SERENDIPITY - The Beautiful Accident.

Chapter 1 – New Beginnings.

A month. It's been almost a month since I graduated from WSU and here I am, sitting in my room, in the new house which Kate's parents bought for her in Seattle, unemployed. If I don't get a job soon, I'll have to take up SIP's offer, though that Hyde guy gave me creeps, but I can't be unemployed anymore and be a burden on Kate.

The doorbell just rang and Kate is finally home. I think I should talk to her and tell her about my plans, I know she won't be happy with this one but she'll have to deal with it.

I leap out of my bed and to the main door and there she is beaming at me. She does really know how to put a smile on my face even in my worst days. That's what best friends are for.

"Hey there, baby" she says while beaming at me.

"Hey Kate" I smile at her while she covers me a bear hug. This feels good.

She gets in and fetches some water for herself and I move to the living area calling her name and telling her that I need to speak to her and Kate as she is; she senses my seriousness and walks to the living with all ears.

"Kate, I have applied for the internship at GEH…" she tries to cut me off but I raise my hand indicating her to let me finish, "I can't get in big publishing houses without experience and the one I get into, you know that Hyde guy gave me creeps, even his breathing seemed inappropriate. This is the final call, if I don't get in GEH, I'll take up SIP." I tell her, she looks at me in disbelief.

"Ana, you cannot work for that asshole. He threw me out of his office!" she counters

"You asked him if he was gay!" I bring it to her notice in amusing voice.

"Yeah, So?" She looks at me as if it's normal to ask a billionaire his sexual orientation while interviewing him for student newspaper. I can't avoid the amusing tone of her and he both laugh at it for a few minutes.

"Ana, seriously he even cancelled last moment his presence at commencement ceremony and I'm pretty sure it's because of the question. He'll eat you, Ana." She sounds so concerned. Most sincerely looking in my eyes.

"There is nothing to worry about. I'll just be an intern. I won't even get to see him and I don't want to go to SIP where that creep works." I try to explain and se seems to understand my situation. She smiles at me, telling me she approves. It's not like I wanted her approval but it's always good to keep people in confidence that you love.

We wrap up our conversation and do some random cooking for the dinner and then head to our rooms for the night.

I get myself changed to my night shorts and camisole and get in bed and pull my laptop on myself to check my mails and what I see next fills me with excitement and joy and I scream out of elation and Kate bangs open my door with a pan in her hand and looking tense and murderous at once. I look at her and laugh. She seems confused by my reaction.

"I got shortlisted for GEH internship! Eeeeeeep." I scream again clarifying her confusion.

"Oh my God, Ana, That's amazing. Though you scared the shit out of me but WOW!" She seems happy for me.

I giggle, "Sorry. I just got the mail from HR head there. I have an interview tomorrow at if I clear it, I'll be their intern!" I can't seem to keep my happiness. It's such good news after so long.

She looks at me shocked and I'm confused at her expression, "Tomorrow?" She gasps and moves out of my room in haste to her and I scream her name from behind but she doesn't reply. Then after 10 minutes she returns to my room with some skirts and blouses and shoes and purses and now I understand what shocked her. Classic Kavanaugh.

"Kate I have clothes, I don't need them." I roll my eyes at her.

"I know you have clothes but you need office wear." She tells me.

"Yeah, I need them. If I get the job I'll need a whole new wardrobe." She can sense the sadness in my voice and she glares at me signing to keep the clothes.

We set off to bed. I have my interview tomorrow at 11:00 am and I am pretty excited about it. I just hope this one is my break through. I have already impressed them by my resume and my answers to their questions on the application. I hope to do the same magic face-to-face.

I wake up the next morning by the light falling on my face. It's a beautiful sunny day in Seattle. It happens rarely here but it suits my good mood and rather magnifies it. I think it's a good omen for my interview. I rush to the shower as its 8 am already and take a nice warm bath and wash my hair gently.

After drying my hair and wearing my robe I head to the kitchen for some breakfast and tea. I see Kate on the counter making tea for me and trying to do some pancakes. Trying but failing.

I tell her to sit on the bench and then I get on with it.

I sit in front of the GEH building at 10:30 am. I am pretty early but I make my way to the entrance and notice the extravagant furnishings and décor. I head to the huge reception desk which is in white and navy blue and notice a blond who is smiling at me.

"How can I help you ma'am?" She says.

"I am Anastasia Steele, I applied for internship and I have my final interview today." I reply

"To the 12th floor, Miss Steel, take the extreme right lift, you'll find another desk who will inform the HR head that you have arrived." She smiles again and I return her smile.

Packing all my confidence within me I head to my final interview.

