Hey guys! I always wanted to a story about Dark Percy Jackson, so here it is! This happens after the Sea of Monsters, and before the Titan's Curse. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: This Fateful Day

I tried to get up, but my wounded leg still felt like it was on fire.

Luke was crawling out of the pool.

"Attack, you fools.'" he ordered his troops. Somewhere down below deck, a large alarm bell


I knew any second we would be swamped by Luke's reinforcements. Already, his warriors

were getting over their surprise, coming at the centaurs with swords and spears drawn.

Tyson slapped half a dozen of them aside, knocking them over the guardrail into Miami Bay.

But more warriors were coming up the stairs.

"Withdraw, brethren!" Chiron said.

"You won't get away with this, horse man!" Luke shouted. He raised his sword, but got

smacked in the face with another boxing glove arrow, and sat down hard in a deck chair.

A palomino centaur hoisted me onto his back. "Dude, get your big friend!"

"Tyson!" I yelled. "Come on!"

Tyson dropped the two warriors he was about to tie into a knot and jogged after us. He

jumped on the centaur's back.

"Dude!" the centaur groaned, almost buckling under Tyson's weight. "Do the words 'low-carb

diet' mean any-thing to you?"

Luke's warriors were organizing themselves into a phalanx.

By the time Luke's warriors were ready, it was too late. We were already galloping away. I saw the guardrail approach us and I knew we were going to make it. The palamino centaur I was riding prepared to jump, but then an arrow embedded itself in the centaur's chest. He reared backwards, throwing me. I looked on in horror as the centaur disentegrated, and I was still in Luke's ship, with no one to help me. The monsters all surrounded me as Luke approached me triumphantly.

"Well, well," he said, "Looks like the tides have turned."

I wisely stayed silent and said nothing.

"Master Kronos will be really pleased," Luke laughed, "I never thought this day would come! Perseus Jackson in our grasp!"

"I will never serve Kronos or you, traitor," I spat, "Not as long as I live!"

Luke smiled wryly.

"Oh, but you will," he softly whispered in my ear, "We will have all the time in the world to convince you, and if that doesn't work, torture is another option."

"Do we get to eat him?" a giant asked.

"No," Luke snarled, "He is a blessing from Kronos. He shall be Kronos' new host."

The monsters hissed and cheered and my heart sank. There was no way I could get out of this situation. The least I could do was try and fight him. I reached in for Riptide and I got it out. As quick as lightning, I lunged at Luke and slashed at his throat. I wished that blade had sliced up Luke's throat, but in a wink, he sidestepped, in pure astonishment. That astonishment turned into rage as he backhanded me so hard, I fell down on my butt. I grasped my cheek as it felt like millions of red ants had stung me.

"Don't think just because you will be Kronos' host, that we will go easy on you," Luke spat, "We will do everything and anything to get you on Kronos' side and fighting will only make it worse.

"Don't you see our lovely plan, Percy?" Luke asked, "We wanted you to get the fleece. We were going to give it to you anyways, after we had used its magical properites on Kronos."

"Why would you want us to have it?" I gasped, the pain still on my cheek.

"You indeed are dull," Luke said, "The fleece is so powerful, it would do more than restore the pine tree's health. Think Percy, who got turned into the tree?"

I thought about it. Annabeth, Grover, and Luke were trying to reach Camp Half Blood with...Thalia, a daughter of Zeus. My heart turned to ice.

"Ahh, now you realize," Luke smiled, "Another card in favor of Kronos. We can't lose."

"Don't you know that evil always loses?" I asked, "Maybe you can sail us to the gods and beg for their forgiveness. Maybe they will spare you."

Luke laughed.

"That will not be happening," Luke finalized, "Set sail this ship to Mt. Orthys. We have a friend to visit."

"Yes sir!" the captain of the ship said.

"And you monsters, I need to have a chat with Percy Jackson here," Luke said to the monsters, "Leave us!"

They bowed and scurried off to do whatever. Luke smiled at me again.

"We have quite a time before we reach Mt. Orthys," Luke chuckled darkly, "That gives me more than enough time to swear your loyalties to Kronos."

"That is not happening," I refused, "I will never go against the gods."

"Oh trust me," Luke sighed, "You will."

Luke grabbed Riptide from me and stuffed it in his pocket.

"That sword always returns to me," I stupidly told him.

"Oh I know," Luke said, "Don't worry, we'll have this magic broken in no time. When you swear your loyalty to Kronos, we can possibly find you a better blade like mine."

"How many times do I have to tell you?" I asked, "I will never join Kronos! Your the idiot here, Luke. You ungrateful little-"

I should not have said that. Luke smiled sickly. He hovered Backbiter to where my mouth was.

"One more word like that, I will cut out your tongue," he said maliciously.

"Get up," Luke told me.

I refused, staring at him defiantly. He sighed then came over to me. He grabbed my hair and forced me up. I didn't try struggling, althought it hurt like Hades. He dragged me into an empty room in steamroom, then he turned to me.

"Think about this offer Jackson," he told me, "I will be back to bring you dinner. Do not screw up this opportunity. Lord Kronos generously offers you this honor to be his host. And remember, you are just a pawn, being used by the gods. I realized this too late. My dad Hermes...he..."

At once, he was lost for words and he actually looked sad. I would've felt sympathetic for him, but all those thoughts went away. As he locked the door, I lay on the bed.

'Are the gods really "good?" You are being used Perseus,' my mind asked me.

'Shut up,' I told it, as I drifted off to a quick nap, thinking about Annabeth and what Luke had told me. And of course, I had a dream.

"Jackson," I heard the oh so familiar voice of my grandfather.

"Kronos," I growled, "I need to have my own privacy, so I would like it if you'd stay out of my dreams, forever."

Kronos laughed his raspy laughed.

"I can't do that," Kronos replied, "And I won't. I can sense the fear in you. You are only defending the gods because of that girl you love and your afraid that the gods will blast you."

"Y-you don't know anything," I stuttered.

"Don't I Jackson?" he asked, "Don't let fear control you. Fear is a valuable method used by the gods and Titans in the old times to keep people in check. If you join me and follow through my plan, I can promise you anything you wish."

"I-I don't know," I said, "If I am your host, won't I die sooner or later, because of the raw power you're emitting?"

"I can swear on the Styx to you, that I will make you immortal, when I'm risen and you will rule with me. I can give you everything," answered, "And in case you have doubt in your mind, let me tell you something. Why did your father claim you when you were 12? Why not earlier?"

"Because he had a problem that he wanted me to fix," I muttered.

"Exactly," Kronos replied, "The only thing holding you back is your fatal flaw, personal loyalty, which all heroes have. Think about my offer Jackson. I really don't want you to get hurt, so you must make up your mind soon. Sleep tight Jackson. We will meet again, mark my words."