Hello, I know I have a few other stories going on right now but I just wanted to mess around with this idea for a little while.

This story is set the day before they leave for the S-class exams.


The guild stood in silence as the doors were burst open in the middle of their celebration. A frog like man walked in along with roughly ten other men all clad in rune knight uniforms. Master Makarov quickly stood not understanding the situation and made his way to the frog man. Before he could open his mouth to question what was going on however the frog man pulled out a scroll that hit the floor as it unrolled.

"Due to the recent acts of mass destruction and chaos. Example of which are the destruction of the moon temple at Galuna island, the mass destruction done to the town of Magnolia during the illegal guild war between Fairy tail and Phantom Lord, the illegal consumption of the super weapon Etherion, the addition destruction caused by the inner guild violence during the fantasia festival, the burning of the forest across eastern Fiore while joined with the illegal alliance of the guilds as well as fighting council members while they were attempting to arrest the criminal Jellal Fernandez , and finally the total disappearance of the entire town of Magnolia and all of its populace. The council has decided to place the Fairy Tail wizard Natsu Dragneel under momentary arrest and rehabilitation due to him being deemed the main cause of the damage done." The frog man ended as he wrapped the scroll back up to with a flick of his wrist. "Natsu Dragneel please come with us quietly, however we are permitted to use force if you resist."

"WHAT?" came the yell for the one and only Natsu Dragneel "I saved the damn world doing half of that shit! And I wasn't even the main cause of any of it!"

"Natsu Dragneel will you comply or do we have to use force?" the frog man asked as the ten rune knights behind him got in a fighting stance.

As Natsu opened his mouth to answer Makarov raised his arm in front of the boy, stopping him before he spoke "We are about to begin our S-Class exams, we will be having them on an off shore private island so any additional damage won't happen between tonight and the day we get back. Would it be tolerable to leave this matter till we return?" Makarov asked keeping his composure.

"The hell gramps!" Natsu yelled turning to Makarov but stopped as he received a quick blow to the back of the head. He turned to see who hit him only to come face to face with Erza "THE HELL ERZA!"

"Silence Natsu." Erza said crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes towards the dragon slayer. "Did you already forget what happened after we took care of lullaby?"

Natsu was still rubbing his head when Erza finished "Yeah the stopped us in the middle of our fight!" Natsu said only getting another blow to the head.

"No you idiot, they arrested me for a day just for show." She crossed her arms again "that's obviously what's going on now."

"Oh..." Natsu responded as he rubbed the second lump on his head.

"Unfortunately not Master Makarov." Came the frog man's voice "It's a direct order from the council to bring him in today."

"HA guess you just going to fall behind flame brain." Gray said as he slung an arm over Natsu's shoulder "Don't worry buddy I'll take you on some S-class missions when I come back." Gray smirked "and who knows maybe one day you could even become s-class." The last comment earned him a punch to the face sending him into a nearby table.

"Fuck you Popsicle! The only reason you would even win this year is if I don't go." Natsu yelled before turning to the frog man "I can't go to the council now! The S-class exams are TOMORROW!" Natsu yelled.

Makarov let out a sigh "Natsu there will be another year, and it seems as if you already failed the main focus of the first trial. It's just not your lucky day." Makarov said with a frown at seeing his brat miss this opportunity.

"Gramps!" Natsu whined.

Lucy stood next to Natsu putting a comforting hand on his back "It's alright Natsu, if its anything like Erza's then you'll be back by tomorrow anyways right?" Lucy smiled trying to cheer the dragon slayer up.

"How about this Natsu." Makarov said catching the dragon slayer's attention. "During the trails a few people will be coming back for the island, if you get done with the council and catch a boat over before the end I will set up some EXTREMELY difficult task for you to do. If you complete them then ill allow you to continue with the S-class exam like everyone else." Makarov narrowed his eyes "but believe me Natsu, these task will be extremely difficult and you will receive no special treatment."

Natsu thought for a second "So you're saying if I go to the stupid council thing then I can still be S-class if I finish it in time?" Makarov nodded casing Natsu to sigh "Well better get this over with then." He said as he walked forward and extended his wrist to the frog man.

The rune knights surrounding the frog man looked to each other is mild disbelief, they were lead to believe that the one they were sent to capture would definitely resist. Yet here he was comply, although it be unwillingly. The one in the front took a hesitant step to the pink haired mage before quickly slapping on a pair of magic cancelling handcuffs on his wrist. His comrades all let out revealing sighs since they were only here because they drew the short straws anyways.

"I'm glad you understand the gravity of your actions and have decided to come quietly." The frog man gave a small head bow towards Natsu.

"My actions don't deserve shit." Natsu grumbled "you council are just a pain in my ass, especially since I've almost died because of you several times and I've had to save all your asses." Natsu glared causing most of the guild to let out a depressed sigh. "I should be given some kind of medal not be made into some stupid show of power." Natsu growled as he pushed past the frog man and the other rune knights. He walked to the armed carriage and stopped in his tracks "OH HELL NO!" he yelled as he turned only to be picked up by two of the rune knights that followed in his footsteps. He was thrown into the carriage as it was instantly locked behind him. He ran to the window and grabbed the bar "PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THIS! I DON'T DESERVE THIS!" he yelled as the carriage began to move. His face turned green as his body fell to the bottom of the carriage with a solid thunk.

