A/N: New modern day AU. You've been warned, Ranma is a jerk in this. Rated M for language and sexual content.

The Blind Date


"But, Akane, sweetie, he's a nice boy."

"How do you know, Dad? Have you even met him?"

"Well...no. Not really. But he is the son of a childhood friend of mine."

"Daddy! You haven't spoken to this man for 10 years!"

"That doesn't make him less of a friend."

"Okay, fine, but you've never even met the guy. What if it turns out he's some kind of weird stalker?"

"Of course he's not. He comes from a good family!"

The blue-haired woman stared at her father in exasperation. She knew in his mind that statement made sense. How? She didn't have a clue. But she knew better than to argue with her father over such matters.

"Come now, sweetie, it's only one date. What is it going to hurt?" he said in a placating voice.

She rolled her eyes.

"It'll hurt. It'll hurt a lot. The last guy you set me up gave me a migraine! I couldn't understand a thing he was saying with that verbose style of speaking he had."

"I'm sure you'll like this one."

"That's what you said last time, but I ended up going on a second date with him because you kept pestering me, telling me that I didn't really give him a chance! He took me a poetry reading that night and I had to listen to one of his 'original works'! He went on for fifteen minutes!" Akane shivered at the memory. "Fifteen minutes, Dad!"

"How was I supposed to know? He's a good looking boy, he comes from a good family that happens to have money. I thought you would get along."

"Well, we didn't! Then the worse thing was Kuno wouldn't stop calling me for another date, regardless of how many times I turned him down. He showed up outside my dorm with roses and threatened one of the guys in my study group!"

"Well, I'm sure he didn't mean any harm, he was just a little too exuberant. I know that one didn't work but I'm sure you'll enjoy this date. Please, sweetie? Do it for me."

Seeing he wasn't getting very far, he adopted a sorrowful look on his face and sighed deeply.

"I just want to see you settled and happy, like your sisters. Is that really too much to ask for? That I see you happy the way your mother and I were?"

She groaned as she resigned herself to the inevitable. Her father always knew how to get her to do what he wanted. At the mention of her mother, all her resistance crumbled.

Nabiki was right, she was a total pushover.


"But, Ranma, just one date."

Ranma shook his head.

"No, Ma! Don't you remember how long it took me to get rid of the last one you set me up with? She was a stage five clinger!"

"But you liked her at first and she was such a nice girl."

The pig-tailed man snorted. "Nice girls don't let guys do those kinda things to them. Especially not on the first date," he muttered without thinking.

Realizing the room was suddenly too quiet, he look up to see his mother glaring at him and his sister trying to hide a smirk.

"Boy! Watch what you say in front of your Mother and sister!" his father shouted indignantly. But behind their backs, his father gave him a big grin and a thumbs up.

He winced when his mother reached over and cuffed him on the side of his head, causing his sister to snicker at him.


"Well, if you didn't want to keep dating her, you should have broken it off sooner."

Ranma shrugged, unable to defend himself.

What could he say? That he never dated Shampoo and only used her as a booty call when he was drunk or just horny?

It didn't hurt that she was so damn hot, too. She had ginormous perky breasts, a tiny waist, a nice round ass that he loved to take from behind and legs that went on for days. She had a rather pretty face and those plump lips that she used to give him such good head. She was perfect and was as willing to do him in any way he asked. So yeah, he kept calling her because he was a guy and she was there and very willing. He knew he should have deleted her number sooner but damn if she wasn't a good fuck.

Too bad she turned out to be a complete psycho.

It started off slowly, little things that didn't really alarm him. She would turn up at his house when he was coming home from work. He would let her in and she would make him dinner before they had sex. Or how she would suddenly, turn up at a bar he was at and he'd take her home because he was too drunk to care. He should have known something was up but didn't give her too much notice.

Not until that night.

He had taken a girl he met at the coffee shop on a date and they were getting hot and heavy on the couch. Just as he was about to move her to his bedroom, the door to his apartment swung open and before he knew it, Shampoo was there cursing and screaming in Chinese as she threw things all around his apartment. She then lunged at the girl. Luckily he was able to hold her back while the coffee shop chick...what's her name ran for it.

It was his turn to get angry when he learned that she had made a key to his apartment!

Then she began crying and telling him how much she loved him and how she couldn't live without him. He kicked her out and changed his locks the next morning. He deleted her number and hadn't called her since. But she still managed to show up once in a while at some random place he was at. It gave him the creeps.

So no, he didn't want to go on another blind date. Even if he got himself in that damn situation in the first place.

"Ranma, you're going on this date. Her father is an old friend of mine. It's already been set up. It's final."

