8 years later

"Do you think they will ever tell us where they're going?" Dylan asked his brother as he joined him in the study.

"It's none of our business, brother," Roland replied. "They are gone for a week twice each year, and haven't you noticed how much more relaxed they are when they come back."

"I have," Dylan said, wrinkling his nose. "And I don't want to think about what they're actually doing whilst away."

"Each other probably," Roland told him, laughing out loud as he saw the expression on his brother's face.

"Would you stop that," Dylan huffed. "I don't need you to put that picture in my head. They're our parents."

"Aren't you too old to believe that the stork brought Jess and Chris?"

"You're unbelievable," Dylan muttered under his breath.

"They haven't been away since the twins were born. They deserve to have a vacation. Just the two of them," Roland said quietly. "You think we can't handle the two on our own for a week?"

A howl came from the living room and Dylan rolled his eyes. "You mean it's going to be a piece of cake to manage the two hellions?"

Chris rushed into the room, his little sister crashing against his legs and looking up at him with a frustrated expression on her face. "She won't give me the controller. I wanna play, too."

Jess sauntered into the room, her face pinched in annoyance as she looked at her twin. "You're so bad at playing. It's no fun."

"Jessica Locksley," Roland said firmly, throwing his sister an icy glare. "You will let your sister play, too."

Chris had found refuge behind Dylan's legs, her small hands curled around the fabric of his pants as she stared at her sister with red rimmed eyes. From this safe distance she poked her tongue out, but unfortunately for her Dylan saw it, and put his finger under her chin to pull her head up. "Christine Locksley, where are your manners?"

"She started it," Chris said, pointing her finger at her sister, and Jess folded her arms over her tiny chest, glaring daggers at her sister.

Roland let out a sigh, and looked from one twin to the other. "No Harry Potter tonight if you don't bury the hatchet."

The twins stayed rigid for a moment, obviously judging if Roland was serious, but in the end their desire for reading Harry Potter that night was stronger, and they ran into each other's arms and murmured words of apology before walking out of the study arm in arm.

Dylan let out a chuckle as he turned to his brother, raising one eyebrow. "Yeah, this is really going to be a piece of cake."


"You really think they're okay?"

"You called them already four times in the last two hours. They are fine, Regina."

"But ..."

"Get over here and bent over," Robin growled, slapping the riding crop against the bedpost and her eyes snapped to his. The worry sizzled out of her as she saw the obvious bulge in his boxer briefs, and she licked her lips and averted her eyes to the ground.

"As you please, master."

The first hard slap over her ass ripped a harsh moan out of her throat, it had been over six years since they'd last been in the cabin, and as Robin worked the crop over her back and ass she realized how much she'd missed being dominated by him.

"Are you wet for me, pet?" Another sharp crack of the crop as she didn't answer him immediately, and a moment later a finger skimmed over her puckered opening. "Or do I need to spread your ass first before slapping your greedy cunt?"

Her walls clenched upon hearing his words and she shifted on her elbows, lifting her ass even higher. He knew her so well that she didn't have to say anything, his hand trailing over her burning flesh, his fingers gathering her arousal before he slipped the tip of one finger into her ass, and her muscles clenched around him instantly.

"Ahhh, you want to feel your ass clamping down on the plug while I fuck you hard, don't you?"

"Yes, master," she breathed, feeling her arousal actually coating her thighs as he pumped his finger slowly in and out of her tight hole.

Her whole body started to tremble as the lube was spread over her ass, and the breath hissed out of her as he pushed the plug slowly into her. She spread her legs wider without needing him to give her a command, and she could hear the deep growl rumpling out of his throat as his fingers slipped through her wet folds before he started to flick the crop against her ass, folds and clit, driving her insane with need, never letting her fall over.

"You needed that so much, didn't you?" he rasped close to her ear while she felt his cock nudging at her entrance.

"Yes," she whispered, her voice changing to a whimper when he slipped only the tip into her and stopped. "Please fuck me hard, master."

She cried out his name several times as he took her with hard and deep thrusts, her arms giving out under her at some point when the sensations were overwhelming her. He fell atop of her, driving into her again and again until she saw stars, could hardly breathe. He apparently sensed that she was close and pushed back, slipping one hand under her body and pinching her clit hard as he plunged into her as deep as he could. She came around him violently, her muscles contracting around the plug and his cock, and he still pushed into her, prolonging her climax as he chased his own, his hips stuttering against her as he came, the plug shifting in her ass as he crashed down on her and pushed her into the mattress.

She wasn't able to move a muscle, just feeling pleasantly sore as he pushed up after a few minutes and pulled the plug carefully out of her. She heard him walk around, felt a cool cloth swipe over her ass and between her legs as he cleaned her up, and then she was lifted gently, the cool sheet slithering over her heated skin. She opened her eyes slowly, watching him cleaning up the plug and putting all the utensils back into the drawer. His eyes crinkled as he walked back to the bed and saw her watching him, his smile splitting up his face as he slipped under the sheet with her.

"God, I love you," she breathed, sudden tears pricking the back of her eyes.

His smile didn't falter, only his eyes softened as his thumb trailed along her jaw. "And I love you."

They laid silent for a while until reality intruded back into her mind, and the worry about her children slipped back in. She stiffened, wondering if she could wait until Robin fell asleep, but as always her husband knew exactly what she was thinking and let out a deep chuckle, shifting to reach his phone.

"I knew you wanted to check on them again, so ..." He turned the phone so that she could see the screen. "I've prepared a text already.

Since your mother won't stop worrying … we want to have hourly updates with pictures to prove you're all doing fine without us.

His thumb hit the send button, and she snuggled into him breathing a thank you against his skin as they waited for the reply. Robin's phone beeped a moment later, the message being only a thumbs up, and seconds later a photo was sent, all their children grinning broadly into the camera and holding their thumbs up.

"See, they are fine," Robin said, grinning down at her with so much love that her throat constricted. "We're not gonna cut this vacation short. It's our first since the twins were born, and I have a lot planned for this week."

"You have?" she asked, feeling a pleasant warmth settling in the pit of her stomach.

"Yes," he replied, his grin turning wicked as his hand skimmed over her still sensitive ass. "You'll be thoroughly sore in all the right places."

"I'm gonna hold you to that, Mr. Locksley."

"I always keep my promises, Mrs. Locksley."

Regina was already slightly sore, but knew that it would get much worse. They hadn't been able to indulge in their darker fantasies for quite some time, and judging by the hard fuck he'd just given her, he'd missed it as much as she did.

She was almost asleep as Robin's phone beeped again, and she smiled when she looked at the picture, the twins fast asleep in their beds. Their children would be just fine without them for a week, and she shifted, letting her breasts press harder into her husband's chest. She heard his sharp intake of breath, and her grin broadened as she let her fingers trail down his stomach and found him already half aroused, his length hardening under her grip with each stroke of her hand. She didn't feel sleepy at all anymore and pulled the sheet off them to be able to straddle him, letting her already wet folds slip over his hard cock as she rocked her hips back and forth.

He let out a groan, his fingers closing around her waist as she let him slip inside of her. Her walls protested against the intrusion at first, but this time she was in control, and she kept it slow, letting him glide in and out of her until the slight twinges vanished and she could relish in the pleasure his cock and hands were giving her.

His heart was beating steadily under her ear afterwards, his hand trailing up and down her arm as his body relaxed into sleep, and she closed her eyes, one thought drifting through her mind before she fell asleep.

This week would be a lot of fun.

The End

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