"We will get him back when he has been rehabilitated." The frog man said turning to Master Makarov and the rest of the guild as Natsu's carriage rode down the road.

"I'd advise you think of a new term besides rehabilitation." Makarov said with a slight edge to his voice "if one of my brats come back different due to this 'rehabilitation' the council will face the true wrath of Fairy Tail." Makarov finished letting out some of his power to intimidate the council messenger.

It worked as the frog man started to feel a stream of sweat flow down his neck "O-o-of course. The council appreciates your cooperation." The frog man said quickly as he and the rest of the rune knights quickly made their escape.

"Master I've never seen you act like that before." Erza spoke up as she walked forwards towards the doors of the guild where the retreating figure of Natsu's carriage in the distance. "This has happened before with me but you did not take the same actions." Erza said turning back to Makarov.

"Something seems different about it this time." Makarov explained as he turned around "I will think on this." He paused as he turned to the rest of the guild that were eagerly looking towards him. "But for now the S-class trails start tomorrow, SO LETS PARTY!" he shouted as the guild roared back in equal volume. The thought of Natsu being just a repeat of what Erza went through in the past.

Meanwhile however the dragon slayer was currently passed out in the back of a moving carriage. His motion sickness finally getting the best of him as the convoy of rune knights continued their trek towards Era.

As they were walking the frog man noticed a commotion from behind him. As he halted and let the convoy pass he recognized the face of their undercover rune knight and gave a small smirk as he waited. In no time Doranbolt rode next to him.

"That was pleasantly easier than expected." Doranbolt grinned.

"Yes it was, however I will make note of Makarov's actions. The council will enjoy the information when we move the plan into action on their little island in a few days' time." The frog man responded.

"Yes it will, the fact that that one will not be present also is reassuring. I'm glad the council thought to isolate him before we made our move. "Doranbolt said motioning to the retreating carriage "Due to his recent achievements it's good to know that he won't be pulling a miracle form nowhere on this trip." He said giving a sly grin "Well I will be returning before I raise any suspicion, tell Lahar that I will report in once we get to the island." With a quick nod from the frog man Doranbolt turned around and started to make his way back to Fairy Tail, leaving only dust in his wake.

By the time Natsu regained conscious he found himself laying on a small bed in a cold stone room. "What the hell?" he said to himself, his voice traced with sleep. As he moved to rub his eyes he heard the rustle of chains. He looked down to his wrist "WHAT THE HELL?" he yelled as he held up his still cuffed hands "IM ALREADY HERE WHY DO I NEED THESE!" he yelled out of his cell only to get no response. He stood and made his way to the front of the cell. "OI ANYONE HER?" he yelled, only to get no answer once again.

"Well this is stupid." He mumbled as he turned around and took in his cell. It was much like the one he was in with Erza with. Simple stone blocks made up the walls while the front was open with only iron bars keeping him from the outside. To the side was a stainless steel toilet that he in one sniff he decided that things would have to be going VERY BAD for him to stray to that side of the cell. Then against the wall was a small one person bed that had two chains that connected it to the wall which allowed it to be easily folded over to give more room to the cell. Natsu let out a sigh as sat in the middle of the cell.

"There isn't even a damn window in here, how the hell am I supposed to know what time it is." He grumbled as he continued to stare out the front of the cell waiting for the guards to come by at any time and take him to the council room and be tried for five minutes only to be released and sent back. "Right after this ill kick Gray's ass for what he said." Natsu aid aloud while making one of his hands into a fist.

Natsu was pulled from his thoughts though as he heard the metallic click of a key. He instantly stood and moved to the front of the cell "OI ABOUT TIME YOU GUYS GOT HERE! LEST GET THIS OVER WITH SO I CAN GO BACK ALREADY!" he yelled as the echoes of footsteps made their way closer to his cell.

"HEY DO YOU HEAR ME?" Natsu called again, slightly aggravated by the way he was being ignored. The footsteps eventually got closer as a guard in council colors rounded the corner and carried a tray of food towards Natsu's cell, sliding the food into his cell.

"Hey I don't need food, just let's hurry up and get this over with." Natsu said as he moved to the cell door and waited for the man to unlock it. However the man simple stood back up and walked in the opposite direction, back to the way he came.

"OI WHAT THE HELL!" Natsu yelled as he heard the footsteps get farther then heard the sound of a metal door shutting and the lock. "HEY GET BACK HERE!" Natsu yelled as he kicked the bars to the cell. "THE HELL?" he pulled away from the bars and turned to the food that was laying on the ground. He fell into a sitting position and started to reach for the food. "Well I guess we'll just do it after I eat." He reasoned as he dug in.

"Well just gotta wait I guess." Natsu yawned as he got up and moved to his bed. He put his hands behind his head as he rested against the hard mattress.

And wait he did.

The minutes turned to hours, the hours to days, and after a long and drawn out wait an entire week had passed without Natsu ever noticing in his dark cell cut off from the rest of the world.


Ever Natsu gets left behind story I read that involves him be imprisoned always seems to be unrealistic to me. Not only that but it's only ever mentioned for a short amount of time and then it's never mentioned again.

So I just thought of this story line and figured I'd give this a shot, it'll give me something to do when I'm stuck somewhere with my other stories at least (really need to finish those haha).

So anyways just leave a review or comment on your idea of the story so far, I know it seems pretty unoriginal right now but I plan to greatly change from the way most of these stories are written in the next few chapters.