A Different Love Story

AN: So, this story is based on a request/prompt that I was asked to write. It picks up at the beginning of season one and will follow as closely to the episodes as possible with one significant change...

Prompt: What if they (Kensi and Deeks) were happily married before hand to hand (the first episode Deeks was in) but no one knew about it. The episodes would still be the same but their dynamic and actions would alter around the fact they were secretly married. The other difference from canon would be that Kensi isn't estranged from her mother and she knows about them.

At this point, I'm not sure how far this will go into the series, but I'm game to keep going if people are game to read and I'm looking for feedback on how far readers are interested in reading. I did write about halfway through season one to make sure it makes sense before I started posting. That being said, if you have ideas you want to see, feel free to send them by review or PM and I'll do my best to incorporate what I can.

Lastly, as this story will be following the show closely at times, there could be spoilers for any aired episodes. I'm including the names of the episodes mentioned at the top of each chapter. Also, I don't own anything. I'm just borrowing the characters for my own amusement.


Episode 1.1 - Identity (If you squint)

Kensi arrives home to a quiet apartment. The kitchen lights are off when she goes looking. She finds empty Chinese food containers on the counter which had been half full in the fridge when she had left for work that morning. She shakes her head, but leaves the containers where they are. She never has been one to tidy up and she's not about to start now.

The hallway towards the back of the apartment is dark and quiet as she pads quietly towards the bedroom, turning on lights as she goes. The door is ajar and she pushes it open to find a sleeping form in the bed. The same sleeping form she had left there that morning.

She pauses in the doorway to stare at the lump under the covers, debating what to do. The blankets are pulled up over his shoulders, but she can see messy, blonde hair poking out at the pillow. There's a towel on the floor by the side of the bed, so she knows he's had a shower along with helping himself to her leftovers.

She steps further into the room and he doesn't stir. She pauses again, but only for a moment, before pulling off her pants and the blouse she had worn to work, leaving herself in only a tank top and underwear. She drops the discarded clothes unceremoniously onto the floor and shuffles over to the right side of the bed. She lifts the blanket off the sleeping form and tucks herself into the bed.

His body is warm and the whole space smells like him in a way it hasn't in far too long. She tucks herself against his back and snakes an arm around his middle. She presses her nose into the space between his shoulder blades. He sighs and shifts to accommodate her tucked in behind him. She brushes her hand lightly back and forth along his chest and frowns at the prominence of his ribs. It wasn't unusual for him to come back to her a few pounds lighter, but this was more extreme than usual.

"Kens?" He eventually mumbles into his pillow.

"Morning again, sleepy head."

He huffs. "Why are you home early?"

She laughs and presses a kiss to his spine. "It's almost seven."

He tenses and then rolls over to face her. His eyes are puffy and the entire right side of his face is red from being pressed down into his pillow for hours, and his normally messy hair is even worse than usual because he probably went back to bed right after his shower, but her heart still trips at the sight of him. Because no matter how used to their life she is, she never gets used to missing him when he's gone.

"I didn't mean to sleep this long," he apologizes.

She presses close and kisses him. "You clearly needed it. And it's not like you got a lot of sleep last night." She smirks at him as she remembers everything that had happened between his unexpected return shortly before midnight and them finally giving in to sleep early that morning.

He smiles back at her. "True. You did keep me up late."

She swats at him. "I'm the one who had to work today."

"I'm sorry about that. I had plans to make you dinner."

"We don't have any groceries."

"I noticed that," he says dryly. "You need to learn to cook when I'm not home."

"No, I don't."

He laughs and kisses her, letting it go for now. It was an argument they had all the time.

"I had plans to go grocery shopping, too. So I could cook you dinner."

"Tomorrow," she assures him. "Tonight we're ordering pizza." She runs her hand over his rib cage. "How much weight did you lose this time?"

He gently pulls her hand away from himself and presses a kiss to her palm. "A little," he concedes. "But I'm okay."

She stares at him for a long moment. Coming back skinny wasn't the worst he'd come back to her. More than once he'd been injured. And more than once he'd been stuck in his own head for days or even weeks, struggling to extricate himself from his undercover persona. She can accept skinny if he is otherwise intact. "Okay," she says, accepting that he really is okay. She kisses him again. "I missed you, Marty."

He wraps his arms around her and hugs her close to him, sharing his body heat. "I missed you, too, Kens. I always do."

They had chosen this life a long time ago, and while neither regrets their choice, knowing their sacrifices are for the greater good, both wish sometimes for an easier way.

He runs his hand up and down her side absently. "I could skip pizza and just stay here with you."

"You're already too skinny," she chastises. "I'm not about to let you skip meals."

He presses his lips to her forehead and chuckles. "And this has nothing to do with you wanting pizza?"

She smiles into his neck. "Nope, not at all. This is a totally selfless act."

He laughs out loud as his hand continues to stroke along her side, dipping lower. "Sure, sure."

She's about to retort, but his hand finds her bare hip and stops it's rhythmic procession up and down her side. Instead, it pauses and then dips down lower before heading back up and curving around her bottom. "Kens, you're not wearing any pants," he mumbles into her forehead.