Father and son stared at each other. Neither blinking.

"Ranma," his mother said, trying to get his attention. "Please do this for me. It's been so long since you've had a girlfriend. I just want you to be happy. Can't you please give her a chance?"

He looked over and saw his mother's face full of worry and concern. He sighed. He could go head to head with his father any day but there really wasn't much he could do against that look.

He looked over to see his sister with a wide smile on her face as she mouthed, Sucker.

Akane sat at her vanity, applying her make-up. She inched herself back and examined herself critically and decided that she needed some blush. She applied some expertly before leaning back once again. She gave her reflection a small nod of approval, happy with the way she looked.

She sighed as she began to put her stuff away. She didn't know why she bothered. It was all going to be wasted on some guy who was most likely going to bore her to death.

She frowned, upset at her own reaction. For all she knew, he could be a perfectly nice guy. It wasn't his fault that she had to go on this date. In fact, he was probably dreading it as much she was. There was absolutely no reason for her to go into this date with a bad attitude. She decided right then to try to be positive about the whole thing.

And if things went really well, maybe he could even be The One. You never knew, it could happen.

She snorted. Okay, that was being too optimistic. But starting off the night with a negative attitude would only assure the date would go badly. If anything, maybe she would make a new friend.

She smiled as she went to her closet to pick out a dress for the evening.

Ranma sat at the table waiting for his date to arrive.

He was wearing black jeans, a red button up shirt rolled at the sleeves, with the top two buttons undone and some comfortable dress shoes. He knew he looked good and the women checking him out as they walked in just served as confirmation of the fact.

But he didn't make the effort for his date. No, definitely not for her.

He would go on this date and end it as soon as he could, then he would meet up with some friends and check out a new club where he would have his pick of hot chicks. All he had to do was to get rid of his date as quickly as possible first and he had a plan; he would just be as obnoxious as possible in hopes that he would be rid of the unknown girl before it got too late.

He knew that this girl had done nothing wrong and was probably a nice person but the last thing he needed was another girl clinging onto him. He always seemed to end up with girls that seemed to fall in love with him because of his looks and would not get the hint that he didn't want them in his life. He wasn't going to risk this girl getting a crush on him, so he would make sure that she didn't like him at all. It was safer that way.

Glancing at his watch, he noticed that he had about five minutes until his date was supposed to start. He took out his iPhone and checked his text messages. He had a couple from some friends talking about what their plans were that evening. He also had a couple from some girls that he had met last weekend. He put his phone on vibrate before slipping it back into his pocket.

Looking up, he saw the maitre d' head his way with an attractive girl in a sun dress and short blue hair. Ranma smirked. If this was his date, then at least he had a cute face to look at for a little while. It was disappointing that she was wearing a conservative sundress and not something that showed a little more skin. But he was still able to tell that she probably had a tight little body. He had to hand it to his parents, they never set him up with uggos.

When they reached his table, Ranma stood up to greet the girl properly as the maitre d' discreetly walked away.

"Hello, I'm Ranma Saotome, it's nice to meet you," he said cordially before giving her a bow.

"Hi, my name is Akane Tendo, it's nice to meet you, too," she said with a polite smile on her face before giving him a bow.

They sat down and stared at each other awkwardly for a moment.

"So..." They began at the same time. "No you..." they continued simultaneously.

Akane chuckled softly at the awkwardness of the situation. She waved her hand at him in a gesture to tell him to continue what he was saying.

"So, Akane, what do you do?"

"Oh, I'm still a student. I'm in my last year at University. You?"

"Me too. I'm studying education and will be graduating next spring."

"That's interesting, what do you plan on teaching?"

"Martial arts. I'm hoping on running my own dojo one day."

Akane's eyes widened in surprise before she chuckled to herself.

See? Coming in with a positive attitude was already paying off. We do have something in common, she thought to herself. Plus it didn't hurt that he was pretty good looking.

She was about to respond when the waiter came by and interrupted them. She looked up to find an attractive looking male in his twenties greet them

"Hello, my name is Haru and I will be your waiter this evening." He made eye contact with her quickly, his eyes only widening a moment before he looked at Ranma. His gaze turned automatically back to the pretty girl as she looked at him with the prettiest eyes he ever saw. He realized that he was staring at her when she gave him a questioning look.

He cleared his throat and added, "For our specials, we have a lovely pan seared duck with orange sauce over a rice pilaf and poached baby carrots, and filet mignon with sautéed mushrooms, roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus. Have you had a chance to look over the menu or would you need more time?"

"No need. The lady will have the duck special and I will have the steak. Can you please also bring us two glasses of pinot noir please?" He handed his menu to the waiter who nodded and took the menu from in front of Akane before walking away.

