A/N: A 300 word drabble (313 actually, if you want to be nitpicky). Just came to me out of the blue and begged to be written. Why do I always get story ideas late at night when I'm sleep deprived? Review please. I really don't know if I like this or not.

Green Eyes - 300 word drabble By Gaeriel Mallory


When was the first time I knew?

I was only ten. Young, yes, but I knew my heart.

Flashing green eyes hidden behind glasses, a smile quirking at her lips.

I was in love.

Over the years, I watched this girl I idolized and adored grow into a beautiful woman. Same flashing green eyes but the smile came more readily and I felt my heart skip a beat every time it was directed at me.

I did anything to see that smile. Cracked jokes, did cartwheels. I would have given her the world had she asked.

And then she was taken away from me. I remember feeling anger and resentment towards the man that came between us.

Age did not matter! I remember screaming at him as he stood there, staring resolutely at me from behind the mask.

I left, scarred from a madman's bullet.

It was only later that I heard that the same madman scarred her as well, but in a different way.

That horrible beeping of the hospital machines, the pale white of her skin standing out from her bright red hair. Her flashing green eyes dulled with tears and pain. No smile.

The long slow journey back from heartache. It was an uphill battle all the way, but I was always there to catch her if she fell. She pushed me away, hiding behind her scars. Laughing, turning that smile towards me, but I heard her pain.

It was mine to share.

And then finally, one day, her green eyes flashed for me once more. Her smile came to greet me like the warm sunrise.

We were both older, and hopefully wiser. So much unsaid between us that I wished to take a lifetime with her to sort through.

I loved her, and she loved me again. Finally. She of the flashing green eyes that spoke to my soul.