"Your powers of observation are astounding, Detective."

He presses into her so she rolls onto her back and he follows, moving over her. He kisses her, hard and deep and thorough, stealing her breath and her thoughts. It's not until he begins to move his lips down her neck that some semblance of thought makes its way back to her.

"Marty...dinner..." she manages to mumble, eyes closed, one hand clutching to his shirt and the other buried in his hair.

He pulls his teeth from her clavicle and raises his head to meet her eyes. "That didn't sound convincing. Want to try again?"

She hesitates. They'd been apart for so long and after only one night spent back together she wants him so much. But it's already late to be ordering dinner, and she knows he really does need to eat. The Chinese leftovers were probably the only food he's hand since he came out from undercover the previous day.

"Kens?" He prompts gently, raising his left hand to brush her hair back from her face. The low light that had followed her down the hallway in her quest to find him catches the metal band on his fourth finger and draws her attention. It warms her heart that putting on his ring had been a priority for him on a day when it was all he could do to shower and swallow down some cold, two day old leftovers from the fridge before falling back into bed. Even knowing all he would be doing is sleeping, he had pulled his wedding ring from its box in her top dresser drawer where it lived each time he went undercover.

She threaded her fingers through his, smiling softly at the familiar cool band between her fingers. And she was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to be wearing her own matching wedding band.

"Food first," she declares softly, but in a tone that leaves him able to barter if he wants to.

He leans in to peck her lips before rolling off of her. "Okay."

She sits up and swings her legs off the bed. "Will you order while I have a quick shower?"

He agrees, and after one more kiss, she heads into the bathroom and he heads into the kitchen in search of takeout menus.

Kensi showers and dries her hair. She's in the bedroom pulling on yoga pants and a tank top when she hears the pizza being delivered. Perfect timing. She only has one more thing to do.

She pulls open the top drawer of her dresser and grabs the box that holds her ring each day while she's at work. She replaces the ring onto her left hand and then makes her way into the kitchen. Her husband is setting the pizza box down onto the counter so she reaches up to grab two plates from the cupboard.

"Table or couch?" He asks.

"Couch," she says, wanting nothing more than to tuck herself next to him on their couch like she hasn't been able to do for too long.

She distributes pizza onto the plates and heads into the living room while her husband follows with drinks and napkins. They settle on the couch together. If he notices that she's donned her ring - which he probably does - he says nothing.

"So, how was work?" He asks lightly. It's a subject they're used to treading carefully with. Simply due to the length of time they've been married, he knows the truth about her job. But her cases and co-workers are still classified. "Did you save the world today?"

She smiles and bumps his shoulder. "Not today. Maybe tomorrow."

He bumps her shoulder back.

"My team leader came back to work today," she offers.

"He's the one who got shot, right?"

She nods. Callen had been shot two weeks before her husband had been sent undercover this most recent time.

"That's good; that he's back to work, I mean. Must be doing well."

"Seems like he is." She wishes she could tell him more, but she knows she can't. He does too, so he doesn't push.

"Anything else new?"

"New guy started last week. If he works out, he'll be my partner."

"What happened to the last new guy?"

She smiles, remembering a new agent had just started before Deeks had been sent undercover. "He washed out." She pauses. "As did the guy after him."

Deeks sighs and hooks his arm around her shoulder. "I don't like the idea of you out there alone."

She settles against him with a sigh. "What do you think I go through every time you go under alone?"

"I know," he assures. "I know," he repeats, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

"I'm not alone," she assures him. "I have a good team."

"So you keep saying." He leans his head against hers. "I wish I could meet them."

"Maybe one day you can."


Prompt: What if they (Kensi and Deeks) were happily married before hand to hand (the first episode Deeks was in) but no one knew about it. The episodes would still be the same but their dynamic and actions would alter around the fact they were secretly married. The other difference from canon would be that Kensi isn't estranged from her mother and she knows about them.

AN: The prompt was given by a reader who I have unfortunately been unable to obtain additional details from. Not sure if I should name them here, but if you're reading, you know who you are and please PM me! I was interested in the prompt, but not sure where/when the story was to be set or how long it was to be continued.

As I said at the top, I've written about halfway through season one so far to make sure the story is viable before I started posting and I have to say it's been fun to work with a different Kensi/Deeks. I will post the next chapters every few days - they are written but I need time to edit.

I'm open to ideas that you want to see incorporated, so if you have anything, please send me a review/PM. If your idea revolves around a certain episode, please include the name and/or number. This should be a fun project to write. It's already been fun to go back and re-watch the first season. Please let me know honestly if you think this is worth pursuing much past season one or not.

Lastly, Kensi will be (at least at home once he's included in the work dynamic) calling him 'Marty' because I honestly couldn't figure out a valid reason for her to be calling him Deeks. However, in writing the story, I am referring to him as 'Deeks' because I just find it weird to refer to him as Marty and find it easier to write him as Deeks... Later, when he joins the team, I'm sure Kensi will struggle with what to call him.