The blue-haired girl sat with a grimace on her face as she tried to process what happened. Did he really just order for her? Without even letting her look at the menu first? Never before had she had a date that was high-handed enough to order for her. Sure the duck sounded wonderful and she probably would have ordered it herself but she wanted the chance to choose for herself!

She took a breath to calm herself. There it was again. Her temper. She was fiercely independent and when anyone threatened that she reacted badly. Maybe he had just wanted to be nice and offer up something that he knew would be good.

A little of what she was feeling must have shown on her face.

"Don't worry, you'll like it."

See? she thought to herself and had a moment to feel silly for her overreaction.

"All the girls I take here seem to like it. Plus, it's pretty lean so you don't have to worry about gaining weight." He gave her a flirtatious wink.

Akane blinked.

And blinked again, not believing the things that had come out of his mouth.

Before she could react, the waiter brought out their salads and glasses of wine. She thanked him and began to eat what turned out to be the longest dinner of her life.

The blue-haired girl nodded as she listened to yet another story. Akane's face felt stiff from the effort of keeping the polite smile on her face. It was either that or she would scream. This one was about Ranma placing first in some martial arts tournament. The previous one was about him scoring the winning goal in a soccer game. The one before that was about...oh hell she couldn't remember. It seemed like he had an endless supply of stories about how he had won a tournament or made a critical score in some game.

She mentally rolled her eyes as she nodded automatically at one of his pauses and made a noncommittal noise. She was making her way quickly through her duck - which was delicious - because she had not had a chance to say anything.

Just then the maitre d' walked by leading a group of four smiling women past them as they made their way to their table. Ranma actually stopped in his story to flash the women a flirtatious smile and wink as they walked by, causing a couple of them to giggle. The two girls in the back finger waved to him before whispering to each other. Ranma turned his head around as he watched them walk by.

One of them looked over her shoulder clearly giving Akane the once over before sending her a superior smirk. She flipped her hair as she turned around and began to sway her hips in an exaggerated manner.

Gritting her teeth, the blue-haired woman clenched her hands in her lap before she reached out for her wine glass. She gulped the entire contents and placed it back on the table before he even turned around.

This had to be the most rude, egotistical, self-centered man she had ever met! Ugh. The only reason she hadn't gotten up and walked out on the date sooner was because their parents were friends. If this had been anyone else she would have walked out long ago.

She wanted nothing more than to punch him in the face. Or better yet, judo throw him into a wall. Or kick him hard enough so he'd fly into low earth orbit, like in a manga. Oh how she wished she could pull a hammer out of a space pocket and smash him over the head with it!

As she continued to think of ways to punish the idiotic male in from of her, a real small but malicious smile graced her face when Ranma turned around.

Ranma turned around hoping to have finally pushed the girl to her limit but was shocked to see that she was smiling. Not the absent smile she had been giving him but a real one. He sighed. How the hell could she smile at being so blatantly disrespected like that? Maybe she was crazy. That would explain why she needed to be set up on a blind date.

Then suddenly her smile turned vicious and her eyes flashed dangerously, not even making eye contact with him. The look on her face was a little frightening, to be honest. He cleared his throat hesitantly, grabbing her attention. For a moment she looked at him with such a fire in her eyes that he was mesmerized. And if he were honest, a little turned on.

Then as quickly as it appeared, the fire was gone, replaced by the cool, polite smile on her face. He wondered at the disappointment he felt before he picked another story to bore her with. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and smiled as a new thought came to him.

He reached into his pocket and pulled it out. He wasn't expecting anything important, it was only a text from one of his friends. But he still spent the next couple of minutes going through his missed messages responding to each.

By the time they had finished dinner, she had begun fantasizing about taking her fork and stabbing it into the hand that he had so casually placed on the table. Surprised by her own violent thoughts, she carefully placed her fork on her plate and placed her hands in her lap.

Thankfully a busboy came by just then to clear her plate and saved her date from harm and her from assault charges.

The waiter came to the table a moment later. "I hope everything was to your satisfaction," he said.

Even though the waiter knew he shouldn't, he couldn't help but give his attention mostly to the pretty girl sitting at the table. There was just something about her that piqued his interest. Maybe it was the way she was suffering silently through what was obviously a horrible date. Or it could have been that he just liked the way her eyes lit up her face.

"Everything was wonderful, thank you," she replied, giving him a smile.

"Wonderful. Can I interest you in some dessert? We have a delicious crème brulee and a decadent chocolate cake."

"No, thanks. As you can see, she's trying to watch her weight."

