled and hugged the man back. He recieved hugs from Willow, Buffy, and Cordelia but only a handshake from Oz, Angel, and Doyle. Although Doyle did try to hug him. That was not a pretty sight. Xander waved again as he stepped onto the bus.

Xander: Well I'm gone guys. See you later.

The gang waved as the bus pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway. Heading to who knows where.

Xander: Where to?

Goodwin looked up from his food.

Goodwin: Need to meet up with Sara.

Xander looked at Goodwin.

Xander: She hot?

Raphael chuckled from the drivers seat.

Raphael: This is going to be intresting.

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