Takes place before and after the Sandbrook case which Alec Hardy in this story never got involved with so times and dates do not coincide with either series. Inspired by the Gracepoint episode where Tom Miller goes missing and Ellie thanks Carver for his help, I wondered what it would be like for Alec to have to investigate his own daughter's disappearance. There are no specific years these events took place and no years were mentioned in the series either except on Danny's gravestone and Danny's death may or may not take place in Alec's future after the events of my story, I wanted to explore something more personal to Alec being at the centre of something, loads of stories cover the events of the two series, including a lot of my own. Rose has never met the Doctor.

When Rose met Alec Hardy while training to be a hairdresser in the town of Sandbrook, she thought he was the most gorgeous bloke she had ever seen and reminded her somewhat of a certain actor she had a crush on, like she was ever gonna meet him but Alec Hardy, already a detective sergeant and freshly divorced from his nightmare of a marriage when he found his wife, also a DS was having an affair with another officer on the team walked into the salon one Wednesday afternoon and Rose's life was never going to be the same. He had fought for custody of their twelve year old daughter but she had won in the end stating she could offer the girl, Daisy, a stable home with her new boyfriend and Alec only had a tiny one bedroom flat but they agreed he would see her every other week though an overnight stay was out of the question and since Daisy wasn't keen anyway, all that mattered to Alec was that he got to see her.

Rose Tyler, fed up with her life and her useless loser boyfriend Mickey Smith, applied for a hairdressing apprenticeship after leaving collage in a town called Sandbrook and finding some cheap digs that cost her £75 a week with a pittance of a breakfast included (cereal and toast and cheap coffee) and since she had nothing else to find except lunch and tea, managed on what her new boss, Claire Ripley offered to pay her plus she got to keep any tips the clients gave her.

Then one day, Alec Hardy, disappointed his favourite barber had retired and shut up shop, was passing by Claire's salon which was aptly called 'Dragon Scissors' with Claire being from Wales, he was tired of searching for a replacement and went inside and took off his overcoat, though why he needed it in July, he didn't know, it was a bad habit of his and he sat down next to another man waiting after seeing no appointment was necessary.

Claire had seen the man and thought how much he looked like someone and since Rose had just finished giving another man a trim, pointed her in his direction but Rose just shrugged her shoulders, knowing someone else was in front of him and she wouldn't get to do his hair.

''Rose sweetheart, get me a coffee will you, I'm parched,'' Claire smiled, knowing Rose was due to do the other man's hair but Sarah had just finished and Carlo, the male stylist was doing his 'thing' and showing off to a man who was clearly getting hot under the collar at getting so much attention.

Rose obliged and when she handed Claire her cup, her boss winked at her.

''Next please'' Rose stated as she prepared her kit for who she knew for a fact wasn't actually the actor himself, what would he be doing in Sandbrook of all places unless he was filming nearby and Rose kept up with his schedule and knew exactly where he was.

''Good afternoon Sir, what can I do for you today?'' Rose asked politely, noticing his thick brown hair almost looked chestnut when the sun caught it and he had the faintest of designer stubble on his face and chin that Rose thought looked rather sexy. Was she certain she knew where that actor was? This man seated in her chair was his exact double right down to the brown pimple under his chin and the way his top shirt button was undone and his tie not quite straight.

''Just a trim if you will,'' he stated in a Scottish accent.

That was it, Rose was convinced it was actually HIM. She calmly trimmed and styled his hair and showed him the back in the hand mirror she held. He just nodded and Rose took the cape from him and brushed the back of his neck. He followed her to the desk and paid the £7.50 and told her to keep the change from the £10 note he handed her and gave her the most brilliant smile.

''Thank you Rose,'' he said, looking at her name badge. ''This will be my permanent hairdressers from now on, I hope you get to cut my hair next time I visit.''

''Thank you Sir, have a good day.''

''Oh I'm sure I will now Rose, thank you.''

Everyone teased Rose for the next few weeks. Sometimes he would pass by the salon and if he saw her turn around, he would first nod then after a few times he would wave and one day when it was quiet, Rose was sat at the desk going through appointments when there was a tap on the window. Rose turned and Alec was standing there smiling at her and popped his head around the door.

Claire looked over at Rose who tried to ignore him but Claire was trying to hint to her lovestruck assistant to go talk to him but instead, he came over to her.

''Hello Rose. Can I make an appointment with you for Wednesday afternoon?''

The appointment made, Rose couldn't wait until the following Wednesday and made sure everything was ready for his arrival. She was getting teased something terrible, including from Carlos who said he would gladly do the gentleman's hair if Rose were to find herself with another client. Rose had given him a hasty 'no thanks' and now she had his name, well his surname – Hardy.

