A/N: I just can't get this pairing out of my head, so this happened. the song in this chapter is called 'Apocalyptic' by Halestorm. also, to make the telling of this story a little easier there are some changes from the movie:

- Beca is not with Jesse, they've never dated and never will


I slam the glass down onto the bar and grimace at the vile taste of tequila on my tongue. I actually hate this stuff but right now is the time and the place for music, dancing and of course shots.

Biting off a piece of lime, I look over to Fat Amy who yells at me over the music. "Hey Beca, get your scrawny ass over here."

I laugh and throw my arms up to pull her into half-hug as she dances toward me.

Jumping up and down I look around at the Bellas dancing and partying. This is our night, our victory. There's no feeling like winning the World Championship of a cappella, or of anything really, and we'll hopefully remember it for the rest of our lives. Maybe not this party though, because things are already starting to get blurry.

I don't know half the people here but the other a cappella groups certainly know how to party, especially those guys from Canada. Having a few of the Trebles around also makes everything that much more fun. I'm actually surprised they came all the way to Europe to support us but there's a small sentinmental part of me that is grateful. Well, except for the part where Bumper and Fat Amy are trying to get it on right beside me.

Their kissing noises are loud enough to drown out the music and I slowly move away from them toward Stacey and Lily who are hugging each other to stay upright.

Bobbing along to the beat of the music I signal to the guy behind the bar to get me another round of shots. In my head I look pretty smooth leaning against the bar like that but I'm probably just grinning like a drunken idiot. I can't help it though. This just feels too good and I've had too much tequila to care.

This is the perfect party.

Well, that is until a weird hush goes through the room and I squint to see why the music suddenly seems quieter and the lights a little darker.

The crowd literally parts as DSM in all their leather-clad glory march toward me. It's like they're moving in slow motion and my eyes are immediately drawn to the blonde leader of the group.

"Oh shit."

Kommissar stops only a few feet away and my throat goes dry. I swallow nervously. "What… are you doing here?"

"We came to congratulate you," Kommissar answers and spreads her arms, palms up, "we're trying not to be sore losers after all."

Kommissar winks, actually winks, at me and I can feel my neck and face flush.

The tall German takes a few steps back and snaps her fingers. DSM immediately drops a beat and Kommissar looks around. "A good performance Bellas, well done, but we won't give up, next time it's going to be us who take the trophy home."

The group spreads out and Pieter grabs a stunned Fat Amy to twirl her around as Kommissar's deep rich voice fills the room.

"I wear my nine-inch heels when we go to bed, I paint the color of my lips blood red."

Kommissar grins at me over her shoulder and I reach out to steady myself against Stacey as my knees go all wobbly.

"I get so animal like never before, so you press play and I hit record. 'Cause we're dysfunctional physical, always slamming doors, you're a bitch, throwing fits,
always waging wars, me and you, sad but true, we're not us anymore, but there's still one thing we're good for."

Kommissar stops, turns to me and stalks toward me like some sort of giant wildcat. DSM joins into the song and Pieter spins around to put some moves on Cynthia-Rose who is too drunk to do anything but frown at him.

"I'll give you one last night, so make it twisted, give you one last shot, go on and hit it. Give you one last time to make me miss it. Baby, love me apocalyptic. Come on!"

Everything sort of fades into the background when Kommissar invades my personal space. I smell cinnamon and try to move away but the bar is at my back. With no way to escape, I can only stare into blue eyes with my mouth pretty much hanging open.

"Give me a red hand print right across my ass, I'm leaving scratches up and down your back, throw me against the wall, bite me on my neck, like end of the world, break-up sex.

I'll give you one last night, so make it twisted."

A small noise between a moan and a helpless whimper somehow makes it out of my mouth when Kommissar leans into me and whispers those last three lines against the shell of my ear.

How can one single person possibly be that hot?

Until now I'd sort of found Kommissar attractive on a purely I-think-you're-super-sexy-from-afar level but being subjected to that full on seductive power makes my body feel funny and tingly all over.

I'm pretty sure Kommissar is flirting with me, through a song no less, and I have no idea what to do about it. A considerable part of me just wants to jump Kommissar's bones right then and there but another one is too stunned to move at all.

I don't even know her real name, for crying out loud. And she's still smiling at me like I'm nothing but a delicious piece of chocolate she wants to put in her mouth. Oh god. I seriously need to stop going down that road because my mind won't make it out of the gutter once it's down there.

Chloe suddenly appears beside me and I latch onto her arm with both my hands. She glares at Kommissar with a raised eyebrow and then turns to me. "You okay?"

I nod a couple of times and lick my lips. DSM finish their song and there's a round of loud applause and cheering before the music is turned up again and everyone starts to mingle. I'm still rooted to the spot, holding on to Chloe like she's the only thing keeping me upright while Kommissar sends a smirk my way before joining Pieter on the dance floor.

I turn back to the bar, just for a moment, because I don't think I can take much more of Kommissar dancing like that. I can basically feel sweat running down my back and I shiver at the nasty sensation. Chloe is still looking at me like she's trying to figure out a puzzle but instead of asking a myriad of questions she just gets us more drinks.

I make short work of the vodka and coke before stumbling along the bar to one of the exits of the club. I seriously need a breather because everything I can hear is Kommissar's voice in my head and the feeling of her body so freaking close.

The door closes behind me and the cool nightly air is a welcome change from the hot sticky atmosphere in the club. I take a deep breath but hold it in surprise when I hear a voice from beside me.

Kommissar has her back turned in my direction, she moves her free hand around while she talks into the phone in her other.

"Was genau willst du von mir? Wir haben verloren, die andere Gruppe war besser, so einfach ist das. Da gibt es nichts zu diskutieren, wir müssen einfach besser werden."

There is a moment of silence as Kommissar leans against the wall of the club, her hand cradling her forehead. "Wenn du das so siehst dann tut es mir leid, vielleicht ist es besser so."

She ends the phone call and slaps her hand against the wall before turning around and stopping short.

I open my mouth to say something, anything, but nothing comes out.

"Didn't anyone tell you it's impolite to eavesdrop?" Kommissar asks, the anger slipping from her features.

"I…uh…I didn't understand a single thing you said," I offer and shift my weight from one foot to the other.

"Is that so?"

Kommissar walks toward me – there's just something about the way she moves that makes my temperature rise again.

It's not that I'm scared of her or anything, but somehow my natural response is to slowly back up until I can't go any further. I hit the wall with my shoulders and stare at Kommissar nervously. Great, now she definitely knows that she completely throws me off, but hey she probably figured that out when I complimented her at the car show when I was trying to insult her instead.

She leans forward with a smile and my hands twitch with the effort of keeping them still.

"I have a proposition for you, little maus."