The Winchester boys have a special message for the lovely MeAzrael on the occasion of her birthday.

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"My name's Sam Winchester and I'm here because I want to send a birthday message to someone very special. My brother Dean should be here too – but the great jerk seems to have disappeared at the moment."

"Anyway …"

*unfolds piece of paper*

"This is a message for MeAzrael. *ahem* Dear MeAzrael. Dean and I both hope you have an awesome birthday. We hope that all your dreams come true and …"



"Yeah! Stow the freakin' love letter – we don't wanna put the poor woman to sleep. I've got something way cool for her here!"

"What in the holy hell …?"

"Awesome huh?"

"Uuuum …."

"I figure if we want to wish MeAzrael the best birthday, we may as well do it with some real impact!"

"… with a six feet long flashing neon sign?"

"Yup! I made it myself; that'll give her some surprise, huh?"

"Riiiight … all that thing's gonna give her is a seizure."

"Pah, stow the smart comments, bitch – we're not all delicate flowers like you!"

"Dean, why is it written in German?"

"Because, genius, MeAzrael is a super cool, sexy German chick. What was I going to write it in? Freakin' Chinese?"

"How about English, asshat – she speaks better English than you do!"

"Nah, she'll be mega-impressed that I can speak her native tongue."

"You speak her native tongue do you? Okay, so what's it say then, Mr genius Translator?"

*shrugs* "Well, it's obvious isn't it?"


*Sigh* "It says 'Sam and Dean hope you have the best birthday ever'."


"Yeah, or something like that …"

"Uh yeah, right. It actually says, 'Take a hike Dean, go shove a potato up your ass'."


"How did you translate it Dean?"

"I didn't translate it – I asked Kevin; he knows hundreds of different languages, so I figured if he knows Zoroastran and Babylonian, he must be able to muddle through with a bit of German."


"He was a bit pissed at first, because I interrupted him when he was trying to level up on Assassins Creed, but he eventually …"

"… ! …"


"Um, okay. Well, Dean's disappeared again to go and have a word with Kevin, so it looks like it's down to me again."

*Unfolds piece of paper*

*ahem* "Dear MeAzrael. Dean and I both hope you have an awesome birthday. We hope that all your dreams come true and that you have a year full of happiness."

"And now I'm going to go and find my brother."