The time came for Alec's appointment and he was taking the afternoon off, hoping he could entice the young hairdresser to go out for a late lunch with him after his haircut. He didn't know her surname, just she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met, far outdoing his ex and why he'd married her, he had no idea, the stupid cow had got herself pregnant after a night out and failing to inform him she was off the pill for a few days. He had felt he had to do the right thing but twelve years later, it was no long viable to keep up the pretence.

He arrived on time, hung up his coat and jacket and sat in Rose's chair when she called him over. They talked for a while, Alec asking what she did in her spare time and revealed he was a police detective sergeant and was just about to take the detective inspector's exams the following Monday.

Rose wished him good luck and he said if he passed, would she like to go out with him to celebrate?

''I'd love to Mr Hardy, thanks.''

''It's Alec, though I don't care much for the name really, a cruel joke by my parents I expect. Are you free when you've finished with me?''

''I'm due to go to lunch soon.''

''Then allow me to accompany you perhaps?''

Rose didn't know what to say, he had invited her for lunch and to celebrate if he passed his exams. Claire was encouraging her whenever he purposely passed the salon as were the other girls but Carlos was getting a bit jealous until Claire told him to grow up and the detective definitely didn't seem to sway in his direction since he was clearly interested in Rose.

Over the next few weeks, Alec would often call and take Rose to lunch and he passed the DI's exams with flying colours and was now waiting for a transfer since now he was seeing Rose on a regular basis, his ex was making life difficult. Poor Alec had to agree that on the Saturdays he saw Daisy, Rose was not to be with him. They started looking for a house or a flat after being together over the new year, Rose had moved into his one bedroom flat and it was just big enough for the two of them, cosy, Alec called it.

He met Rose's mother, Jackie and they got on reasonably well when they went for a visit for Christmas and stayed in Rose's old room in her mother's flat for two nights. Mickey of course had to put in an appearance and almost ruined things when he had too much to drink on Christmas Eve but Alec knew better than to listen to a jealous ex-boyfriend.

So on Christmas night after her mother's dinner, Alec giving her the pink paper hat he'd won in the Christmas cracker they had pulled together and a party in the evening, Rose knew it was almost her monthly but Alec said he didn't care, he wanted to show her how much he loved her and although Rose insisted he was the one to take precautions, he said he knew what he was doing and would take the blame if she got pregnant.

A month later, they had found a two bedroomed terrace house on the outskirts of the town and having to buy an extra single bed and a bit more furniture, moved in then Rose told him she was late and went to get a pregnancy test. It was positive, she was five weeks pregnant. Alec was more than over the moon, more than he had been when Tess had announced she was having Daisy, who was now thirteen and had decided she wanted to meet her dad's girlfriend much to her mother's dismay.

So Rose quit her job when she had two months to go, just short of a year since she had met Alec in the salon which had been the happiest day of Rose's life so far, that only going to be outdone when she gave birth to what they now knew was going to be a girl since neither of them could wait to find out and the spare room had been turned into a baby girl's nursery with Jackie sending all kinds of pink items down for her granddaughter including pink dresses and babygrows and of course lots of pink woollen knitted items that half of the estate had been knitting for weeks.

Alec was so excited, he almost missed the entrance to the maternity entrance to the local hospital when Rose had got herself there when she got pains after he had left for work one morning, two days before she was due and he had already booked leave to take her in on the day but as he received her frantic call saying she was getting strong contractions and she had called a taxi rather than wait for him to get home or wait for an ambulance. She had presented herself to reception and since there was a queue, shouted out she was going into labour, which got her a funny look from those in front of her but being the partner of a detective inspector, Rose didn't really care as a nurse brought a wheelchair and took her through to a delivery suite.

''You'd better let my partner know where I am when he arrives, he's a Police Detective, he won't mess about asking where I am.''

''Don't worry Miss Tyler, someone will tell him when he arrives. Just get undressed and onto the bed and we'll time your contractions. Do you need anything for the pain yet?''

''No ta, I'm ok for now, Alec will be the one that needs something, he's more nervous about it than I am.''

The nurse smiled and left Rose to get changed. She got a message from the man who had got her into this asking where she was.

'Hospital, where do you think I am?' she replied which got her a 'Don't be smart Rose, I know that'

He finally found her and after snogging her senseless asked how far on she was. He soon found out. Two hours later, Rose was cradling her new born daughter, whom they had decided to name Kelly, not wanting any more names of flowers in the family. Rose was moved to a ward and after school, Alec went to collect Daisy to see her new baby step-sister.

Daisy sat on the chair nearest to Rose holding the baby carefully, her little finger being held while Alec sat on the bed, propping his partner up as he had done throughout the delivery and he had only then gone out to call Jackie. He had laid with Rose for an hour while Kelly was sleeping, after taking lots of photos and sending them to Jackie and some to his colleagues, getting him loads of congratulations messages except from Tess of course, who was now feeling miserable since her not so new boyfriend she had divorced Alec for had never once mentioned the word 'partner' let alone the 'M' word and certainly not anything about having kids.