The waiter stiffened and finally turned his attention to the pig-tailed man also seated at the table. The men held a silent conversation with their eyes before the waiter looked away, intimidated. He cleared his throat.

"Of course," he said tightly before he left the couple alone.

It annoyed Ranma that his waiter had the nerve to flirt with his date right in front of him. It didn't matter that he had no interest in her himself, it was the damned principle of the thing. Of course he wasn't going to let the insult go unchallenged. He felt a sense of smugness at winning their little staring contest.

Akane sat there grinding her teeth together. She could deal with self-centeredness. She could deal egotistical. She could even deal with rudeness. But she drew the line at being out right insulted. She had done nothing but try to be polite on this stupid date and there was no justifications for his actions. She hadn't wanted to be there either but at least she had been polite about it.

She waited until the waiter left and pulled her clutch to her lap. She pulled out a few bills and put them in the middle of the table - resisting the urge to throw them in his face - earning a raised eyebrow from the pig-tailed boy.

"That should cover my half of dinner. I would say it was a pleasure to meet you but that would be a lie." she said icily, her eyes as hard as stone. She got up and walked out of the restaurant without another word.

She swore, that this was the last blind date she would ever go on. And this time she meant it!

"I'm telling you that was the worse date, I've ever had! The guy was completely obnoxious. It's no wonder he had to be set up on a blind date! I can't imagine that he would get any of his own dates with that personality."

"It couldn't have been that bad."

"It was! He couldn't have been ruder if he tried! This guy was even worse than Kuno!"

"Well, it's still early, come out with me tonight! I'm going to be meeting that new guy I've been seeing at a club. You can meet him and I'm sure he'll bring some of his friends!" Ukyo said with a giggle.

Akane groaned. "Okay, well have fun, I'm going to be staying home and watching a movie."

"Awww. I was just kidding! He'll probably have some friends with him but I'm not trying to set you up with any of them. I promise!"

"I know, but I think I should stay home anyways. I'm tired."

"Please, Akane! I need you! I don't want to meet his friends alone," she begged shamelessly.

"Ukyo, I really just want to stay home."

"Please! Pretty please! I'll take you out to lunch tomorrow. We can go get those parfaits you like so much. My treat. Please?"

"Okay. Okay. I'll go."

"I'll pick you up at 10!" she said quickly and hung up before her best-friend could change her mind.

The blue-haired girl plopped down on her bed in exhaustion. Geez, Akane thought to herself as she rubbed her forehead, I really am a pushover.

He was hanging with his boys, the music was loud, the drinks were good, and the girls were hot. In Ranma's opinion, life was perfect.

He took another swig of his beer as he eyed the girls on the dance floor.

"Do you see them?"

The pig-tailed boy rolled his eyes at his idiotic friend.

"I've never met them. I couldn't tell you if I were looking right at them."

"Oh. Yeah, right," he said a little red in the face as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment before looking through the crowd again.

Ranma turned around and eyed the dance floor again. It was still early in the evening but the dance floor was already full. There were couples making out, guys trolling the perimeter checking out the girls, and his favorite sight, girls grinding against each other.

His eyes tracked the floor until he spotted two girls on the far side of the dance floor. One in particular grabbed his attention. Her top was practically nonexistent, only covering the very bottom of her spine, her shoulders and back left completely bare. She was wearing a short skirt that swayed enticingly with each swing of her curvy hips. It was mesmerizing the way the hem moved back and forth, only barely managing to cover her ass. He couldn't look away and could only hope that with each movement the skirt went up a little higher. Just one more inch and he would have a glimpse of what was underneath.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked around to see his friend standing next to him. He pointed to the two girls Ranma had been staring at.

"There she is."

Fuck, he thought disappointed. "The one in the skirt?"

"Nah, the one next to her."

Smiling now, Ranma said, "Lead the way," before following his friend over to the two girls.

The pigtailed boy laughed as he watched his friend wrap his hands around the hips of the girl wearing jeans, earning him an elbow to the face. Ryoga was always a bit of a moron. But it looked like his new girlfriend was used to it as she apologized and the fanged boy brushed off the attack. She then greeted him with a hug and kiss before turning and introducing her boyfriend to her friend.

The girl in the skirt laughed at the entire interaction. He walked up as the introductions finished and the group turned to him. He finally took a good look at the girl he'd been watching and he liked what he saw. She had short dark hair, large brown eyes, and a smile that took his breath away.

That is until her face fell. Her lips drew into a tight line as her eyes narrowed at the sight of him.

"You!" she shouted as a she pointed a finger at him.

A/N: I have a rough outline for this story and have a general idea about where it's going and how it's going to end, but I wanted to post this chapter to see if anyone is interested before I write anymore.