The room was dimly lit, shadows and whispers danced behind the sliding door and Haruno Sakura traced every movement as she shifted in her kneeling position. The pins and needles that ran from her knees to her toes made her scrunch her nose in discomfort.

"Sakura, quit fidgeting." Her mother chided softly as her lips thinned into a purse.

Making a noise at the back of her throat, Sakura looked up to her mother wanting to explain herself; she'd never draw her mother's ire without a reason. However, as she opened her mouth to voice her complaints, an over-sized hand weighed down her shoulder. The words dissolved on her tongue when her startled gaze settled on the stern cut of her father's expression.

A shot of unease ran though her at her father's reaction, and her small hands clenched and unclenched in her lap as the whispers from outside began to hush until they were no more then a soft lull. The shadows that seemed to dance before now seemed rushed, they skipped and shifted in a way that made anxiety peck at the back of her skull.

Her mother's hand fell onto her's and grasped it firmly, a silent reprimand. The lack of movement made her uncomfortable.

Sitting sandwiched between the tense forms of her mother and father, Sakura felt an edge of queasiness form at the pit of her stomach. She didn't even know why they were here, she'd just been told that it was important that she come along. Sakura liked to feel needed, she loved feeling like she was important, but this didn't feel right. She didn't like the rigidness of her parents, she didn't like this room, she didn't like this feeling simmering in her stomach. She wanted to leave so badly it made her toes curl.

"Okaa-san…" She whispered quietly, her mother tilted her head down, but didn't look at her. "Okaa-sa-"

Sakura twitched and bit her tongue as the door slid open and two men entered. Their gazes swept the trio hawkishly, lingering on her for a moment, before they kneeled. She noticed absently that their yukatas were disheveled as if they'd put them on in a rush, and one had a quirk to his lips in an almost smile.

The room felt stifling.

She clenched her small hands underneath her sleeves, and tried minimalizing herself into her mother's side as much as she could without coming off as rude. Her teeth grinded on her inside cheek as her pale green eyes gauged the men in front of her with childish fright.

The larger of the two had cropped brown hair, stern eyes, and lightly tanned skin. His back was held so stiffly it looked almost painful, and his shoulders were pulled back in a way that made them look so strong and wide that they reminded her of a mountain range, she half expected to see the sun rise from behind them. He was intimidating in a way that made her feel cowed in his presence, but it was the slimmer of the two that truly made her wish she could melt into the safetey of her mother's grasp.

This man had inky black hair that flowed down his shoulders in stringy pieces, and his eyes were equally black which made his skin seemed paler in contrast. The casual way he held himself made him seem out of place in his formal wear, yet he held an air of composure despite his lacking appearance. The aura around him felt like mud, so thick and unmoving that she was sure if she took a deep breath she'd choke. Goosebumps rose on her skin as he caught her stare, and she quickly averted her eyes.

She almost screamed as he clapped his hands. His thin lipped smile was like the edge of a knife.

"Let's get down to business."

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