I set back home after the amazing interview. I think I did well because the whole panel smiled at me and looked impressed. I can only hope for the best now. The results will be out on Thursday and the interns would be required to join from Monday which is exactly one week from today. So I could be employed in one week.

Days just pass by and it's Thursday evening already and I haven't heard anything from them till now. I think I won't be getting this job as well. Sadness covers me and I think again of working for that creep whose breathing even gives me inappropriate signals.

I head to me bedroom in my trepidation for a good night sleep and suddenly my phone rings, shocking me. Who could be calling me at this hour? My inner goddess screams. It's an unknown number and I decide to pick.


"Is this Miss Anastasia Steele?" Voice comes from the phone.

"Yes, this is she. How can I help you?"

"Miss Steele, this is Miranda Wilson, HR head at GEH." She says and my hopes booms. "I am sorry for calling this late but I just wanted to inform you that you are one of the six interns who have been selected to work for GEH." BOOOOM. Yeaaah.

"Oh! Thank you. That's wonderful news. Thank you so much." I can't seem to contain my happiness.

"Congratulations, Miss Steele. You are supposed to report on Monday officially but we are conducting introduction sessions tomorrow for the interns so you can learn about the company and get acquainted with the staff so that you can start fresh on Monday. Will you be able to report tomorrow at 8 am?" She asks.

"That would not be a problem, Miss Wilson. I'll see you at 8 tomorrow." I confirm.

"Great. See you tomorrow." And she hangs up.

I do a little dance on my bed and then run to Kate's bedroom to give her the news. As I enter I see her sleeping and unable to contain my enthusiasm I jump on her bed and she wakes up straight and shocked. I tell her I got the job and we both scream to our top voices. I hug her and cry. I don't know why I cried but they were happy tears and seeing me cry brings tears in her eyes. And just like that we both fell asleep in Kate's bed.

I wake up at 6:30 am and head to the bathroom.

After getting myself dressed in a gray pencil skirt and gray blouse, I do a natural makeup. Mascara and natural gloss and pull my hair in a neat hair tie and leave my side hair bangs over my forehead, covering just the right amount.

As I sit in the conference room with five other interns. Two girls and three boys. All of them dressed well and look smart. I get a positive vibe from the beautiful blond, Ashley Martin. We have been passing each other smiles and she seemed warm and welcoming. I like her. She sits beside a dark haired guy just a few inched taller than me and I think his name was Michael Trevino.

I have been getting cold glares from the black haired lady sitting opposite to me and I have no reason why. I didn't steal you glass slippers, Lady. Stop glaring. Purrs my inner goddess. She introduced herself as Natalia 'Liah' Brown.

Beside me sits a handsome man with blonde unruly hair and hazel eyes. He was nice and friendly towards me during our introduction. Seems like some sporty guy from college sports team. And on my other side sits another guy who emphasis we call him 'Chris' as in Christopher Tolston. I know exactly where he is coming from, having long names and not liking the memories attached to it because that's what your parents called you when you are grounded!

The whole day passes and Miranda tells us about the different sections of GEH : Communication, Security, Legal, IT and the norms followed in GEH, the usage of lifts: the extreme left is for the 20th floor only. Of course for the CEO, the allocation of sections on different floors and tells us some history of the company the CEO Christian Grey. It was odd when she mentioned that he likes to be referred as only Sir or Mr. Grey and there were rumors that once some lady called him with his first name and he fired her on the spot. Freakish.

After the introduction to the interns and the company working, we head to different floors and meet the heads of all the departments. We are then informed that the CEO is not in the state right now and is off to New York for some deals and meetings and will be back Monday. So we can't meet him today or even Monday sounds dicey, it's all going to depend upon his schedule. Of course, The CEO will be too busy to meet his lowly interns. Doesn't he have an empire to run?

Even Miranda sounds sad with the news. This is a new development.

Natalia seems most disappointed by the news as if she came to intern for him privately. She scowls at Miranda while she informs us about Mr. Grey's absence. Ashley less so, but Natalia's expression is outlandish as if a kid is denied his most favourite toy.

I don't get these ladies. They came here to climb their stairs to success or climb their boss. Or technically their bosses' bosses' boss.

"Hey, Anastasia, care to join us for a drink. We are free to go now." William asks me.

"Ana, please-" I say and he smiles and cuts me before I could answer him.

"Only if you call me Wil." He says while giving me a sly smile. And I think he's flirting because I blush.

"Deal. And yes I'd like to accompany all." I say

"Deal it is then." He seems nice and all but I need to keep my distance because I don't want to give wrong signals to anyone. I just want to focus on work right now and not mingle to my co-workers. This is so not me. I don't sleep with people randomly. Well, technically you haven't with anyone. And never with the colleagues.

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