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-Esther/Mikael are dead

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-All the Originals are undaggered

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Chapter 1

Elena's heels clicked against the sidewalk as she walked through the heart of New Orleans. It was nearly midnight and jazz music vibrated through the streets. She felt her hips swaying unknowingly as she grabbed a drink from a passerby.

"Thank you," she nodded at him as she downed the bitter liquid in one swig.

Elena brushed off drunken advances as she grabbed a man and lured him into a dark alley behind a bar.

"Hey, pretty lady," he slurred as Elena pushed him up against the wall, "I have a hotel room nearby if you'd rather be more comfortable."

She smiled a predatory smile at him, "You won't scream and you won't remember any of this," she ordered as she bit into his neck. She paid close attention to his pulse and retracted her fangs when his heartbeat started to slow. The man slumped against the wall before stumbling back inside the bar. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth as she straightened her low cut shirt.

"Katherine, fancy seeing you here in my home."

Elena groaned internally at the mistake of her being Katherine once again. She turned around and faced a dark skinned man with a wolfish smile on his face. She smiled sweetly at him, "I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm not Katherine."

The man laughed, "And I'm not Marcel Gerard," he held out his hand to her, "Come on, I don't have all night. I'm sure that Thierry will be more than happy to see you." His eyes danced as he took her in before he smirked, "Besides, it's fight night. And I'm sure my guys would love to go up against a five hundred year old vampire."

Elena snorted, "Once again, I'm not Katherine, Mr. Gerard," she strode past him and continued down the alley.

Marcel grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him, locking his hands around her neck, "Katherine, don't be like that. It's time you've paid your dues," he snapped her neck and pulled her over his shoulder as he continued down the alley and to the Compound.

Elena's head was pounding as light shined behind her eyelids. She was lying on the ground, she assumed, from the feeling of wood against her back. She felt the bones of her neck pop into place as she focused on hearing the noise around her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to fight night!"

Elena opened her eyes as she placed the voice: Marcel.

He noticed that she was awake and stood over her form as he smirked, "And now our guest of honor is awake," he pulled her roughly to her feet and held her up by the back of her shirt, "This, everyone, is the infamous Katherine Pierce. She's been on the run for nearly five hundred years! Anyone that can take her down gets their daylight ring." He threw her into the circle, causing her to stumble slightly.

She turned and faced him, anger written across her face, "I'm not Katherine, you stupid idiot! Katherine died!"

"Already switching names again, Katerina?" He chuckled, "I don't care. You better get ready, because you might get your ass handed to you by my nightwalkers here."

Marcel walked away from her as a group on vampires surrounded her. Suddenly she was sailing through the air and collapsed against a brick wall. Alaric's training finally kicked in and Elena fell into a defensive crouch as two vampires rushed at her. She grabbed the first and threw him into the second, effectively knocking both vampires across the room.

"Damn, girl! Looks like you're not so rusty after all," Marcel said from his perch on the second floor, "Otto, take her!"

A big burly man rushed her side and she quickly sidestepped him. When he whooshed in front of her, she placed a well-aimed kick to his chest making her stiletto press dangerously against his heart. She used his imbalance and pounced on top of him, reaching her hand into his chest and pulling his heart free. She stood up and let it fall to the ground as she looked up at Marcel, "Is that the best you've got?"

"You just took out a two hundred year old vampire," he said, slightly in awe, "But I'm sure you wouldn't mind taking me on." Marcel was suddenly in front of her, smirking down at her menacingly.

His hand was suddenly on her throat, holding her above the ground. Elena brought her right foot up and connected it with the left side of Marcel's face. His grip lessened slightly and she used it to her advantage. She kicked his chest powerfully, throwing him backwards as she crouched on her heels again, watching him slowly get up.

"Had enough yet?" Elena taunted as Marcel struggled to his feet, "Or do you want to get your ass kicked by a baby vampire? Again."

"Baby vampire, my ass," he growled, walking until he was toe to toe with her, "You're five hundred years old, not much of a baby anymore."

A commotion to their right caused both of their heads to whip towards the noise. Two vampires dropped with broken necks as two of the Originals were revealed.

"Good evening," Klaus announced as he looked at Marcel, "I'd like a word."

Marcel ignored him and looked back at Elena, his posture becoming defensive once more, "You've got a lot of nerve coming into my home and making demands. But I'm a little busy at the moment."

Elena smiled up at the older vampire, itching to dig her heels into his chest once more before ripping his heart out for good. No one mistakes her for Katherine and lives.

Out of the corner of her eye, Elena saw Elijah kneel and retrieve Otto's heart from the floor. He held it up and addressed Marcel, "What's the meaning of this, Marcellus? Already trying to dismember your army?"

"And you're going up against a girl, nonetheless," Klaus taunted, "Worried that a mere baby vampire is going to beat you, mate?"

Neither Original had seen Elena's face yet, but could smell from her blood that she was still young.

"She's not a baby. She's nearly five hundred years old!" Marcel argued as he thrust his hand out and wrapped it tightly around Elena's throat.

"Try again," she rasped out as she grabbed his hand and twisted it at an unnatural angle, causing him to cry out in pain. She once again kicked his body away from her and pounced as he fell on his back. She drove her hand into his chest and smiled at his pain as she whispered, "No one mistakes me for Katherine. Do you understand?"

"Get off of him, love," Klaus snarled from seemingly behind her, "He's mine to deal with, not yours."

Elena gave out a small laugh, "Shut up, Klaus."

Suddenly Elena was ripped off of Marcel, her hand slipping empty from his chest as she ended up across the room with an angry Klaus in front of her. He gripped her throat and held her up, his anger disappearing once he recognized her face, "Hello, doppelganger. Immortality suits you."

Elena swept her foot under him and crashed to the floor as he did. She was back up in a second as he remained on the floor, laughing. She whooshed to the door and was stopped by Elijah. He stared at her in wonder before touching her cheek and murmuring, "Katherine?"

Elena's eyes flashed as she smacked him across the face, "I'm not Katherine! I never have been and I never will be. Now get out of my way, Elijah."

He moved aside gracefully letting Elena pass as he rubbed his stinging cheek absentmindedly. He walked over to Klaus and helped his brother to his feet.

"It seems we have a pissed off doppelganger on our hands, brother," Klaus said as he looked at Marcel's battered body, "And what was she doing here, Marcellus?"

"I thought she was Katherine," he spat out as he struggled once more to his feet, "I found her feeding on some guy in an alley and snapped her neck and brought her back here. I figured someone as old as she was could handle a little fight night."

Elijah's jaw ticked slightly, "You forced a young woman here against her will to engage in a brutish brawl just so you could have fun?"

"Ah, come now, Elijah," Klaus chided as he smiled, "Marcel was just having a bit of fun. Elena survived. No harm, no foul. Still pining over those Petrovas?"

Elijah sighed as he turned away from the men and began to make his way to the door as he called over his shoulder, "I'm going after her to apologize. If either of you follow me, I assure you that your hearts won't remain in your chest."

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