Rose was home after a few days, Alec had a few weeks leave and Daisy came round whenever she could then shortly before Kelly's first birthday, Alec came home with some news – he had been offered the lead detective's job in a town called Broadchurch, down on the coast of Dorset and he would be in charge of a team of local detectives, no-one over him except the chief superintendent and since it was right on the coast, it would be a great place for Kelly to grow up.

So they took a week's holiday in Broadchurch, renting a two bedroom caravan right on the harbour and Alec went to see his new boss to agree they would get help with housing costs since he was moving and he could get a weeks leave to settle his family in when they found a suitable place. A month later, everything was packed and the Hardy family followed the removal van down to Broadchurch, which wasn't really that far and they arrived in front of their new home, overlooking the sea on the side of the cliff and just above the High Street. When they looked out of their bedroom window, they could see the harbour and the other golden cliffs and once settled, though it was now into October but quite mild, they would take their daughter down to the beach then get fish and chips from one of the stalls and Kelly loved the bright lights of the amusement arcade and laughed as she was put on the kiddie rides, Alec taking photos of her and Rose would pretend to get on with her which got a 'No' from her when she learned to talk then later, when she was two, it was, 'Mummy's too big' so Rose would ask if daddy could go on so Alec would attempt to sit behind while Rose took the photo of him tickling his daughter until she almost fell off laughing even more.

The little family were extremely happy, Rose had made some friends, DS Ellie Miller and Beth Latimer being two of them she spent the most time with since Ellie had another boy just after Rose and Alec's arrival but had gone back to work and her husband had stayed at home. Rose said Alec would never agree to that but she was only a hairdresser and since Kelly went to a private nursery in the mornings when she turned two, Rose had got a job two hours a day in a salon on the High Street just washing hair and doing trims but it brought in some extra money since Kelly was growing out of her clothes and Rose swore the girl was going to be tall just like her dad.

Then the following September, Kelly was due to start nursery at the local school and the house was in chaos that morning. Alec was going with his partner and daughter for her first morning, just part time for a few weeks for her to get used to it. They finally made it with five minutes to spare, Alec parking on a yellow line and putting his police sign on the dashboard and daring the school crossing lady to challenge his choice of parking spots – she knew the DI and what he was capable of so she had thought better of it.

After lots of hugs and kisses and talking to their daughter's new nursery teacher, Alec giving Miss Carter a lecture that no-one was to collect Kelly except for himself or Kelly's mum and if someone were to be asked to collect their child, one of them would inform the school as to whom it would be and would more than likely be a Police Officer or DS Miller and to call if someone were to attempt to take the young girl and stop them.

Rose went back to the car with him.

''Was that really necessary Alec, I'm sure they already have plans in place, the head explained all that when we went to see her.''

''I'm not risking it Rose, do you want to?'' He raised his eyebrows, like he always did that made him look so sexy when he did it.

''You know I don't Alec. I'll be back before she comes out, don't worry. I love you scruffy.'' Scruffy was his daughter's nickname for him since he didn't shave all his beard off.

''I love you too pussycat, when I get home tonight I want to talk to you about something.''

''I look forward to it.'' Then she whispered in his ear, ''Hope it involves me, you and lots of sex.''

''Naturally pussycat, doesn't it always? See you later. I love you Rose.''

''I love you too Alec.''

They never parted without telling each other that, in Alec's line of work, they never knew what could happen and the worse was about to happen although neither of them knew it. Claire Ripley was going through a bad time, her husband, Lee Ashworth had been accused of killing a twelve year old girl and kidnapping a nineteen year old woman, both cousins and Alec's ex wife Tess, had arrested him and Claire had given him an alibi and he had got off but he had disappeared to France somewhere, with the excuse they should keep apart until it all blew over.

Claire had sold the salon and was wondering what to do with herself and decided leaving Sandbrook was her best option so she had moved to a small village just outside Broadchurch called Abbotsbury and had learned the local Police had an DI by the name of Hardy. She was interested and learned it was the same man her apprentice Rose Tyler had gone off with after they had a daughter together and he had got a promotion and since she still blamed Tess Henchard for Lee going off, she couldn't help but try to get even with the DS even though she and Hardy were divorced and he had taken her best stylist away after getting her pregnant. She was hatching her plan as Rose collected her daughter at the end of her first morning and Claire was watching from across the playground as Rose and Kelly walked the short distance home. Claire's salon had gone into decline after Rose had left three years ago and Claire was now blaming her for it so she was going to get her revenge and kill two birds with one little girl.